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With the arrive of beautifl season also veggies became more colourful and with a good taste, but when outside your home there are longer and sunny journeys you don't want waste your time cooking in the kitchen (also if you love cook), so healty option no stress a no cook required dishes are SALADS.
CAPRESE SALAD- I't on eof typical italian dish for summer, ou need to have tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, olive oil, and salt. Optional ypu can add also olives and fresh basil.  Fresh and delicius and it's loved also by men.
PANZANELLA SALAD: this is another good receipe (it's from Tuscany) you need to have brad to wet with water (not too much to create pieces ofit, tomatoes, onion, basil, olive oil, salt, vinegar. Put all ingredients together in a bowl and put in the fridge.
TUNA & TOMATO: this is one of my brother favourite summer salad, you need only to have tomatoes, tuna in tin, olive oil, salt and if you want you can add also hot pepper.
GREEK SALAD: This is one of my fav…


A couple of weeks ago I was in the park with a friend of mine wh is married with a son of almost 3 and that has lost her job a couple of months ago.
She was really scared because in the last years she worked full time, paid a baby sitter and a private kindergarden, so the time  for play with son was only on the week end, now she is a full time stay at home mum and housewife...She thinks to became crazy so I gave her some suggestions from my baby sitting experience (knowing perfectl how coul been traumatic the switch from a career to home 24/7).

When i was a kid usually I didn't had problem we stay out home playing in the garden of quarter but during the years I've notice that grandparents became baby sitter or also tv did this work, if you work is normal pay for summer campus for kids with activities that usually don't include videogames and more, i think I am been last generation grew up without nintendo wii & co, but we're grew up quiet well. 
However a couple of ye…


"If you read some post before this one, you know that htis isn't a very good moment for me, but I've already prepared several posts and I need to write!"

The incoming august usually is the month of holidays, well usually holidays in this determined period are a lot expensive, high season, limited choiche atc etc., but, a lot of time you cannot choose your favourite period for holidays, there are people that have unlimited budget ang go in very luxury places, other that can do only a little holiday (maybe a week) and save all the year to permit and other that don't have real holidays but only some free weekends...well I'm in the third type, only week end free and only when I don't work in the cafe during week ends, but at the same time I have a tiny budget to respect  and I love to travel, so I did a list of places i'd like to visit all around the year, plus in Italy there are a lot of affordable places for little gateways away!!!

Near my region, Umbria,…


Usually I post my weekly money check up on monday, but this week I write today (ssunday). I prepared different posts for the blog about travel, food, gym, receipes and more, but now everything seems stupid, I will continue to write on the blog becuase this is my method to calm my stress and i know that my dog want that I achieve all my goals.
This past week is been ugly, my lovely dog Sharon died and is so weird wake up without her, is a big lost but I know that now she is my little angel and is always on my side.
I Found a site where I can send her pic and they put it on a necklace a sort of charm with a pic of her on it.and I decide that I will order 2 necklace with her name and then other charms with a pic of her lovely face.
This year about healt for us isn't been so good, hopefully now is finish with the help of God (alsso if I have faith sometimes I must to admit that I have problems to understand his choches).

The mot I've spent this last week was: photographer for photos o…


The other day I was in the park behind home with some friends, their animal and kids and we started to talk about how many wedding invite we received for this year and also for some part of next, but almost all are trying to save (one for wedding, one for home deposit,etc etc) so topic was "how to be stylish but without intack savings.As almost every woman I love shopping and fashion but I find really fun try to find low cost dress... When you have several weddings to attend during the year you start to think that you NEED to buy new dresses, well it is not always truth, maybe you can buy one new dress and then update with different jacket and accessories that you already have....or you can start to think about rent dress...but honestly I didn't found so saving deals for this field. I like a lot site where you have the opportunity to create your outfit ASOS, and now also some magazine site offer this service and I love to create, looking for clothes I already have in my closet …


This past last week is been a little bit weird, my  lovely dog has somehealt issues but we have faith in God and also if sometimes we are really worried for her healt, we know He will solves all problem, but there is a time for everything. I didn't use car never, I used only foots and bike, good so I am choose ecological and savvy at the same time. I've studied a couple of chapter for the book to prepare myself to exam for Real estate agent; I've do cleaning in my room, created a sort of second desk/office, for the rest my social life is been with a coffe saturday afternoon with Vale, we went for a hour in commercial center to see for her some clothes in sale and we ate ice cream and some talks for the rest my journeys are been about same: wake up, breakfast, study, prepare and post blog for blog, read other blog, dog or baby sitting, homework,lunch, some relax, errands, book or study time, several long walks with dog and then bedtime quiet early. I said that my journeys ar…


