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I like to go inside shop or stand to find the perfect gift and I must to admit that I have a special "crush" for christmas market in town, but what I noticed is that prices became sensible higher in that period and honestly I don't want to have bankruptcy for christmas shopping, so since 3 years i tend to buy gifts max in the end of October...I know we still not celebrated Halloween festivity, but I don't celebrate it...I do a list of person I really want to buy and not only becuse we are relatives I must , ehm no and a budget, usually the same for every person, then I look in  the web to do prices comparisions and chose the most savvy way.
I'd like this year to do gifts 80% handmade, useful and that like to who receives the gift... I can say a lot of gifts nice to see but honestly 100% not necessary...last year I bought to a friend of mine a mug for tea, she said me she liked one and I looked for one in the price range, I know maybe €20 could be few but all depen…


This past week is been busy but I needed to use car only twice (yesterday and today) and considering the price for fuel this is been really good, I am doing a lot of savings programs and now I have several birthdays and I am also thinking about Christmas (have you ever noticed that during december price are higher than usual?), I am still finish the book for realtor exam and I am doing a lot of practise with multianswers quiz/tests and also I like this field I cannot say that I like law, law part is been the hardest to study and memorize but I did it... But being so busy this past week I canceled the date with a friend of mine but we will see nex tuesday, I went in a couple of shops to looking for a library that fits in my room but  for the moment it seems almost a mission impossible, I've started to see some houses and usually I don't say that I'm a realtor too, also because now I am a little bit different (I sell bare ownerships) but I know all the things to understand al…


I must to say I am not so good as that person that can say everything about that glass of wine from perfume, I can say only if I like it or not ( I like white wine instead read, fresh and not dry), but I always find fashinating and interesting have the opportunity to know more...and honestly Italy offers great places to do it from sport, to relax, to spa treatments, from north to south all that you must to do is: book the place and prepare your baggage!!!
If you are looking for a weekend full of interesting lessons about wine but you want absolutely to do gym 28 and29 of September in Bresia theree is Franciacorta's Festival, (details here) use the free bus from Rovato; if you want to rent a bike go to Cave des Onze Communes di Aymavilles (AO) and you can choose between 6 different trails in the wine's roads. (more info here)
If you are going to spend a week end with your partner and both are sporty but romantic, remember Roman holiday movie? well you can have a so…


Some nights ago I was at home after a busy day and I wanted to relax watching something and I found this movie, that I discovered only in the end that is based from a true story. Stacy Bess is a young woman that has a degree as teacher and  she accept her firs job in a school, but the first day of job she discovers that that isn't a nrmal school, but is a class with kids from 5 to 12 than can be considered homeless and with this status for kids is impossible to attend "normal" school. Day by day, arguments after arguments, compromises, help finally she finds a way t build a true ralationship with kids and their families, and luckily also Us goverment changed something!!! The movie is based on true experience of Stacy BEss that wrote the book "nobody don't love nobody, for the moment I watche donly th emovie but I am going to looking for and real also the book!!!


The first time I started to have a budget, one of first thing is been buy material to have all the documents well organized, basically before this decision my method was take a empty box and put all the receipts here but every time taxes declaration time arrived I wasn't ready. I can say that my father has financial documents from looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong years ago, full folders also not necessary, the real important documents are about mortages, loan, car insurance, for the rest there is a deadline to conserve:


If on the beginning I had a really caothic method now I have a folders for financial documents, I control quiet often my bank account balance (and I chose to don't receive paper anymore) so I am sure that I stay on my budge…


I love to cook, honestly It is my relaxing and thinking time, a lot of conversation, solution are been found here. When temperature are too high I don''t like to spend time cooking but while autumn arrive and with it also cold temperature this became a good excuse to cook. Last week I started to cook one of my favourite fall comfty food: mushrooms, so I did a great creamy sauce to add to pasta, we choose gnocchi ( I'm not so good to do gnocchi with my hand), you don't need a lot of ingredients but I must to say this isn't a light receipe:
150 gr butter oil garlic 4-5 big mushrooms (cutted slices) 500 ml cream milk parmesan cheese grated salt and pepper
In a large pan put garlic, oil and some butter then added mushrooms cutted in slices ( I love champignon mushrooms) and cook then add milk cream , a pinch of salt and pepper and as final touch add parmisan chees and stir.
This sauce is delicious you can put it on bruschetta, or on every kind of pasta, it is perfect…


