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Phew! My medical visit went really went this morning...I hate doctors, and I must to admit that I wasn't scared I was TERRIFIED about the visit, luckily everything went well!!!
I had a nice job interview for a work from home and the fact I can work in the morning, means that I can do nanny in the afternoonand still work in the cafe during week end, well my week will became busy ( working from home every morning from monday till friday, working 3 afternoons per week as nanny and working inthe cafe almost every week end)... Yep this means tha tI will handling 3 jobs at the same time so now next step is find a good work/life balance!!!
This week I will receive my firs paycheck as nany, honestly being a church's member and the girl is the daughter of Reverend I was embarassed about to ask an hourly pay so I left them to decide the hourly ammount and I will discover it in the next days, well I will be glad for every amount... This week I am going to deposit some money in the bank, hon…


Today is monday and usually is my day where I dedicate all morning to finance and budgeting, yes I still have a love/hate relation with budget, I know it is very good and it must to be consider a friend, unluckily budget is also that thing that gives me a determinated amount to stick to have a good balance in the end of the month....Howeveer with calcultor, pens, corrections, inthe end of this process I always have a little headache and a good excuse to have a nother cup of coffee!!!
This past week I worked a lot and I also earned some money that is really really good, but almost all of the amount is destinated to medical visit, I hate doctors and also if here inItaly healtcare is free, I need to go to a private doctor for a determinated visit and this is really expensive, I hope everything will be good... but honestly also if I know is ok do cotrols, I would easily don't go never to doc...sorry for the category but in my entire life I disliked doctor and everything/everyone is con…


Everyone of us has a personal desk where to study/work and everyone of us has a personal list of must have into it, for example a friend of mine needs to have a radio because she needs to be surrounded by music, another friend has always laptop open cause he does everything with it...
I tend to have a normal relation with my desk, I have 2 desk in my room, one that is always messy with tons of magazines, books, pens, letter, diy project and more, the other is a little bit messy but only because there is PC with printer...but If I need to reorganize at least twice per month the second messy desk, the desk with pc is most of time also my "workspace" and I need to have something like:

big cup of coffee followed later by hot tea, when I finish hot drink I re-fill the cup with water, I noticed that is very important to drink when you worksticky notes, to put on books and documents that are really importantBlock-notes, coloured folders for different topics I tend to have a differnt …


I was talking with a friend of mine last week and we talked about "how was amazing when parents pay for us", for example during my high school years I started to work ina cafe and every single penny I earned is been involved in shopping session, savings weren't important because parnts paid for me, my food and my clothes, now situation is different, savings are important, I have a budget and try to respect it and also if sometimes I would like to enter in shops and buy whatever I want without thinking about bank account, I follow some tips to  be sure that I have "happy spending session"... noting is worst that came back at home with tons of bags and really unhappy about expenses!!!

What you must to do during shopping?
Think before buy: you need to think if this purchase will help you to stay happy in the next week, month, year...if you really use it often, try to imagine mayb eyou buy a great pair of shoes but you wear them only once, this means a bad investment,…


Yesterday me and the little reverend's daughter went to park, we played a lot with other kids - and I must to say that there were a couple of nasty little girls- However, we spent a lot of time and considering that the little girl isn't my daughter but I am only the baby sitter  I was always focused on her...I think I soaked as a 24 session of hard gym, but I had also a strange vision of a group of mum that were ona bench without looking their kids,...nope, everyone of them was writing on their iphones and ipad, while their kids were doing something also dangerous...
Honestly I hope to be a diffent mum in a future, I want to see every progress also into park of my kids, or maybe I'm strange and maybe in the future I'll do the same-who knows?
This week is full of activities to do with kids and tv is included really few times, I must to confess that yesterday afternoon I watched for first time Peppa pig cartoon, and I can say that it is a nice cartoon, but today apart go t…


This past week is been busy with unexpected things, for example on friday we woke up without electricity, we called thousand of people, including a cousin of us that worked with some electricity's man, int he morning arrived one but he didn't know what he was supposed to do, while in the afternoon a couple of youn guys after 2 hours of researches finally found problem and solved the problem (hurrah!!!), now they must to came back on Wed to finish the work, but luckily we have electricity again and I was thinking: How Amish can live without it? well maybe if I was born in a Amish family my thoughts were different who knows???
Luckily I started a new work as baby sitter for the reverend's kid, a lovely girl of 2,4 years, I am turning back to my childhood, doing a lot of activities, for example today thanks to warm temperature and sun we're going to spend a couple of hours in the park, the other week we draw and read a lot, this week I am going to use park and other manual…


...Until the end of October my budget excluded shopping for new clothes, but this doesn't means that I cannot watch inside shop and take notes of items I would like to uy, the other day in my mail box there was also a catalogue of low cost clothes (Bon Prix) and I was seriously craving on a couple of items, but then I said to myself: "You need to keeè your budget under control" so I focused my mind into lecture, activities for baby sitting session and gym with friends...
However when I go in the near commercial center I always look inside H&M shop, s I can say that I'm totally in love for this black coat with gold details, isn't it lovely???

Thne I noticed a lot of flat boots, luckily I've bught a new pair last year and considering tha tI worked a lot inside cafe wearing my gym shoes, I didn't use boots a lot, but this fall I am going to use more...

