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Every woman usually in the morning looking her wardrobe thinks: what can I wear? or if you have a important party typical phraes eis I dont have nothing to wear so you star to crave for shopping but if you are as me and you are saving for important goals and you have a budget to respect you must to became really creative (but not ridicolous) with cloths you've already have.

You know in every woman wardrobe must to be: little black dress,flat shoes, pearl necklace, a jeans, a white shirt, black sweater, high heels shoes, trench and a ig bag ( I love big size bag I have a lot of things inside it).

Do you receive a call for a happy hour after work but yoou don't have time to pass to home to change, be furbish, wear a nice look that could be perfet since 9 am to late night.

A pair of gold flat are perfect from day to nught with pants, skirts or dresses and you can do qhatever you want because them are so comfortable.

Gold touches of a simple look so it became glamourous in a sec!!…


You are on a diet, you are eating healtier and less but every time you look your image in the mirror you would want to change something on your body (arms, more toned legs, a flat belly, more muscle definition all over the body).

So I started to think maybe I'd need to go in a gym to do daily exercise, I have a goal on my body when I will turn 30 I want to have a great body, do you remember Jlo at her 40th birthday? she was amazing and she did a lot of gym

I tested 3 different gyms asking information about everything, prices, courses, policies, insurance but every time I asked to understand better what there  is on basic subscription seems that you are asking something impossible, for every trainer you must to have a lot of calsses daily: youga in the morning, followed by pilates, turkish hamman in the night or zumba class and more...ehm I'd have a work and I need to keep it!

Basic price on basic subscription on gym isnt so cheap in the end, because if yu want to attend some e…


Ok now you're on diet but you have your friends and a social life too, so meet your friends and eating out seems  so nice and innocent but inside restaurant menus there are a lot of traps.
Restaurant means spend a lot of money and put into your body a lot of calorie and everything is with your permission.

I rember whenI was in high school was quiet normal eat in Mc donals or burger king for at least twice time per week, and order a supersize of everything.
Bad habit to break.

So since I started diet, I told to my friends that I want to keep a social life too and now that journeys are warmer, it's quiet normal hang out and meet in restaurant and/or fancy local... so using web I did some research to find suggestion about eatingg out ( yesp I could be able to order lasagna, fried chicken supercaloric cake and eat all) and I found a nice interesting article on weight watcher site where topic was

Eating out do and Don'ts
Set a budget (determine how much you're willing to eat…


As I said if you buy your lunch daily stop it is the worst habit for your healt and your wallet, doing this you overspend your money while preparing food by yourself is good.

You are conscious about what exactly is inside and you choiche autamatically are more healty.

I like sandwiches but somethimes I am bored of them so a day I tried to change bread, I used pita bread with turkeys and veggies. I added a fruit salad and It is became one of my favourite lunch.

ingredients: it is for one
pita bread
2tbsp of yogurt
veggies ( 1 zucchini, 1 carrot and some salad)
slices of turkey

Take your pita bread and open on side, cut veggies.
In opened pita put yougurt, salad, veggies and turkey. It is delicious without cook it but it became sensational if you cook it for 2 minutes in microwave.

Take some seasonal fruit (fruit and veggies must to be always seasonal it is a more healty choiche), cut it in small pieces, add lemon juice and some brown sugar.


When you want to start a det to lose some weight a lot of magazinne, websites and also nutritionists suggest you to eat a lot of protein, steak could be perfect, so you go with millions of good intentions at grocery store and on meal department the first think you can have looking prices is "whaaaaat", steaks are expensive and if you want to buy biological meat you risk to kill your bank account every time you need to go at grocery!

If you are following a budget because you are trying to save money foor some goals as me the first thing you must to do is sit on a table with paper and pen and start to plan meals before to hang out from the door of house. This helped me also to avoid temptation from departments with not necessary items.

Decide a budget to respect, knowing ahed what you want to cook help you to put attention on choiches, prices, quality and eat seasonal (isnt normal here to find strawberry in January they are from lon long distance and they are really expensive …

wedding plan for friends

Plan organize and help my friends for their Big day is a passion for me and I love to find cute ideas on wedding magazine, expo etc here are some things I created for some friends of mine...


I love travels and usually I always tought that you must to take a plane, well Italy is a little country if you show it near a map of Us but it is rich of everything and thanks to different christian camps I had opportunity to visit a lot of places that you must to see once in your life.

One of my best friend Noemi is studying to became a reverend in Waldesian facoulty of teology in Rome the eternal city ( I'm lucky because I can take a train and in one hour I arrive in the City) but she is originary from Sicily and in Septemeber 2010 after a summer campfor christian youth in the south of Sicily I am been invited from her and her mum...