Every time I stat to think that I'd must to came back in the gym, usually is in spring so I do a lot fo research on web and then go in several gyms, which kind of memebership and courses they offer but at the same time with sunny days, longer journeys I start to use nìbike more often instead car, more and longer walks with dog and other outdoor I don't like to go to the gym alone, so at home I use dvd and seems that I am in a gym class with other people. Well after a detailed research I must to say that in my hometown a basic gym membership cost €80 per month that means almost €1000 per year, don't ask me how much is the full optional memebership, it could be considered a mortage rate. Celebs usually hire a personal trainer well I asked every time if the gym offer this service and how much is the cost, well is damn expensive, a professional personal trainer when is low cost ask about €60 per one hour session, considering a hour session  times per week means…


Have you ever noticed that alot of times is disfficult to convince your kids to eat veggies because are good and healty? Well talkin in general because I still don't have kids but I did and still do a lot of baby sitting I noticed that if they have a plate with an hamburger, fries and some salad or greens the green prt rest on the dish, the only kids that ate veggies were: 
a) kids of vegan or vegetarian
b) really ell educated by parents (or with the phrase if you eat it I will buy you this or this)
and c) the kids try t say I ate potatoes (hem, nope potetoes dont worth as veggie)
I tested a method, involve the kids in the procedure, then also if there are veggies -that are mixed with other ingredients as mozzarella, ham, cheese- they want to try their creation and are so proud of them that they want it more often.

Dishes that helps are meatballs but with little pieces of veggies together meat

Rustic cake with ricotta cheese and spinach, tell to the ids that popeye ate a lot of spinach …


This is my personal choiche for romanccce movie of the week, it is based on novel but I must to admit this book I've arent read yet, but I watched this movie several time and every time I like it.

Actors are great, story is so real, sad and romantic at the same time that you cannot not fall in love at first scene with it.

First of all because is not the classic movie where the couple is so damn prett, rich, perfect, nope the firs scene is a discussion that start in the stairs of their building, where they live on the 5th floor without elevator, a discussion/issue/argue that continues...yes a lot of newlyweds have problems, but then they try to solve the problems with honest and really open talk...

Unluckily the next scene is his funeral and then on her 30th birthday she starts to receive gift from her death husband with confessions, goals to achieve, deals so she starts to wait impantiently his letter post mortem, but this will be a year full of new place, new adventure, new goals, n…


Yesterday I was in the park with some friends and our dog and their kids, a lot of them are doing countdown for holidays (I'm a little bit envy because this year I don't go outside, but i am going to have a great staycation) but the dilemma is the same every year: What I must to put in the baggage? So with help of web I found some suggestion for (almost) every kind of place.

It's not necessary to put all your closet in your baggage, you must to think what you are going to do and mix clothes you already have. If you are going to visit a city, you need to be comfty all day but you could have also romatic date so a nice dress is oerfect choiche.
You're going in a sea place? well you will spend most of time in your bikini, so a pair of short a tshirt, top and flip flop sandals are ok, but in the evening a nice long dress or nìmidi dress is perfect from a paty in a pool to a concert to other activities you can do i nthat place.
Countryside? jeans is best friend and choiche for…


With the arrive of summer and light clothes, you don't have more excuse to indulge in comfty food or stay in front of tv all day. Some days ago I as cooking dinner for family and I had tv open (when I am alone i like the rumor of tv, it is a sort of company), there was a program 10 pounds to challenge, then in the afternoon doing some baby sitting I read a pair of inspirational articles on Cosmopolitan Body ; one about the weight lost of Julia Kozersky (look the pic of her trasformation are amazing) and the other about How would must to do a perfect (food) day:

Your friendly colours are: blue, red, purple, green. Wine is not deleted but you need to drink only once glass and not one bottle, it is rich of fat.

so here there are some choiches, that could be perfect also for lunchbox (buying your lunch daily is not good for healt and wallet, take time and prepare it by yourself), yes if you usually eat realy fat food or buy your lunch daily at beginning it could seems strange but day af…


This past week is been sunny in the morning and rainy during afternoon, temperature are not so high and for who is not going in holiday is quiet good, I did long walk with dog, but she (my lovely dog) needed to go to veterinary, we went twice one normal visit and the second with a specialist that gave us therapied to do for her, the bill isn't been cheap but for my dog is ok and I had also a special friend that helped me. Real best friends are a blessing always!!!

