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Is quiet normal think about your life, your dreams, your desires and your future and is true if you cut and collect pics of things you would like to achieve it will help you to create your vision board and stay focused on your goals.
One of my dreams is buy a home and I am working on save for a deposit, I'm collecting pics of house I seriously fall in love at first sight and during my work inside real este agency I understood what I want and what I don't want (and which controls are absolutely essentials to do in old houses)

If I would have a bank balance like Donald Duck probably I would invest my money into houses and traveling, I love travel butIt could became avery expensive passion and unluckily I am always a girl-ok being almost 31 a woman, but I still feel like a girl- on a budget.

Since my childhood I always imagined my house as a simple single house not ver very big but with a lovely porch and a big garden perfect to read out during warmy days and evening, eating out …


Until 2012 I didnt thought seiously about personal finance, savings, retirement, I worked and use my slaray to buy whatever I wanted, do travels, eating out and savings were near to 0..then a day I was taling with a friend of mine that moved to live alone and start to talka bout money, savings and decluttering tupid stuff so I thought “Hey, I would like to start to think about my savings”, so when I decided it I decided also to create a blog to write about low cost but rich life... I like read other blogs adventure because most of times they offer me inspiration for my savings and my goals.
Usually I receive monthly salary and tend to cover bills with it, then work inthe cafe is a side hustle that goes directly into savings, this year one of my goals is travel a little bit more often, but travel could be extremely expensive, so I tend to plan a budget for every travel I am going to do.
Why is important have a budget? In my case is been good because I understoo which were my fixed monthl…


This past week isbeen also my third week of my sort of shopping ban, I am glad to say that I am keeping my habit/ritual to have a weekly “froendly date” per week, this past week I had a dinner and a breakfast, or better breakfast will be during this week because my friend has flue. This is a bad period for it! My friend Claudia wanted absolutely eat the winter potato soup in the irish pub of our hometown, well is true, this soup is delicious...but recipe is a secret...
I almost finished third book and honestly I don't know if I like it or not, is nice because I am always fahinating by letter & co, and usually I like this kind of I must to say that I am reading this book only in the late afternoon or before go to sleep...but writing style is nice so isn't hard read a couple of chapter every night. I am working on several projects and I am glad to say that next week end I will have some relax ou of town...I seriously need some time only for me!!!
I was walking lookin…


Also if I am in my sort of shopping ban into my expenes I've ket my monthly/weekly magazine, that i recycle for some diy works, however in the february's issue of Elle was included Elle kids and working as nanny I am always looking for ideas, tips and suggestions...well together this I've found also an article where is combined shopping and charity, considering that all items are very very nice I could buy for birthday gift soon. Look the following items aren't adorable?
Cruciani, heartbeat:, it is a nice bracelet, It is perfect with comfty sporty outfit, but, also with elegant dress,  Into website you can find several items also for men.
This pochette is very very nice and you can find in different color, but this is a limited edition (with affordable price)Its cost €15 and it will be available into stores from March. Il tuo chicco di felicità Make a Wish: Walt Disney said "If you can dream it you can do it", it is one of my favourite phrase, with small amount y…


Let me say I am never been attracteed from this title "50 shades of grey" but most of my friends read all the trilogy, I never read a single  word of them and honestly I am not going to do it now.  I've just read "Don't tell the groom" by Anne Belle and "Sleeping with Paris by Juliette Sobanet, very nice, however reading magazines is normal to find articles about movie, look and outfit...but I must to be honest, maybe I am a little bit more sexy during summer but during winter I am a female version of yeti...I'm not kidding I love my comfty pajama, my winter socks... Magazines suggest this kind of looks plus objext tha tyou can find ito sexy shop (real or virtual) that i find a little bit riciculus, but everyone has different preferences
this is my reality: comfty, large, unstylish pajama, socks, if I am sitting on couch/sofa adda blanket plaid, I need to stay warm!!!
And I am sure that I am in good company!!!