Amazing landscapes near sea, historical places and delicious food...if you go you must to try
Real cannolo, chocolate from modica and lemon granita...but honestly if you go in sicily you will fall in love for almod granita!!!

side hustle

Yesterday I spent almost all afternoon talking with a cousin from motherside to ask if i can work on weekend during games camphions (tennistable, karate, judo, etc etc) and she said yes. I worked a lot with her when i was in hihg school to save for drive licensgae and holiday and buy clothes with my personal money.

Now I have a little monthly budget from my job in cosmetic company so because I have the goal to have my own house in the next 10 years since lasst novemeber I am looking for extra income for the moment extra income of €200,00 is from dog sitting that permit me every year to pay for fuel/gas and car insurance. I know that if I'd ask to do more dog sitting there is always someone who need help with animals and also with kids!!!

I was talking with a friend of mine in front a good coffe ( yes I love coffee and talking in a bar is really relaxing for me) and we did some researches to find way to earn more money:
baby sitting-dog sitting
waitress during week end in restauran…

my region some pics of it

I love my region Umbria, It is called the green heart of Italy, the reason is becaus it is really green wth amazing landscapes, plus I live in the city of love Terni where the patron of my hometown is Valentine, do you know that festivity that is celebrate every 14th of february?

there are more iinteresting places in my hometown that I will post soon!!!

fashion for curvy 1

When you are a girl who loves fashion but unluckily you haven't the body of Kate Moss, Miranda Kerr and other model find clothes that fit perfect on you could be hard.
Also retailer are bad I remeber when i was really overweight during my teens that I liked something in a shop and after a while I was inside it looking for my size in the majority of cases the item wasnt available for me and the look of girl I tried to ask seemed (girl you are too fat to wear nice clothes)...I hated, but it gave me also the force to lose some punds (and I will never be skinny I have a mediterrean hourglass figure, so also when i am in my perfect shape I am not so skinny, I keep my curves and I love it...) looking on web to follow fashion trends and then find something that is perfect for my body because the first rule that every curvy girl must t understand is: wear thing good for your shape, maybe something seems perfect on a magazine and you start to craving for it, but after you wore it you unde…


My friend Natalya and her hubby lives 30/40 minutes from her house, We visited several times some part of the state, not alls this is sure also because to visit every place you need to have a lot of time. We visited and bought in amish shop, ( real and traditional and other more modern yep there are also amish that use electricity), we attend church, we saw real quilt gardens, tried amish food (slow cook is delicious)  and personally also to see a lot of things and do pics I collected postcards,( I love collect postcards.) and more...

those are samples about me and my friend done, saw and ate:


If I'd must to choose between gateways and food to be honest for me It could be very hard to choose only one thing. When I cook I relax and think a lot ( i found a lot of solution over a pan :P), but traveling permit me to know new places, new persons, new stories and more.
I started to travel when I was 11 for christian camps in Italy, and I became really good with light baggage, but the first time I took a plane is been in 2009 in France, Lyon. I choose to spend the 12 days of vacancy doing some volounteer at centre of congress in Lyon. I made new friends, and I am still in contact...thanks to social media it is became easier keep in touch.
Apart the fear for my first time in a plane everything is been great.
Journeys are been sunny, a lot of us became really red (too much sun) but we had a lot of fun working and discovering the city.
One thing that I found terrible is been coffe, I remember that I spent days looking for a cafe with italian coffe and I found it on the 8th day. …

long distance adoption

I have an older brother, but when we were kids we argue always 24/7 and mum is been really good to baance herself between us, now we  stopped argue all time we are not best friends but we have a normal relationship and if anyone of us need hel can ask...we grow up.
I remeber that for several months i asked to my parents for another brother or sister but no new siblings in the way.

Several years ago, after a concert in a church, there was a stand about COMPASSION  onlus organizations and mum adopted a little girl, we helped her since last month. Two years ago mum received a photos of a little girl from Kenya and I decided to adopt her...

Lon distance adoption permits that little guy or girl can study, receive medicine, attend activities on center and with a small monthly amount , (with €26 that is about $30 you can help a lot).

with a ittle help you cand do big things!!!
Compassion is a great company!!!

with a small amount monthly you can do the difference think about it!!!


From April till the mid of october starts the season of weddings, in my group of friends cause I'm that one who love to organise and draw usually I'm always the wedding planner for free for them. I love to help them while in my mind I am having the idea of wedding I will want!!!

