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thursday thoughts

Today I received a nice phone call and fixed appointment for a work with Avon, then after 10 minutes I discussed all details about works I received another phone call from a work in Rome that I'd like too....well now when I came back at home and I've thought I  said to myself that as I do until now managing 3 works I can handle with well 2 (what would you do?), considering that Avon is based on my free time...I said that I was positive about recession period...It will change soon!!! I've received two important phone calls about work, one from Avon company and honestly i like a lot their products, they are good and with affordable prices plus I can organize my work schedule...and after I said yes to it I I met my friend and talk a lot with her, we talked a lot about crazy job offers, low low salary and  bad worktime....working in Rome means alarm clock really early, train, subway from monday till friday, with free week ends, a good salary and extra income from Avon...doesn&…


Last week end I took my time to open all boxes with books and decide which I was going to sell. I chose 19 title and went on used now i must to be patient.
This morning in my post box there was my clothes catalogue and I started to crave on some interesting dresses, but at the moment they aren't on my monthly fixed budget....being on a budget sometimes became stressful...

I must to confess the most stressful thing since i have a budget is shopping, and now that H&M is arrived in my hometown it could be an assault to my banck account every time my foots enter on it; well when I was without a budget to follow my method for shopping was less or more this:
look shops, enter on them look items, bags, jeans, dresses, shirts, bikinis and if there was something that I really like usually I bought, without thinkking a lot about prices, at the end of salary there was a lot of month time....and when bank send me the list of my expenses my thinks was less or more similar to "…


This is a delicious cake that is perfect all over the year and it is perfect also for who is gluten intolerant becauswe in the ingredients isn't present Flour.

What you need is patient, time and power on your arms. I must to admit that during cooking time usually I think a lot and I've found a lot of solution or i had a lot of ideas in that cooking time.

Almonds 200 gr
Eggs 5
Dark chocolate200gr
Sugar 200gr
Vanilla extract

Folloqing the original receipe you need to divide white and red parts of eggs, use the white, in another bowl use red, with chopped almonds (with mixer I used them are became a sort of almond flour).Whip the egg whites

dissolve in a water bath dark chocolate with butter

Put together chocolate, the white eggs egg whipped and the almod with red eggs. Stir together

Put in a contenitor in the oven.
In italian over for 40 minutes at 180°, but you know your oven so it depends from the model you have.



Weather this last week is beenunstable with rainy days, grey sky, but for the hot temperature we had days ago my back is testimoial of insect invasion with a lot of bites on my back.
But I must to say that I had the opportunity to see friends and ex collegues and spend wualityt ime with them, plus quality time with mum only walking and talking, plus that thing as read a book bought a couplle of months ago, do some projects for friends that are getting married and try to prepare contentss for the blo (also if I try to use instinct as more as possible). It is been long time I wasnt quiet free, but I am still managing a part time day job and 2 side hustle jobs (but with this recession and crisis I thank God daily for the fact I have work, yes I'm still looking for only one with a good salary but I'm patient).

The most I spent this lastweek was on spray to kill insect, body lotion for insect bites and magazines, With invasxion of insect my back is been in pain so I use a lot of loti…


A lot of women when look inside their closets think "I don't have nothing to wear, I would like to buy that...and so", when I read this book:
I understood that you don't need to spend a lot of money on clothes, you can have faboulos look and outfit without became broke!!!

Sometimes looking fashion magazine you start to dream about outfits, then when you read price tags you start to be frustraded..ok if you are a celebruty with an unlimited wallet you don't have problems, but if you are human like me and you have a budget to follow you can buy some pieces that helps you in a lot of situations.
In almost every woman wardrobe there are: a pair of blue jeans (honestly I have a preference for black jeans but I have also blue jeans)a Little Black Dress (LBD)a pair of black high heelsa pair of flatsa cardiganwhite shirt and tshirta skirt for your body shapea trencha maxibag Well you receive a last minute invite for a dinner after work, well with some accessories you can b…


Well for calendar is almost summer for temperature in those days seems that winter is came back, today finally my alarm didnt rang and I slept a lot...then I do some shopping for animals, bought some magazines, put spray for insects we had (I have a bunch on insect's pinches on my back) the I went to visit some ex collegues and we talked a little bit....

