Visualizzazione dei post da Giugno, 2014


This past week is been busy, full of events and meetings and also of sunbathing in the swimming pool, plus yesterday I went into a park that I knew when I was working in real estate agency, it is a sport camp with real adventure trials like rafting, but seeing a lot of young teens I sked what there was so interesting and they said me...little falls...EUREKA, I find something for this sunday afternoon after church... I arrived with car in a spot then I walked a lot and finally I found the place and it is amazing, a paradise surrounded by nature, the only bad side is that you can have pain on your foots, a lot of rocks into the fall's floor:(...but you have time to thing and be sunkissed!!!
Yesterday I met new Reverend, he seems a very nice person and I now that he has really good intentions, and I am still working on several projects that include church and kids, but I'll talk about it when I will be sure that is something real...
If I look my legs I feel like a snake that needs …


Considering that I love summer also for the fact it gives me a lovely skin tone, considering that the next week will be  full of study and other programs, I decided to spend this saturday afternoon into the swimming pool... The other day apart cooking, I did my long walk in the neighboorhood and every time I discover something new and amazing...apart the big house with I am totally in love-but this is another story- HAVE A GREAT WEEK END!!!


After 13 yearstogether, yep they met during high school and is been love st first sight, now after trial living togher for several years is arrived the moment to beame officially groom and bride:P Here some pics of celebration and party- I can say that I loved riso with prosecco and orange and I am goign to replicate it in one of my cook session...

For party she changed her shoes choosing lovely shiny converse I liked them!!!

This was the cake and it was delicious but also confetti's table was:D


Well, it's wed and this is my first post of the week...I said or better I wrote with longer and warmer journeys I prefer to stay outdoor that in front of a monitor...However, I read a lot, I went out with friends, had second day of sunbathing and my skin has a lovely light tan, baked a little bit, wrote some list of things to do during summer, accountancy, study (a little bit I need to do a new study's plan), new reverend is arrived in the church and I am going to meet him this sunday....
Yesterday I had a lunch in Rome with my friend Noemi that is studying to became a reverend and spent a year inCambridge, what we ate yesterday? well usually we choose junk food but yesterday we choose sicilian food...I was so hungry and believe me every single bites worth the trip!!! I went several times in Rome but it was only for business meeting, finally yesterday was day of relax and fun!!!
During one of my day inside bookstore I found into kid's zone one of my favourite books in englis…


IT's already wed nd this is my first post of the week, well I am busy and honestly with longer journeys i want to stay out and breath summer....However my finances are goign well, i am not spending more than I planned, I am having real dates with friends at least once per week...I am loooking for a lot og things and I am waiting the birth of first baby of my childhood friend.
Weather is unstable but newspapers and tv said that this week end will came back sun again, I am reading the second book of the group I've bought in this month, I can say that on book shop I am not be savvy but I splurge...for me books are good investments.
This saturday there will be my cousin's wedding and I spent only €45 I bought a little black pochette and a black light blazer, for the rest I already had dress shoes and jewelry!!!

The most I've spent this past week was on bookshop and car insurance , I pay it twice per year but it is okToday I feel ok towards money because I am doing weekly plan…


For me this summer( honestly all 2014) is a period full of weddings, one of the most important will be that of my cousin, I must to say that I am quiet curius to see how the bride and groom will be dressed because they're not thin...but reading several foreign magazines I discovered a nice site for bride with curves with lovely models Callista, I still need to buy a jacket for the night -considering that in this exactly moment is raining and probably will do the sme the next week end jacket became an essential must have:P- however i found some nice modls, for every kind of brid type and ceremony, I already choose my favourite models but everyone has a personal style that must follow always to be natural and comfortable also on her Big day!!!