I cleaned all my wardrobe with really old clothes and now my closet seems empty but it isn't, I wrote some articles for an international blog about wedding( I love writing and I love wedding and events :P), wrote some snail mail,cooked a couple of times, met with a friend in commercial centre to talk a little bit (and air condition was not too high, usually when outside is really hot and inside commercial centre really cold, I got influence) , asked postcard to my all friends that are in their vacancies or they're…


If you are been invited to spend a long week end in a boat, forget to use really big baggage and find good choiche to be a perfect guest.
This is perfect holiday to relax and have an adventure at the same time, re discover your natural instinct and your natural beauty.

TROlley is not a good choiche because it boats, unless you are invite from a millionaire, usually you don't have a lot of space for your things, so a backpan is a better solution.

Heels, ok if you are been invited from your worst enemy, you are free to use heels on his boat, but usually is not suggested because heels are dangerous for boat paviments, flats and gym shoes are a good choiche, flats, flip flop, gym shoes are perfect, there are some shoaes athat are created for boats... well maybe you could be dislike to cannot wear heels but your foots will thank you and now there are a lot of choiche for wonderful flat sandals and flip flop, you …


This past week I was in the book shop to find good book for friends birthday, and everytime I am inside bookshoop or I know that I must to go, I tend to hang out only with cash or I can really overspend money, but usually I spend at least one hour inside it.
One of my favourite section (after romances) is the cookbooks section, now i discover some interesting program with healty but delicious receipes and I found also the book in library; and I find a really delicious receipe: black rice with zucchini and little tomato, and I suggested so same male friends of mine that want to imres girl but doing simple things...well this is perfect healty and quick....and DELICIOUS!!!
YOu need
black rice (we call it Venus Rice)
the juice of lemon (1/2-half)
little tomatoes

In the water with the salt boils the rice, then put it in a bowl with the juice of half lemon, then cut zucchini in strings and tomatoes in little pieces. See if the salt is ok and serves it.


I love this…


Every time I went to see an exibithion in one art gallery sometimes I seriously tought that the paints my mother did were a lot better (ok mybe I'm a little bit of part, but hey I'm talking about my mother). I always said that she was a great artist, but she was (ans she still is) really shy and I am never been able to convice her to show her works in art having some of her paints in the house, I decided to do a sort of show also if it is virtual it could be considered a art exibithion or not?

Hopefully you'll like the paints as I like!!!


OK I must to cpnfess when I am not obligate to wear work clothes I love to wear jeans, my lovely jeans...they are perfect from morning to late night, for a casual date with friends to important events..ok maybe it is not so good at when a friend of mine said me that she has the opportunity to wear jeans at work I say good you need only update to be perfect for your here there are some ideas that I found on
 Perfect for autumn and places/offices where air condition is too high!!!

 good from morning to dinner with your sweet half"""


This last week is been a good time,  the new job will start on the middle of Agust or the beginning of September so I need to put more attention on my budget, but I must to admit start to have a frugal life is not so bad.
I'm using my time to help at home, doing a lot of dog sitting (to earn some cash and try to save more and stay under budget) and studying, plus I'm dividing clothes, books in section to donate for charity and the section to try to sell; I am finding time to read some books I've bought but I hadn't had enough time to read, now at least once per week I would like to go in the pool, hopefully ewith sunny days, weather is been a little bit instable, I met some friends over a coffee, did long walks with them, used foots or bike instead of car, bought 2 birthday gifts using my card in library, having bought several books I had a large discounts, so books are been almost free, this means that my emergy fund is a little bit more full than last week (I would li…


Usually saturday for me is the day fixed to do long list of things I didn't have time to do during all the week, so I decides after grocery shopping to enter inside some shops, I met a firend who is invited for a wedding and we were looking for some nic ideas with friendly budget prices. I saw an amazing dress but whenI tried It I found a lot of things that I dislike, so first I decide to have a real healty food ( I try to have one but I am still eating- not ofte- junk food) and in the evening watching on web I found this tv program 10 pound to challenge...good idea.
However me and friend look for clothes but we didnt buy, I cannot buy new clothes until august and she was waiting for sales, that will start next week...(I suggest to go quiet often to see in the shops so you are sure that are real sales and not old old clothes that they must to sell), then looking on web, going in the ASOS  site I found amazing idea for upgrade wardrobe. you don't need to overspend on clothes but…