In the afternoon I went to grocery with mum, quality time with her, we watched also clothes for summer and I only loooked (I'm becamig quiet god on it, before to buy I have a lot of question on my mind and trying to have only cash in wallet helps a lot) and then I was at home alone, so I used my time for do the most essential thing of laziness: watch tv on couch.... I watched Buying & Selling with Drew & johnathan scott ( I like a lot see renovation work and real estete agent... then I watch movie with Nia Vardalos My life in ruins.... I need to see places where there is sun, pluse Greece is the destination of my dream…


When I'm been in Michigan for holiday, Connie ( she is the mother-in-law of my friend Natalya) gifted me a cookbook with receipes from all over the world...This is been one of my travel buddies on the flight to came back in Italy...and I must to admit I found a lot of amazing receipes to try.

I must to confess, for a period I tried skyinny bitch diet and I tried vegan cheese, well they were without taste and gave me a lot of headaches, honestly I could easily say goodbye to meat, a little less to fish but a vegetarian or vegetarian + fish could be nice, but Don't ask me to rinunce to Cheese. We have a lot variety of it, from mozzarella cheese to pecorino, goat cheese and more...

It's true we are inMay but weather and temperature are similar to autumn days, where a hot dish is the best for sould, body and stomach :P

Do you want to host a nice happy hour or dinner at home? well this founde with a chocolate fondue it's perfect deal for a FONDUE PARTY!!!

1 pac…

online degree is ok for everyone?

Today sky is finally clear, without grey but a good and warm sun!!!

I was reading some articles and I was looking for information about online university, when I am been in Rome, during the trip in subway direction train station I am been attracted from a depliant of American university/college in Rome, so Ive started to look on web for info and prices are not so high as I've tought.

When I was in high school I've tought to apply but when I've discovered the highest prices, I choose another way in my country, However In my goals for future there is to attend an american college live or online so I'm understanding if American college in Rome is better than Liberty university online.

Well online courses are not for everyone, a lot of people that I know prefer to study and attend lesson in class. I like boths...I think for the factI've always worked for me use pc to follow lessions before and/or after work permits me to be more concentrate and focused on that I'm …


To be honest I never tought that was possible do a jam of roses until mum said me that it was her favourite jam when my bro and me were kids, but she never found the same jam of that time...
Reading, searching on web, asking to shops, we finally found a receipe ina cookbook, original receipes is from Bulgary and I must to admit is been really long and complicated process...
First of all you need to have a bunch really really big of roses, soft shades are better, you need to have apples, sugar and a lot of patience...and too be honest at 100% we didnt followed all the receipe but taste in the end is been quiet good!!!

well when you cooked apples you would must to have a sort of apple's jelly, and you must to mix with cooked petals, then a little bit of relax and put on tin for at least one night .... we're still looking for good rose's jam receipe, dou have one?

Weekly money check up

Last week is been really good and with some free time I had opportunity to went in Rome and spend time with my friend Nomi before her year of study abroad. Today monday is the first day of week and It is also the day where I start to have a week vision of my spending... I m quiet happy about my work with my finane but I must to improvee in some areas. In the end of month I will have extra money from work at cafe and dog sitting and I'm going to buy with some of it a gift for my parents...and last but not least this is the month of TAXES...this morning I need to put in order all documents for taxes!!!

1. The most I’ve spent this last week was on trip to Rome, Last time I went in Rome was January or February for a graduation. I used train, I don't like to drive with car in Rome so usually I use train, walk and/or subway.