Also if spring, summer and some part of fall are typical period to tie the knot, with crisis and budget to respect more ideas and more diy work are arriving...
typical cost for that day is about $10.000, €15.000, £12.000....and a lot of  us now must to arrive in the end of month so there are several solution to save money on your big day, but you must to be able to negotiate with yourself and your childhood's ideas.
Where do you want to be marry? Location is one of the biggest expenses for the day, followed by the food, do you want a buffet? a formal mise en place? a pic nic?
The dress yes can be expensive but it also can be cheap if you are open to buy a second hand dress or go in outlet of brida…

chicken breasts rolls with prosciutto a nice leftover!!!

Usually when you are on your lunch break do you use leftovers or you buy lunch daily?
If you stat to think that buying lunch everyday cost you a lot, on average the cost of a meal is  about €5,00 )or plus depends from the local you chose), in Us I notice that something simple average cost is about $5-6, for 5 times per week buy lunch daily means a cost of $25 per week that means $100 per month and in the end of year mean about $1200 out of your wallet and pockets... you coud pay a lot of things also a entire holiday, well one of thing that I find really relaxing is cooking...i think that try to prepare you lunch and use leftovers is really good for your wallet and for your healt too. Try to think cooking your dish you know exactly what ingredients u use, while when you buy something prepared with weird dressing you cannot be sure and usually are very rich or bad fat for your body.

This is one receipe that is delicious for dinnner at home warm but is still delicious also the day ater.

This is the period that you star to wear light clothes and watchig yhour figure in the mirror, you start with you sort term gosls and there is one that is constantly in woman goals Lose some weight (except if you are Miranda Kerr basically perfect)...
With thousand of publications you have a big variety: Atkins, Skinny bitch, Dukan, Paleo, Weight watchers, Zone, and many others...
My ideal nutrition is mediterrean, with a lot of veggies, fish, fruit, cereal and also sweets but yesteray i received an important call from a friend for a important party and my favourite dress show a little bit too muchon hips, so i decided thatr i want to be wonderful and I need a strong diet, in the nezxt days I will choose my perfect diet.

Usually which is your method to lose some pounds faster?


Michigan is been also my first time in the Us, during the years I thought that a day  I wanted visit some parts, i loved it all i spent 16 amazing day, I'm been guest in the house of my pen pal and friend Natalya and her hubby Dustin, they are 2 wonderful and generous persons!!!

amazing adventure between michigan and some  escapes in Indiana and lake michigan is wonderful it seems a ocean not a lake!!! but everything in Us is Biggest than in Italy!!!

man & girls friendship is possible???

Today I've received 3 emails some friends of mine that were having discussion about the fact to be friend with a men and if it is possible for real where there are been sparks int the past?
One said that they dont talk anymore, one other that she is trying to came back friends as befor but she is jealous if he talks about other woman (they broke up a week ago is too fresh) and one other just receiving the news that he iis n love for her and would like to hang out from friendzone but she is scared about ruin their friendship (understandable)...Well to be honest I think that every friend you chose in your life man or woman is because you are been attracted from something....
There are persons that I know that are born friends, became lovers and when broke they tried to keep the friendship but at the same moment I think this part is very complicated especcially if one of the part was a lot involved in the story.
If you like a man that is a very nice guy and he is single you know fro…

Bolsena's lake

After long days with time not aso good finally i have a week end free, my dad is better and in the sky there is a big big sun so we used to go in Marta that is a little town not so far from my hometown. The lake is so big that seems a sea and I love to read here there are boats...I love boats!!!

Nothing is better to spend a afternoon with family, have sunbathing, watch boats, play with dog, eat italian icecream and have a weekend of lazyness!!!


Being a mediterrean woman with large hips sometimes is very hard to find a shop that sell nice clothes for woman with curves...for a lot of years everyone said me that girl with curves cannnot wear strips and stamps... now new trend on fashion business are full of stripes, stamps and I asked to myself but could be true that I cannot wear it?
I went to the shop that i like for prices, models and fabric. At the sametime you must to be sure that are almos new item because a lot of shops wait the period of sales to put off the oldest dress and clothes you can imagine.

Well I found 2 nice pants one black that works with everything is already in my wardrobe, then a pair of blue ton-sur-tone pair of skynny pants that are perfect on my hips, I'm not bigger with those pair then I bought a nice black shirt that orks with jeans, pants and skirt and also with dresses is always black,  and another shirt with stripes and guess? Stripes work on me!!!

I discover that prints and stipes ar…