I've lost and I am still losing weight so I am using clothes I already have and try to create new mix …


Thinking green you can save a lot of money, or at least this is what journals, media & co are saying...I can say that "think green" has created several job offers and this is good, but what we could do into our daily life to became more green?
I'm trying to use car less as possible, fuel is not so expensive but considering that I can easy arrive into my job place walking I am going to use my foots or bike at least 3 times per week. When I need to go to the cafe i need to use car but using it only twice per week cost is really really low!!!

Shopping is a controversial topic, because there are some brands that offer great pieces at very low cost but them are completely acrylic, I bought some tshirt but after a wash into laundry machine, they were completely damaged, but I found into H&M the brand "conscious", thet is completely ecological and the fabric is great...this is eco and recycled material!!!  When you are on a budget you need to do a serius list of t…


Honestly I am happy to say that I want  to work half time at home and the other half as nanny, honestly with kids and pets I am in my natural elements. I was trying to work as sales agent but payment is based only commission (sigh), the hour is too long while with work from home and baby sitting I have normal hours and a exact date when I receive payments...strange but true, every time soemone try to save something, there are a lot of uexpected bills.
I am stillw orking on doing marketing work for a book I translated, that you can find on, the title of the book is The cociane whores (original title) or Le puttane della cocaina ( italian version), I've did and I am doing a lot of submission because I thing the author Erich von Neff is a real poet also doing real description of creepy scenes....
I am working hard to achieve my goals and I am seriosly planning a week end out of town...I noticed that web that helps to find some home based job and I hope to keep and add new …


Strange but true, also if we're modern woman...when e meet a nice guy and this aske us to hang out for a dte we have asort of panic attack: 
What I must to wear? what I can say? Can I kiss him or I must to wait for him? Can I ask a second date or isn't correct?
Try to imagine this scene: you are been invited from your high school's friend for art gallery opening ceremony, so you take off from your clost your most elegant little black dress -that gives you a elegant charm- you're watching paints drinking a sparkling glasse and you meet Him, a very nice guy elegant with his jacket, tailored pants and good pair of shoes, but apart this you are been attracted from his smile. You smiled each other until mutaual friend introduced you and leave time to talk. In the end of the night he ask for a date so in your mind start to think: How I' would must to considerate it a first or a second date? If it is a second I can kiss him as first? Who would must to call first she/him?


Immagine to buy my home, from 6 months ago I am searxhing and visiting a lot of houses, flats, condos, twinhouses, villas atec etc and I still don't found my house, that house where you feel really confortable...
I was talking with a friend of mine that is living on a nice twin house on rent, thei're rent is pretty cheap for the kind of home where they're living, and we started to talk about option rent and buy...
Talking and studying market, you need to save a big amount to use as home deposit, then mortage rates wouldn't must more of 20% of your monthly paycheck and if you have a freelance work with various salary you need to calculate a monthly amount that you are sure to cover.
Well I must to confess that I'm a little bit exigent on home cause it isn't something that I am going to change between 2 years, but it must be aplece whereI am going to live for many many years!!!

Then I was interested about know what bank asks for mortage, well italian bank ask a lot of t…


We're in the beginning of September and in the shops you can already see, try and buy winter clothes so I did a mentally list of things I would like to buy in the end of October/November but the version LOW COST...I saw a dress that was nice and amazing but whenmy eyes went on price tag, I had "bad surprise": that dress cost was more than 2 months of my salary:(
I walked another bit and I saw another dress similar to first one but cheaper, then I thought that web could help me to find cheaper solution of cheaper cost. I know I can't afford first option but I also know that I can find a similar version of it on a good price's range - that I can afford and is on my budget-
Every time we saw a celebrity's look that we like we'd like to have also their wallet, but using we, coupons, outlet you can copy without bankruptcy:
Here some of my celebrity's style choose:

Elisa D'ospina is a curvy model, she is italian and she has a great figure…


I was talking with a collegue of mine about the fact that living in a samll town is easier find someone that knows someone other that is been engaged with another person that you know.... As you know I love Sex & the city ( I think every woman -except my mother - loved this series) and in a episode Charlotte introduce a guy that is been a crush of Carrie and they live in New York.
We discovered that we had a lot of friends in common but hey we live in a small town and is really easy that this will happens, now try to image what happenswhen you are hanging out with a boy and when you introduce him to your friend you discover that he is been a "friend of benefit" of one of your friend. What can you do apart smile?
Charlotte asked to Carrie what was wrong with that guy, and she told but what could happens if you're still hanging out with this guy and you're really attracted? Well honestly I'd choose always true friendship...but I can say that I saw a lot of friend…


Well I began a new job for the moment I can say that is quiet stressful and I'll receive first paycheck of it in the next 2 months...I have a serious hate relation with budget, and I had some problems but I must to say thank o my friend that helped me (you know that you're been my saviour), I am still looking extra wyas for side hustle and have amonthly major salary...
This new job requests a lot of exercise, I think I will have a buttom really hard in the end of evening, free exercise but then we need to talk a lot, sale work:P
I'm planning savings and in the end of October -if finances will permit- a little week end inViareggio, after a couple of years of staycation interrupted only by afternoons in the near lake, I seriously need to start travel again...this is what is seriously missing in my life: traveling

I was talking with a friend of mine that said me that also if I am curvy, american curvy models are a lot curvier than me..I thought to send pics of myself to an agenc…