2. Today I feel slightly anxious about money - I'm trying to save but I am waiing some paychecks that seems in late so probably I will must to work on budget…


As I wrote this and next week end I am free from work at cafe so yesterday I went to visit my friend Noemi in Rome, we met in Termini station talk a little bit and walked on our first stop: christian library.
Everytime I visit Rome usually I visit also this shop it is little but you can find a lot of christian book, greetingcards, encourage messages, paints, gadgets and more and I've bought a book for mum... I was going to buy a book also for my dad but I didnt found wahat I was looking for.I chose a book about the testimonial story of a couple mum loves real testmonials (me too).

We spent a good time watching and reading books... then we decide for a place to eat, usually we went in a kebab place, but with this crisis it closed, so we decided on first moment to go in Mac donald but a friend of us suggested Burger King, well I never tried and she too, so we walked and sit on it, I really like my wrap ( and I think I can recreate at home), I ordered also onion rings but …

this week I loved:

It's friday for normal people this is the day before week end when usually you are free from work, well I'm not that type, here work is monday-saturday and for side hustle also on sundays. As Iwrote this and next week endI'm free from cafe's work (that I love)... I was talking with my mum before saying what I like about beautiful seson also in inthe last days weather is been unstable.

I like flower, you understand that spring is arrived from cherry blossoms, on grocery the department of fruit and veggie is richer and really coloured, journeys are longer...and yes on magazines you can find a lot of diets to do to have a body ready for the beach...on winter with large shirt and pullover maybe you could indulge in chocolates and sweets and/or fsat dishes, now with light clothes you don't hahve good excuses and  you want to have a nice body for pool...

However every week I felt in love for some items; this week I loved

earrings of my friend and colllegue Roberta you ca…

what I would like to do...

This week end I will be free from work so reading on magazines aand looking in the web I found a lot of diy project for the second table in my room, the first is pc desk with pc and printer, the second ...well I woul like to have a sort of desk really organized but for the moment is rich of book, magazines, pens, colours and paper...

However looking on different sites I found a inteI have a list of things I would like to create and having this  and next week end free from work I am going to use this time.
What I am going to do is:

clean and organize second deskcreate some diy projectschoose books to sellchoose clothes to sell and/or donate to charitycreate a board as a schedule/organizergo in Romespend quality time with friends and more... your projects?


Today after lunch I was doing a little bit of accounting and budgeting, until a couple of year ago I didn't knew nothing about budget and how to budget... then postwoman rang and when I checked my mailbox I found two letters of american penpals -I like email because they are fast but there is something special in old fashined handwritten letter aren't you agree?- and a lot of advertising for beauty treatments...

Well also if they are really good prices I mentally do a calcolous how much could cost do:

manicure-pedicure-eyebrowns 2 times per monthhairdresser 1 month (colour, cutt and styling)remove body hair 1 per month Well the cost of hairdresser for a fulll treatment coul be easily over $100 for manicure, pedicure the average  cost is about $50 and for eyebrowns $20, remove body hair could easily be over $50. Wow with calculator on my hand and paper and pen in the other, SHIT, it coul be really expensive (hairdresser 100 x 12 = 1200; remove body hair 50 x 12= $ 600 and beauty…


I love spicy food but when you are on a diet sometimes happens that you are literally craving for something that isn't so good. I have moments when the only thing I would like to have is a cake, but at the same time I don't want to break my new healty diet so I found a sort of COMPROMISE:

2 big apples
sugar 2 tablespoon
2/3 tablespoon of raisins

In a pan put a little bit of butter ( not a lot), aplles in slice and some sugar, if you want you can swithc white sugar with brown and let cook until slice became soft and a little bit gold, add raisins and finish to cook. It's delicious and it's not so dangerous but this is not a good excuse to eat it daily!!!


Finally beautiful season is arrived and seems that the town, all the region is wake up from winter. At the beginning of month I was waitng a friend in front of a cafe ( my hometown is rich of cafes in centre and them are a good place of appointments) and I took a copy of Melting Pot that is a free press journal that says you every event there is in the Region.

There is been in NArni a festival called CORSA ALL'ANELLO, that is a festival of all the little village near narni, it is a medieval tradition and it is fun to see a lot of people with ancient vests. Cavaliers, Madames and horses. it is a very interesting and suggesting event.