When I was 6 I wanted absolutely to became a stylist but then I discover love for travel and I canghed my project but being a woman I always liked to read fashion magazines and follow fashion shows ( yesterday is been the final day of Milano Fashion week) but in my teen years I can say for sure that I had horribles horribles outfits, I can still remembe that in high scholl I wore palazzo jeans under longuette skirt, with multi-level shirt and probably I thought to be "fashion" probably I was more similar to Michelin puppet that a fashion girl. Growing up I understood what model fits on me and what is better to delete, in some shops I still have problems to find my size ( I'm currently a 12 so I can be considered a plus size) but in other that have REAL SIZE I find easily my clothes....but this is a recent story because until Plus size models and actress became muses for stylist was terrible to find something nice also for curvy girl, every dress for curvy was large black …


Leilani is from New Zealand and we met on (christian sites gives you a lot of opportunity to know other christian from all over the world)has her own blog where she put pics of receipes and her works, honestly I think she ha a real talent and fantasy on sewing, knitting side, so here there are some of her works that I totally loved!!!

Her works are from hairbutton-pins to cushion to greeting cards to baking

I like a lot also her veg receipe and I am going to try some soon!!!

If you want to see more works of Leilani visit her blog


This past week is been a warm autumnal week, rich of fall colours, date with friends and ex collegues that you didn't see from long time, new knowledge about person or interest. Journeys became shorter than july and this means that after a determinated hour usually I tend to don't hang out or use bike in very dark place, but I can say that I needed to use car only twice,I am still doing the list of things to do, place to visit and books to read and about this I am not so sure that a library giant as The Beauty and beast is ok, for the list (that seem a neverending list) also this kind of library seems little, Last week I did a list of books and after a hour I was already plus than 100 titles. 

However thanks to extra income from work in the cafe I saved some money, paid for little repairs on car and bought 6 books for under €50,but I didn't found pair of jeans maybe next week.
 I still didn't understood how works to sell things on amazon, honestly I am more informed abou…


Well luckily not only summer has choiche fr events to attend in town and most are absolutely free, that means for everyone is on a budget, is perfect bvecause or you don't spend money or you can spend almost nothing and have a great event to attend!!!
Festival of Contemporary Creation: this is the 8th edition of this event with a selection of young artists you need to go on CAOS (via campofregoso 98) from 5 pm and for more details go here.
Terni On, we call it also white night becasue shops are open also during late night, there are free concerts, several stand and expositions to see, everything inside the centre of the town. The event starts from 6pm details here
Voices from mountain: This is a lecture marathon of text in honor of mountains, esplorations, everyone has 5 minutes to read the text, a poem, or a summary of a book in the middle a frugal happy hour. Parco Archeologico Carsulae (Vocabolo Carsoli 8) from 4.30pm-7.30 pm Entrance is free.

Sunday- 22 of …


You try to keep on your budget, but every time you look your bank current balance, you have always less money and when you see the detailed voices of purchases youu notice that big part of your shopping is been online...this is what we can say Invisible spending and you are a invisible spender. If you have a credit card is easy to be tempted to do lot of transaction on web because prices on internet seem so affordables, maybe you book moure vouchers and coupons that you really need and is a second to overspend because payng with card you don't see material your money that go out from your wallet and savings, you don't need to do line to wait to pay you click and it's done so CLick after click your savings end. Most of us stay online in late night and in some stressful period we want to treat ourself, however it is not so wrong, but you need to follow some tips to have control of your shopping and finance also on line.
Set a realistic budget: no your monthly income isn't h…


When you are single seems easy to decide a destination for a holidya alone or with frineds, when you are in couple seems a little bit more complicated but with compromise it's became ok, but when you became parents decide a destination for a vacation seems impossible, because the place for adults you love don't offer activities for kids, place kids friendly aren't so nice for parents...ehm completely wrong, thank to web you can discover a lot of nice places that offer activities for adult and kids in amazing places and full of thing to do... open your mind!
In the Vineyard: From 14th of September
September is knew as the month of school, wine and grape, so if you always found fashinating know how a wine is made go in Florence into "Cooperativa La Legnaia" where a lab offers you the occasion to see and learn the "old method", means lab where you and kids can use your foots. for more info visit (here). 

In the Farm: from 29th of September
Every time you try t…


Everytime I'm in Rome and I've enough time to visit the christian bookshop I search and usually find nice christian book, section of testimonials books is my favourite togethere gadget and gift ideas. However yesterday I was talking with a frined of mine about that with internet is simple to keep in touch with someone with skype, email & co, but years ago if someone needed to go far there were only old fashion letter and patience to wait for news, honestly also in our era could happens if one of two go in a very far place without opportunity to communicate with digital ways ut only old ways (letters, packs).
Passion & purity is a true and sweet love story between Elisabeth and Jim Elliot, she descirbes her feelingg, emotions, hopes, impatience to receive his letters and news from him, fears to lose him and other kind of fears, the pain for distance between her love (when you can communicate and see each other daily you can only wait to have the letters, but honestly I li…


Finally a real woman with real curves that has a real success into fashion industry, plus she is italian. Most of times I am reading fashion magazine and look the models on the mags I think that they are too skinny but finally also Vogue magazine has a curvy section because finally cinema, tv and fashion fields open their eyes on real womens.