This past week I received in my mail box, lovely clothes catalogues includeing one of my favourite, BONPRIX it has amzing trendy, classic, glamour and comfty clothes pus objects for home, however I was talking with a friend of mine saying that luckily this year that I decided to have my sort of shopping ban, I don't have many events that require nice outfits, but if it would be a rich year of this kind of events probably I'd buy from Bonprix! Why? Because now Iknow exactly which is my size in the catalogue, I don't have stress to look for car parking and the sale woman that most of times is really nasty and irritating, asking "do you need help?", usually from your entrance and you didn't see a single items...alsoif I am not a big fan of shopping online because I prefer to see and touch before buy, knowing Bonprix's products I am sure of what I am going to buy and receive. However considering that I am in my sort of shopping ban period I limiting myself to w…


This is been a busy week from work's side, I worked on several projects, I've read, there are some books that start slow, I mean at the beginning are quiet boring then became quiet interesting, this is happened with "Sleeping with Paris"book by Juliette Sobanet, story was nice, but at the beginning I found it slow and boring until chapter 12 or 13, now is interesting and this week I decided to read a chapter in the morning,  I've tought that I found it boring also because I was reading It only before go to isn't best choiche.
This week I worked almost always I had only a free afternoon and I used that day to have a dinner for girls only with my friend Claudia and my weekly breakfast with my frined Samantha, I worked also in the week end in the cafe, so I've spent my Valentine's day working and I know that I am not been the only one.
My shopping ban is going quiet good also if sometimes is been hard, especially in front of office's supllie…


In this period I trying to eat vegetarian more often is possible, so I tend to eat many veggies and read many cook blogs to find inspirations, so after veganblog, and some vegerterian and vegan cook magazines I said that I wanted to try to cook seitan with mushrooms.
So with a free sundays afternoon from work in the cafe I went into grocery store inside commercial centre near home and I've bought all igredients I needed for recipes, plus other ingredients for healty breakfast...when you choose to have a healty diet became essential be informated, creative in the kitchen or you will be tempted by cooking premade meals directl y from your grocery ( expensive, fat and not so healty).
However also if Tofu disgusted me first time I never tried seitan that a friend of mine cooks very often, so I called her and asked if with mushrooms is a good mix and she said yes...:D so me at work...

I cooked seitan and mushrooms together and then put together with herb and few salt and pepper, then ad…


This is been my second week of my sort of shopping ban and I am glad to say that I resist to impulsive shopping into bookstores, usually I am not going in those place but I was having a dinner with a friend of mine that needed to buy something inside it, so I suggested her on the model of a nice notebook and then she was looking for a nice pen I suggested a shop that sell a lot of pens from cheap to luxury models, honestly she wanted see on Thun shop and there was a nice pen, but it was very small and its cost was €40...if you are going to buy/gift a Mont blanc pen price is a lot more but for that she is going to do this price were too much...while in the shop suggested by me she found a nice pen.
I limited myself to window shopping this week, I paid only for things that I've planned (fuel, grocery, food for pets, maganzines) and a last minute dinner for girls only. This place worth every single cent I've spent and last time I am been here I've eat also a little chocolate…


This is been my first week of official shopping ban, I know I wanted start with it directly from 12th of January but honestly I had so many unexpected bills, I've paid for books that I've pre ordered and bought also a pair of gym shoes that I said yes to buy tablet and so I decide to strat with 6 months of my sort of shopping ban directly from 1st of February.

In my second desk, that I use for drawings, writing and diy I have snacks for 2 weeks, I'm glad to keep the good habit to have at least once real date with friends each week, and in this past week I had a lovely dinner with my friend Claudia, we went in a place called Wimpy where you eat giant sandwiches...considering that every big sandwich costs only €4,90 it is became our favourite place for lunch/dinner with friends...but my friend Claudia never tried it, so on tuesday night we went and she liked it!!!
During this week I've:
Read a couple of funny and ironic book: Don' tell the groom by Anne Bell and “la ri…


As I've said this 2015 I am going to travel a little bit more, but for this two first months of new year my work schedules is been very busy, so for the moment I've only planned some place I whish to visit during the year.
MILAN-Honestly I visited in 2009 and during that week end there was rain so I didn't had a good immpression about this city, but most friends that visited it with sun and from some blog post I said to myself that maybe Ic ould visit it a second time, plus this year thiss city will host a great event EXPO2015. MODENA-Is near Bologna, and in this city live one of my friend, we say each year that we would must to do a holiday together, but unluckily we never been able now this year could be combo our work schedule and plan a good holiday. Plus I am going to visit him, maybe when in the city there is interesting art expo or something similar. ISCHIA-ok I've spent years of summer christian camps in Forio d'ischia and here I knew my friend that lives in M…


Is official this saturday will be Valentiness and most people are still searching for perfect gift for this day and believe me when someone is on a budget isn't always so easy find something nice and affordable, however since I decided to have and follow a budget I always found interesting and helpful tips and suggestions from web and magazine, so here some tips I found on a little book that helps to save money during all festivities are in the year.
I was talking also with a collegue of mine that is a newlywed about Valentines gift and she said that she and her husband for this day usually receive chocolate and roses...that is classic combo but if you want other ideas also if you are on a budget...