You have alot of offers between free events, movies and other shows, now there is Canoa champions and also UMBRIA WATER FESTIVAL with a lot of offers between: shows, concert, food, excursion, trips and more. this festival isfrom 16 till 19 of May 2013 if you want more info visit

Then in the end of mont there are more Sport&#…


This is a nice thing I saw in mypretty pennies and I strated to have on my journal, so I will share with you something about my financial life:

The most I've spent this last week was on: gasoline/fuel because I worked 4 days in the cafe that is quiet far from my home and there aren't a lot of bus.Today I fell happy towars money because with pay from cafe I have money for car insurance and for bills and aso a leftover Money can't buy happiness. One free/inexpensive thing I did last week that made me happy was re-meet an ex collegue, have a long talk with her and discover her talent on handmade jeweleryI will consider this week a success if I will do  exercise at least 2 times alone


How many times walkig in your neighborhood and/or in fron a great house have you thought: I'd like to have a house like this? In my mind a lot of times I said oh I like this, this and this, but is been only when I worked for real estate agency that I discovered my real ideal home!!!

Do you have an idea about what would you like to have: house, attic, flat? Have you fixed a budget? Do you have cashor are you goiing to ask for a mortage? Are you debt free or are you still paying something?
I know this seems a little bit an interrogatory but those a limited samples of realtors usually do.

Are you going to do research alone or are you going to go in real este agency? It's true do alone is a little bit more free but seriously believe, It could became a second full job really stressful, while with realtors you decide your time and days , and realtor helps a lot with burocracy, documents and financial side.

Important question: do you want a house that is already done without works to…


May for tradition  is called the month of the bride, well for me april-may-june are also month of gifts...

For long time I never out a lot of attention on price, if I went in ashop I liked the research for that determined person, since I started to have a budget to respect it is  became a little bit stressful and I must to confess I asked directly to person to choose a gift on a determined budget... no surprise!

Then slowly I tried to create directly something wwith my hand, I think that this crisis helped to show us fantasy and manuality for person who have. try to think every time you go into grocery you see full goodie basket but them are so expensive, why don try to buy a basket and do the food directly with your hands: liquor, chocolate, bread, biscuits, jam, napkins, towels, jewelery and what youur fantasy suggest you.

I noticed that gifts that are create for that person have a special feeling, but what if you don't have time and/or ability to do DiY projects?
socks buy in b…


Every time I visit Rome, for a relaxing day in the Eternal city, have a date with friends usually I do always a stop into Christian library, it is a small shop near Termini's train station; I like to go here because I like to look, see, watch and listen new christian products as books, cds, dvds, gadgets, paints, clothes, bag and more, plus the owner are so kind ans smiling that you need to have a stop in this shop.

One of last time I found this book, with a nice front a croissant and a capuccino, I opened a I read some phrases on it...Bought it!

Try to think: How many times are you been stressful and tired from work? waiting time? partner and friends requests? missed date? What would you chanche?
why we are alays thinking about the next day but we don't do nothing on the day we're living?

Well Max Lucado in this book shows you how you could use everyday without thinking about the next day, suggestions for bad days and more in Biblical ways.
You could use this book also fo…

some pics of my hometown

Ok today I want to share with you something of my lovely hometown: TErni, first it is situated in Umbria that is called the green heart of Italy, there are important places as the church of saint Valentine , every 14th of february there is a big open market.

if you search Terni on web this is a description of it: Terni is known as the “city of lovers”, thanks to Saint Valentine’s remains kept in the Basilica dedicated to him. He is also the local Patron Saint. Also a must see are the gothic church of Saint Francis and the archaeological sites such as the ones of the Fausto Amphitheatre (dating back to 32 B.C.) inside the Urban park “La passeggiata” and the remains of the ancient walls. In the town there are many remarkable buildings: Palazzo Spada today the town hall, Palazzo Fabrizi and Palazzo Carrara, just to mention a few.
The gates of St. Angelo and Spoletina, the cathedral crypt, the Romanesque tower of Barbarasa and the tower dei Castelli are all legacies left by the middle ages…


One of my biggest passions is travel, whenI was in high school for tourism I seriously thought about became a hostess, but hten I started college and work at the same time and that dream ended, but nothing is changed for my love for travel and discover new places.

