Visualizzazione dei post da Ottobre, 2013


I attended high school for tourism and in the last 2 years apart normal school we must attend a course as naturalistic tourist guide, I loved it!!!
In last yaear we spent a week in a pace in Umbria near Spoleto, well I'm still unsure if the right name is Poggio Domo or Poggio Duomo...what I can say for sure is that it was an amazing place into the nature!!!

We spent a week in a place into the wood, doing trekking daily inside the wood, a lovely trial until Ferentillo (here you can find mummy's musuem), usually I try eat healty but I remember during this week I always had pasta, meat and sweet and with walks I didnt gained, my weight is been same before and after this adventure...
What I still like is look and do pics of sky, I dont know exacly reason, but looking it I have calm sensation... I can say for sure that spend and entire week into the woods is been amazing so I had opportunity to know new flowers, plants and see wood's animals!!!!


I know I'm saving and I'm trying to spend ess is possible and I must to admit that I am doing a good work for the moment, but I must to say that I still hang out and attend shops also to do only window shopping, or reading fashion magazines/blogs /catalogue...usualy I find always something really nice that I like...

Everytime I go into shops  ifind a lot of ideas and suggestion, plus finally into shops is arrived Christmas decorations that I like to watch also if I don't have space to put Xmas tree and Xmas decors...
I love also jewels especialy rings and earrings,but I dont buy more because I already have alot of materials:


When I was a child I was so fashinated by farm life, animals and every dish I ate over there seemed thousand times better of my usual home meal, then grewing up I am still fashinating about farm life but I eat veggies without problem, while more sons of my friends say "that they hate veggies" but on e thing I've noticed is tha tif you  involve them also in preparation they eat happy all veggies and say also "good can I have more please"?...
So why don't find a compromise beteen cooking, farm animals and kids?
Piggy's ham & peas

the receipe serves 6


200 gr flour80 gr butter1 onion300 gr freezed peas2 eggs300 gr ham (cutted in dices))1 tbsp milkolive oilsaltIn a bowl or a mixer put flour with butter, 1 egg, work it until have a base and put it in the fridge for 30 minutes. In a bowl put freezed peas and cover them with warm water. In a pan put onion with oil and cook a little bit then add peas and cook for other minutes. In another bowl mix and s…


Yesterday night I was surfing on the net and reading magazines to find inspiratins for other posts, before I did some researches for little low cost gateway, I'm going to have some in the 2014.
In my weekly magazine Donna Moderna there was a very interesting article on travel that you can afford in Italy and Europe changing a little bit your daily habits.

Do you buy daily breakfast from cafe? Do you go  once per week into nail saloon? Do you smoke? Do you choose often take way and pizza home restaurant?

Considering that average breakfast in a cafe cost is about €2 try to bring coffeee and snack from home and do nails 4 times at home by yourself, saving €125 you can spent 2 days in Dolomites in the town of SAn Candido for the Snow festival from 20 till 22 of December.

Do you chose at least 3 times per week take away? First is bad for your healt and considering that average take away cost is €15 is really bad for your wallet too, if you rinounce to it for a month you can save €180 and y…


This past week is been really busy with works, day job from home and extra side work (cafe, dog sitting), plus I accepted to do a translation work for a book that I'll start inthis next week after day job and dog sitting. Renovation works in the condos hopefully will finish soon, I'm allergic to dust and this works are a terrible thing for my allergy.  I finished one of 3 books I've bought, and the other day I started "I heart New Yourk by Lindsey Kelk", I am trying to read only one-two chapter per day, so I can finish it in the end of the month and I've already have another book for November, until mid november in my budget there isnt money for other books, honestly I wanted try to buy only monthly and weekly magazines and no more spending (I already have flat boots, Ugg boots, new pair of jeans, shirt and sweater, trench and coat, scarf, hat...basically my wardrobe is good)...but some nights ago one of my cat was playing with another cat of the home (we'v…


Yesterday evening I had a date with some friends of mine, but for weird weather most of us were with some flu, but we decided to spend night together at home...a sort of pajama party for adults:P!!!
We had hot tea, biscuits, laugh, watched tv and read some magazines...yep we talked also about men, we have a friend that every time has a date witha men she thinks that he is mr right, so we can say that now year later from first first date she is a serial lover and we decided to gift her the book "The diet men" by Zoe Strimpel (I read this book and I thought that probably I needed it during my highschool year when I wanted so desperate a boyfriend, but our friend started to like it and she did a call some mins ago thanking again for the gift....I said books are magic) hopefully she will understand how she is amazing also without a man!!!
Reading fashion magazine we noticed that became trendy grunge, that born as a music style, and now became part of fashion world, and those are i…


I'm still adjusting about working at home, I found a lot of benefitss as no drive, no spend hours chosing clothes, but I still like do shopping and have clothes( is always better wear real clothes instead pajamas on restaurants:P), I have anormal day job that permit me to do also other things and other works after it, but give me time to read other blogs and find cooking, traveling, diy ideas....
I love scrapbooking, and I am going to do a lot of scrapbooking works for Christmas, I am planning nice greeting cards and other things for my family.

Cupcakes, I am good on preapre the base but I still need to work on frozing but every week end free from cae's work I spend quiet time in my kitchen cooking and do during this time I thinnk a lot, many answers and solution arrived in my mind during cok session:P

When I need to have   escape form reality I put my head into a book, honestly money spent on books isnt a waste of money, for me is never too soon to introduce b…


After a long day of work and nasty cold -considering that I  am allergic to dust and under my window are doing renovation works I think that things are connected- I did a long walk and then I found some nice things for wardrobe,  I've talked by phone with a frined of mine that is still waiting the proposal ring from her boyfriend...and other plan for halloween... Then I came back at home and I have noticed my lovely ring collection, I like rings and usually I gift to  myself with sparkly bijoux...
But I also trying to see on web to find some outfits and accessories based on rainbow colors:

I like to find new interesting things during my window shopping, without spending took mental notes and then open my closet and jewelery box discover that I already have a lot of similar things-hurra, no spending day done!!! This week i had 2 days of no spending but considering that in the next two or 3 days some bills will arrive, is good!!!


October month for me is the real beginning of Autumn, with beutiful fall clors on tree's leafs and this is a month rich of book.
This is a bok that make me cry a lot, I thought to read a chapter per day but I finished it in 2 days, however story starts with a omen of death, bur real story began year before that moment when a young lady JAne has a special friend Michael, a 30- something man, they spent a lot of times together having fun, laughing but Michael is visible only to Jane because he is an imaginary friend (I didnt have one, but i know many that had a special imaginary friend)...they are together till 9th birthday of Jane 
Those are rules, he said to Jane that she would forget him, but year later she didnt forget him, she wrote a  story for theater, when Jane is 30 somethig meets again Michael and time seems to be spent, feeling is equal if not with something more...maybe love is in the air...
but yes also death is in the air, but who die? I love the suspence till last page b…


It's a lovely place in Tuscany that I visited first time in May 2010, I needed to take 2 trains and a bus to arrive but the amazing landscape and view from this villas worthed every single minutes. It's situated in Reggello near Florence

This is th eperfect chocihe if you need a week end into nature, have connection only in the evening or you can choose to have a totally digital detox One thing you cannot miss is THEIR YOGURTH, it's incredibly DELICIOUS I must to admit this is MY BIG DREAM HOUSE, near city but at the same time far from city chaos, surrounded by nature, my amimals will loe it, ok if I start to think about cleaning, maybe it is a little too big, however for the rest is perfect. You can choose it also for a wedding, if you are planning to have a green & Eco wedding, this is perfect choiche.