She is a youjng lady (born in 1983) that started to work into classic mood but then she decided to have an healtier life without big sacrifice on food and she is became a plus size model, and now she is really really requested and famous model plus she is also a consultant for fashion brands. Who says that only skinny woman can be a real model? Look this pics, for me is fabolous and REAL, yes she is a tall girl but she is tall, curvy and healty and simply beautiful in my opinion and she gives real tips to real womens... you will have instant connection with her!!!

you can follow her on her blog, here


I wrote 2 post ago in my fashion magazine finally there is also a section about finance & money so I tend to collect all the articles of this lovely and interesting section. Every one has a goal to achieve, small, medium, big or extra large and all hope to have money to afford it but in some cases save could seems hard with only one income and high expensive so is necessary find a way to save. Everyone of us is different and has a different talent, who loves animals, who kids, who is a great cook, organizer, cleaner so after you understood the area you want to use for a side hustle try it. Every goal could be achieved but you must to stay focused on it.
Here there are some example of savings to achieve determined goals (from travel to deposit fo r a house)
If you are a fashion addict and you are craving for a Chanel bag (average prize €2500) do little rinounces: bring your lunch from home at least 2 times per week (you can save at least €30 per week) and try to search on Groupon specia…


Ok another week is ended, and in this exactly moment I am came back at home after a full week end of work in the cafe and with part of the side hustle income I'll buy a new pair of jeans ( I had a project to don't buy ned clothes till october but all my pair of jeans are broken and I am not going to work wearing only painties), change something in the car (or better my brother will do I will pay:P) and rest  will go into "savings account". In this past week  I wanted to finish the book but all dyas I am been really busy with errands and in the evening I was so tired that the only thing I wanted to do was Sleep. Next week end I will work again in the cafe, probably I will have all the week end usy till Christmas period, I'll meet new and old friends, for example this morning I met again after 5 years a guy really funny and we takjed as we did years ago, honestly is very nicewhen you remember a person and when you meet this èerson again your idea is = to reality, whi…


Since I've started to have a budget to respect, I started to find interesting all article and blog with suggestion "how to save", and also one of my favourite fashion magazine had intereesting articles about finance and I love several articles on the mag. I found this really helpful, I'm not saying that in the end of the month you'll be millionar woman/man but you will have saved some money that in the end of year could be an interesting amount.
But your current situation of your money could be as this image:
and following some suggestions in the end you could have some money:

1, Make a list write on paper all your expenses, use the webto track all your finances. 2, divide all your bills (monthly, trimestral, semestral, annual) /12 so you know exactly an amount to save moonthly 3,Stay focused on your goal(new car, sxpensive holiday, new pair of shoes) put the image on your pc as screen saver and also to mobile phone too 4,Cut the debt, maybe you have se…


Coco Chanel said "less is more" and it is absolutely truth, nd also if in some years there are fashion trends really weird a lot of celebrity took their inspiration from past trends and icons as: Grace Kelly, Lauren Hutton, Aubrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy.

Honestly all those women are simply irresistible with their charme and their sofisticated style being simple.

Jackie Kennedy:
She is knew for her family story, but also for her style basing on nice dresses, flat, pearl and honestly timeless fashion icon

Honestly I can't say that she is a beauty queen but I can admit that she has a true charme!!!

Audrey Hepburn:
I love it from fist time I watched the movie "breakfast from Tiffany", she had magnetic eyes, slim figure and natural elegance:

A lot of celebs tried to have the same look ( ex: victoria "Posh" Beckham) or are confronted with her (NAtalie Portman, audrey Tatou, and other actress that for the moment I forgot the name).

Lauren Hutton:
Honestly w…


As I said a lot of friends are really talented person, this time is the turn of Nadine, she has a day job as real Estate, she is from Bergamo but now is living in Terni, she has a great talent as artist and infact she did some exposition of her paints.

I did a selection of paints that I find interesting:

Honestly this kind of paints give the opportunity for every person to see a different aspect of the mean of it, maybe the artist wanted a mood but maybe you find another, I like her works because give me different sensations,not always good but a true artist is this and the fact that who looks the paint is free to see whatever she/he wants is a plus.

There a lot of painters that use only brushes while there are other that use objects or their hands and foot, creativity means use fantasy

Honestly I don't know the prices of this paints but if you want to see more and ask more detail go onNadine's page