Since I started to try to have and follow a  budget, my choichhes are been always low cost, with web, determined period with sales you can afford faboulous vacation without became broke.
for example if you want to go in a carribean holiday or you book with a large advantage or just last minute, sometimes there are big big deals.
If you live in Europe as me and you would like to go in other european city, there are determined days with savvy prizes, blind destinations is a good option.
If you live in Italy and you want to visit the Sardinia's island, you must to book your sit on boat directly inn january, think if you are going to go in august and you book the boat in january you can find at only 1 Euro, while if  you boo…


When you start to have a budget you fixed also long term goals (house,own business and more) that means try to have a frugal life, yes at the beginning could be hard and you will hate budget but penny after pernny you will start to love it.

But having only long long terms, frugal life can became really boring but you must to have also sorth goals, for example you want to buy the hose of your dream in the next 10 years, it is a long perios, so why don't create a list of short goals: a course of foreign language, a mini holiday, a fancy restaurant, a particular dress from a famous designer.

A month ago I discovered a tv program about really Extreme Cheapskaters.
That is a program where big savers talk about their frugal life, what they to fo save, there are a lot of interesting suggestions,for example create your beauty products is good,  but I'm ben also shocked to see those person look on trash for find food, newspaper instead of toilet paper. death animals are used for everyt…


When i was younger and rubbish the moment of shopping wasnt so easy, in the majority of times it was stressful. Retailers looked on me with strange expression andwhen this happened I felt ugliest.
With time, exercise and growing up I understood what is better for my body and what isn't. When i was 16 I wanted to have clothes from a famous brand because my schoolmates and friends had but now I love to find similar items but really cheapes, a white tshirt with a famous label on it isnt so different from a white tshirt with anonymous label.  And honestly i find really fun the moment of research the cheapes and low price copy if something!

Being a hourglass figure with important hips, for me is been really stressful find something cute an trendy for my curvy figure, but after Mad man succces with the curvy actress Christina hendricks, Adele, Beth ditto & co. ( thank to all curvy celebs all over the world) also fashion world bagan to think about normal and curvy people. H&M ha…


I strted to work when I was 17 but I nver thought about save money, I was still studying and my parents paid everything for me so every single penny -I earnt usually ended into commercial shops. But in the end of 2006 I started the first job with a monthly salary, but still my parents paid for me.... I thought only what I could buy with X money? I am been able to spend $200 in a couple of hour also in not essential and never used items...that's been a great waste of money!!!

In 2009 I started a new job and I started to pay thigns, salary wasn't so hight but with that amount I am been able to pay for fuel my self, birthday gifts for friends, clothes and save for holidays. Unluckily after I achieved goals of savings I came back in the circle to spend what I had...

Last year I had a surgery and during my period of hospital, I talked with a lot og girl about savings and future goas and I started to think about myself in the next 10 years How I see myself in the next 10 years? whic…


This is the title of a book I've bought during my american holiday and reading it I discover that a lot of times i am not been able to say No to someone. to my friend for a trip in the middle of night or arriving late to a relative's birthday, say yes to help a cousin with her work having a lot of work to do.
You want to do the right thing and you're good at it and everyone knows so they ask a lot of things.

This is a situation a lot common between persons, you do for them but what about u?Are you growing? Are you happy and relaxed?

In this book David Hawkins reaveal why you feel driven to always do more. you'll see how you can actually lose vital parts of your personality and shortcange God's work in your life. Find out why you have trouble to say no. Learn why you feel accepted only when you are producing. And finally experience the deep joy and peace that come with serving other people out of your abundance, not out of your need.

Personally I had and have relat…