Roses are classic gift but have you notice how they are so expensive, well strategy could be bought them not from florist (24 roses could easily cost more than €100)but from grocery shop, this tip would help you to save €80.

If you want to gift a jewels, don't buy a diamond (but if y…


Is amazing when your passions are big part of your work, because it means that you love wake up and go to work...yep not always there are days that also if you consider yourself the most beautiful job in the world you don't want to hang out from bed- bed inthe morning has the perfect warm that say to you “STAY HERE”.
I have a collegue that works with me in the cafe, that worked into a travel agency till last august, but as seasonal employer, (6motnhs at office and 6 months unemployed)so during 6 months spent at home with hubby at work means a lot of hours alone so she started to do some handmade creations, that in my personal opionions are great, because her crafts are amazing and since a couple of years I tend to buy Christmas gift directly from her, we were talking about open markets, online shops and how to became more knew...
Following items in the pics are completeley hand made from my friend and you can ask for prices and info via facebook, this is her craft page!!!


This past week is been extremely busy into work side infact I worked always except on tuesday night that I used to have my “weekly” date with my friends, I went with a friend of mine into a nice local and we had good dinner with our girl talks and lot of laughs!!!
I was looking for a couple of gifts and I saw so many shops with low prices that I am been seriously temted to buy something, but apart my weekly/monthly readings and fuel for week end I didn't spend more than I planned. That is good. I resisted to impulsive shopping and temptation, plus I planned readings for the next two months, I still have many books bought in summer 2014 that are still untouched.
I worked in the cafe during week end ( I'm grateful about this work because also if I have almost all week end from September till June busy with it, it permits me to don't touch savings) but with snow many athletes didn't came so I had free sunday afternoon that I used for grocery shopping, is very nice when you…


I was having a lunch with old friends and we were remembering that time that our friend was looking for his first space as adult where would like to build also a family, having weird work schedules only saturdays were free and are been dedicated for a couple of months to house hunting, until discover a real gem in a antique building near office. I was working in real estate agency so he sent photos of it and ask to do a second visit to say if there was something to control very well, so I visited I looked and I said that he was really good and not needed renovation works but being empty for several years (also if the ex homeowner did renovation works to sell house with good price) it needed some paint.
So he called companies asking price for entire apartmen, emails after emails, cost seemed always very high so a night that all our group was watching a dvd we said: why don't do it by ourself we are a big group, could use our free week end helping you, we only understand how paint cos…


First time I've ate Tofu is been almost disgusting, because it seemed that I was eating the gum of gym shoes, and being a cheese lover isn't been a good experience.
But I had and still have a lot of friends that are vegetarians or vegans so I've asked them some suggestions for healty recipes but with flavour, I'm trying to eat vegetarian more often is possible and I'm reducing also dairy product, maybe you don't want to became vegetarian or vegan but if you don't eat meat at least once per week and do the same with dairy planet will thanks you.
However after helps and suggestions from friends I've found interesting blog about vegan recipes , in newsstand you can find a lot of vegetaria-vegan cook magazine and I can say that one of my favourite method is really simle, infact request only to have soy sauce to cover tofu, but this is a dish that you can love or hate for its particular favour.
If you decide to became vegan ( eliminating from your diet not onl…


If I would must to choose for my favourite foreign magazine, I have no doubts I'll choose Good Housekeeping Uk.

I like read it because I consider it part of exercise to keep active and improve my english, plus there are very interesting articles, for example I find always very nice article about finances and savings. On latest issue of Good housekeeping there is a very interesting article about save £1414 in a year-title was your sstay warm for less handbook- (amazing title with attractive image), followed by urban myths and tips to control finances.
Honestly since I decided that was time to have a budget and respect it I discover a lot of fun and interesting side about savings, finances, budget &co, and yep I talk about them qith my friends.
Focus points of this special in the magazine are:
Save £1414 with our top energy-saving measures Sack your expensive supplier Buy the smartest new remote-control heating system Use your appliance in the cheapest way Get a comftynight's sle…