As you  know I am a traveling lover, but being on budget I must to decide with a lot of time in advance place so I can start to see on the web really good deals.
This year honestly I am still unsure about if I will do holiday or not, but for the moment I asked,I'm still asking and I'll ask to my friend that are leaving from the town to send me a postcard, so with my mind I can imagine and dream about the next travel.
A friend of mine since her childhood spents 3 weeks in Riccione with her family, she is finishing master in Business but having a family business probably she will can continue to have the same habits, a family friend is a teacher and she has almost 2 months free but her husband not so they must to set a date.
When you have your own business you could be more free to go in holiday but a lot of people cannot have holiday, for example when you start a new job in summer, usually all collegues booked their trips but you cannot because you are the NEW. However also if you…


When you see pumpkins usually is autumn/winter and a lot of people thing about halloween, but it is a great ingredient also for receipes all over the year!!!
Ok pumpkin is not so seasonal veggie, but now you can find it with cheaper prices than usual. and for winter this soup is perfect hot, but I discover that is amazing also fresh in summer.
To do a perfect pumkin soup you need:

3 leeks, roots stalks removed(150 ml) 1/2 cup plus 2 tbs. butter(350ml) 1 1/3 cups cooked pumpkin pulp3 large potatoes, thinly sliced 1/2 tsp. dried thym, pinch(15 ml) 1 tbs. chopped parsley1 bay leaf, crushed(1 litre) 4 cups chicken broth(10 ml) 1 1/2 tsp. salt1/2 tsp. black pepper, pinch1/8 tsp. grated or ground nutmeg, pinch(750 ml) 3 cups hot milk(250 ml) 1/2 lb spinach1/4 tsp. sugar, pinch(120 ml) 1/2 cup grated parmesan cheeseSautè chopped leeks in butter, in large heavy pan or casserole until golden. Add pumpkin pulp, sliced potatoes, bouquet garni, chicken broth(3cups), salt, black pepper, and nutmeg. M…


During winter you used to host dinner at home r have dates with friend into restaurant, also for cold temperature, but, now with summer also cities have a wake up and there are a long list of events to don't miss, plus having or better trying to have a healty diet eat often in fancy estaurant isnt good for your body (and wallet too). If you like music and /or ballet, In italy you will have a unlimited choiches, from North to South (here there is sample of events you can attend):

Dieci giorni suonati (30 May-22July)info hereFestival Monteverdi Vivaldi (31May-22 september) info hereCity Sound Milan (10 June - 28 July) infoSherwood (12 June - 12 July) info hereFerrara under the stars (12 June - 26 July)infArena di Verona (14 June - 8 September) infoFestival Internazionale del Jazz a La SPezia (26 June - 7 July)infoTener-a-mente (28 June - 9 September)infoI suoni delle Dolomiti (28 June - 30 August)infoHydrogen Festival (29 June - 12 July)infoEstate Spettacolo (3 July - 3 August)infoCol…


Every time summer is coming, everyone in office or in the park starts to talk about future holiday, where they are going to go, who is lucky and doesnt have a budget to respect and time to be on holiday usually choose luxury place outside the country; while if you have a family, you have a budget to respect and you must to work, having only week end free or you choose to stay in your hometown and do a sort of staycation or looking on web for last minutes offers and good deals you can enjoy your little escapes form town, being on a budget. I remember when I was in middle school and high school (until the moment I started to work during summer) and I had almost 3 months free, sometimes I miss that days but now I can say that I enjoy discover new first suggestion is to choose place that are not so turistic, because so you can find real gems and have affordable prices and yes 2 days are not equal to a full month of freedom, bun enjoy the experience... and when your collegues wi…


This last week is been quiet good for my wallet, I bought only one book to read this month, always if in my list I have full pages with title of books I would like to buy. However I spent a lot of  evenings at home, reading other blog to find encourangement stories about personal finances, I discover new interesting program about cooking an found time to write real letters. I went once in swimming pool and have 2 hours of swim and snbathing, good moment for myself. Now I am writing a lon long list of things and placs I would like to do and see in my entire life. Summer temperature? not yet, or bette some days are been really hot,other cold and this mix is prefect for nasty cold or summer influence...I must to send out snail mail i wrote ( I think hand write letters are so fashinating, old style) I love  emails and chat because are really quick but it is so nice to receive a real letter inside your post box, Usually I ask postcards to my friends fom their holiday place, I like to collect …