Have you ever seen the movie "My big ft greek wedding?" well for many years, brides with curves had only bad choiche that had as results that brides ere unhappy, in the photos seemed bigger that reality but luckily fashion world open …


On tuesday I'm been on the swimming pool and probably I took too much sun as first day of real sun, but I was so happy and thankful for the fresh water, sunny sky and good temperature, but in that day I met a friend of mine and we talked about summer plans and I said that my dreamy holiday would must to be in Greece traveling with a boat...I have a true passion for boats...
Talking talking we were disagree about baggage and in the end we found a right mix of a lot of things, you must to know tha tin boat space is not so big so you need to choose well everything(remeember always to put sunprotection, aftersun cream and hat + glasses for protect you), a good choiche would be:

YOu must to choose light pieces, but if you are been invited from one of your enemies feel free to wear heels, rigid baggage,don't have respect for the space and use every space into the boat only for you,don't help in the works and other things...but honestly forget it try frugal style and help you'l…


I noticed that every time I write my goals usually I achieved almost all, but athe same tie it is a sort of list of things do daily, weekly and monthly so I think that having more free time in this summer I can do several things,and in the last week I reopen my diary and started to write again, keeping a diary is good, my writing time is my personal method to keep calm and take stress out, infact I also noticed that every period I don't write I am a little bit more stressed....
What I am going to do this month:

Read at least 2 books- I started one about wedding diary and it seems fun but honestly I am finding it also boring and irritating in some part so I started a new one from italina writer but I am going to read boths in this month...Go in the pool at least once per week, sunbathing and good gym with water refreshOrganize activities with friends at least twice per weekAttend local free events with and without friendsStart to attend free activity in the libraryBake some cakes and…


Ok on the 8th I finished my hard shift in the cafe and I'll have last day of work on 12th night, when lovely little dancer will do final exibithion. I didn't had time to do a lot of things a part sleep, but I talked a lot with my collegue and I knew the fiance and future hubby of my friend and collegue Roby and I discover that he is a lot fun good job girl!!!
My finances are been good but I know my temptation shop is the bookstore and yesterday I've bought another couple and I must to confess that on the cash table there was one with a lovely title and also story, usually I decide which book to buy watching cover, reading title and the story and only in the end I watch the price, because money spent on books are money well spent...yes being on a budget I'd must to choose books from library but honestly library in my hometown doesn't offer a lot, if you want a new book you can buy while if you want to read old books welcome in the library....
This morning I have a gre…


Today is saturday and I am free I will must work tomorrow (sunday) but today is my day, it is a sunny day and me and a friend of mine are going to have a afternoon of sunbathing,  relax and talk... 

I received so many good news from my friends that I started to think about my job's life, well I choose to stay near my mother and decline offers outside region and hometown, but now I feel like I missed something, so considering that I am looking for a job with higher salary than now, I decided also to think about to move... also if I am in conflict with myself, why I choose it? for my father healt issues and I am ssure about it but at the same time I think that declining some offers in the past I am missing something, is too late at 30 start a new life? I don't think sow hish me luck!!!
Food- in this month you can find a lot of healty and delicious food especcially fresh fruits, when I came back late from cafe a big dish full of fresh fruit is my dinner and I love it... In the vega…


Today isn't been a good day because I am been ill, don't ask me why I woke up well and I was going to start my shift in the cafe in  the early afternoon but, maybe is been the mix of woman things+ice cofee cream+ hot and high temperature is been devasting for my stomach and the boss said me gentle: go back to home!!!
I've statrrted to read one of the 4 book I've bought it is a hilarious bur really real and fun about wedding preparation!!!
I must to study and I will must to do it again hard and seriously from 23th of this month... I'm also reading about vegan recipes, and aslo other cookbooks, I like to be connected and know other cultures also by foods!!!
I must to confess that my energy are becaming low and I am waiting impatiently for the end of this long shift, well now I think I will came back to relax and drink water...hydratation is very important!!!


Today I am free from work in the cafe till 1 pm, and also tomorrow and this lovely shift gives me the opportunity to sleep a little bit more than usual...I am using muscles that I ignored to have till some days ago when I was all muscle's pain...however nothing that a good bath and a good cup of tea cannot solve:P
MY finances are been quiet good apart my magazines and day in the bookshop I spent only €30 fo fuel :D great usually I was able to spend double amount but honestly now I'm using it twice per day to go from /to home/ my mechanic last year did a great work on my car, I bought a tshirt for my bbrother and antherthing for me and another friend of mine, a little tabletennis racket that I use ato find my car key
..however in the next days I'll must to pay car insurance (€250 circa) and quota for my cousin's wedding... Last day of work in the cafe for this year will be on 12th night with gimnastic exibition and then I'll must to help the cafe's boss…