This past week is been really busy with works, day job from home and extra side work (cafe, dog sitting), plus I accepted to do a translation work for a book that I'll start inthis next week after day job and dog sitting.
Renovation works in the condos hopefully will finish soon, I'm allergic to dust and this works are a terrible thing for my allergy. 
I finished one of 3 books I've bought, and the other day I started "I heart New Yourk by Lindsey Kelk", I am trying to read only one-two chapter per day, so I can finish it in the end of the month and I've already have another book for November, until mid november in my budget there isnt money for other books, honestly I wanted try to buy only monthly and weekly magazines and no more spending (I already have flat boots, Ugg boots, new pair of jeans, shirt and sweater, trench and coat, scarf, hat...basically my wardrobe is good)...but some nights ago one of my cat was playing with another cat of the home (we've 6, yes is a sort of zoo but it is clean and it doesn smell we clean daily), and my digital camera broke in I am try to understand if I can fix it or I need to buy one new, I'd like to gift myself for Christmas with a new laptop, but if I need to add a camera means more money...I have a long list of little gateways in Europe during week end I am not busy with work in the cafe...

  1. The most I've spent this last week was: on bills, nothing exciting but necessary, bills need to be paid in time or interests on late period became really thanks.
  2. Today I feel excited towards money because in the next 3 days I will receive my first paycheck of new work, in the next week I will have more money for translation job and dog sitting sessions. Cent by cent I am saving for my goals!
  3. Money can't buy happiness. One free thing i did last week that made me happy was look Sunday's at Tiffany movie original version and without subtitle, thanks youtube:)
  4. I will consider this week a success if I'll be able to organize a happy hour with a ex collegue and her daughter. I want to keep in touch with friends, ex collegues, ex schoolmate...
  5. Today I plan to visit Christmas market inside a flower shop, usually I find a lot of ideas for decoration and greeting card, if you are lucky you could find something cheap, but most of things aren't so affordable...window shopping, good for eyes and wallet!!!