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When you have a office job 9-5 from  monday till friday it seems normal to have saturday as day to do a list of things: cleaning, grocery shopping, shopping, date with hubby/wife or friends in restaurant, do trips in other cities, and more, but, at the same time is also the day when you alarm clock doesn't rang and you can sleep more. So why don't organize a brunch for you and some friends? It is a good occasion to spend time in your garden, balcony, terrace. You don't need to be a mochelin chef or repare complicated dishes a mix of sweets and spicy food It would be perfect.

One nice brunch needs to have a good selection of fresh drinks, (in summer you need to refresh your mouth), if your friends dont drink alchol is perfect to prepare fresh fruit smoothies, ice tea, and no-alcholic drinks, plus long coffee.

On latest Goodhouseekipng Uk i found a delicous drink receipe: Rasperry cordial  the receipe is: Simmer 400 gr (14oz) rasperries, 400gr(14oz) caster sugar, 300 ml (1/2 p…


Italy confronted with other country is small, but it is rich of magnificent places to see. A lot of people say that Paris is the most romntic city in the worl, wel in my personal opinion also Venice it is really romantic. I think that in Venice htere is a magic atmosphere. There is a bad note, if you follow only turistic plac ein the centre or high toruistic sightseeing your wallet could easily be epty in the end of the first day, but if you see monuments and then walk a little bit more far from center you will discover very friendly budget locals. But you cant go in Venice and miss those spots:


If you are trying to stay on/under budget, you need to calculate your monthhly paycheck, if you are a couple and share the budget also him/her paycheck, monthly  expenses and this could be really stressful-or better it is been stressful for me everytime I changed work and/on period wheen my salary was  equal every month,or the month when I have a lot of birthdays, weddings or desire of insane shopping, but it doesnt work with budget, because I'm trying to save at the same time.
In one of my trip in Rome, I found in the christian bookshop, a very interesting book "Good $ense budget course: biblical financial principles for trasforming your finances and life" by Dick Towner and John Tofilon.

On first chapter you find a scheme with % would must be divided

monthly salary
monthly salary (if you are a couple and share the budget)

Give (church, other donations) 10-15%Savings (Emrgency fund)5-10%Debts (credit cards, loans) 0-10%Home (mortages,rentals, taxes, house bills. light,…


With this crisis,a lot of talk with heighborhood is about the cost of life and savings methods, in my library ( i have a full library and for my love of book i also have several boxes full of book under the bed) I found  nice book about to save more than €6000 in a year...where you find a lot of suggestions to save on food, grocery, markets and kitchen, those are chapter examples:

1.Grocery shopping:
Plan menu ahed ( you know all the week what you really need and dont buy not necessary items- save    €100Looking with attention in the grocry store,usually the most expensive products are on eye height but if you look under or up you can easily find cheaper prices.- save €200Following food season (it's not normal find strawberry in December and they are extremely expensive, came from really far and aren't ecological choiche) - save €150Choose local market, if you have a nice local market you can have a good relation with farmer and plus products are locl and you know where your foo…


Now a lot of friends are talking about their holiday, their baggage and usually a lot of men says that woman took with them all the closet, ok maybe is because I did a lot of camping but usually I try to travel with only a baggage plus my bag. 
Honestly now I am quiet good but the first time I did a normal holiday in a sea place that wasn't camping I took all my closet-ok almost all- but in the end I used only few items so I started to put only clothes that I am going to use and are perfect from night to night!!!
In my bag you can always find my organizer, my wallet, my mobile, a notebook and when I travel a book and a couple of magazines.

So a friend of mine who is planning a romantic holiday would like to have some suuggestion to dont scare her boyfriend.
So as first I asked where and when they are going to go:

if you are going to spend a holiday in a sea place in your baggage you need to have different costumes, a pair of jeans  and tank top and a nice dress for a fancy date. this i…


Well finally summer is arrived, longer journey makes me feel more energetic, I want to spend more time doing outdoor activities, find time to see friends and organize trips and adventures with them, as I wrote also the town seems that is different with a lot of events for summer months.
Temperture, well now are really high and you need to use solar protection, I had a little problem when I went in the pool and i forgot to use protection, well are been only 2 hours ( but it is been my first day in the pool)but my back is been quiet red, when I was younger- a teenager- I wanted to tan asap, well the ugly truth is that after first sunbathing day my skin colour was more similar to lobster and after I had some influence, qith year I learn to expose gradually and use protection. Now there are a lot of products affordable, biological and perfect with bronzed skin.
Last week I had several job interviews, I'm trying to have a nice job in a field that I really like and I'm waiting for a c…


First time I've read about WWOOF I've though "great but probably it is possible only in the US" WRONG, I did a lot of researches to know more and understand better how WWOOF works, well it is global. You must to be at least 18 to became a WWOOF memeber (wwoofer), pay a little amount - that is the annual subscription cost- choose the place you want to visit, see the farm offers and choose your favourite, contact farm owner (Host) with a secure date.  Thinking it in time and using web you can find amazing deal with cheaper prices than usual. And it is the only REAL cost you have food and bed will be free you will need only to help in farm works some hours per day, this means that you will have opportunity to learn new thing and more.

I am always been fashinating by ranch you usually see on american movie,but  last year a friend of mine showed me some amazing pic about a lake and I supposed that it was situated somewhere in North Europe -WRONG- it is in North but in the no…


When me and my brother were kids, we went to shool from monday till saturday, so with mum and dad we had only saturday for visit other city different from our hometown. I think traveling passion and discover new places is in our family DNA.

I remember we spend a lot of sundays here, in this medieval castle and weird for a small lady I was fashinating and worried at the same time for the torture's room in the basement of the castle.
I know that probably I asked millions of time why there was this room, but i wasn't the only for visit the room there was always a long line of person waiting their turn to enter. then you can visit almost all in the castle and see the original bed. For more information about story of castle go here .

When I became a teen ager I started to be more curious about the romantic side of the castle, between Paolo & Francesca
They were lover, the love each other, but their was a impossible love because she was married with another man, to know more about t…


A lot of time watching tv program or reading magazine with pics of celeb with the body we would like to have, we start to think which is their secret.
Last week I was reading some special body issue magazine and on the number of magazine OK; I found diiet & fitness celebs tips.
OK magazine is the source for examples of diet:

Melanie Sykes size 10 heigth 5"8

breakfast: bacon or smocked salmon and scrambled eggs OR porridge with golden syrup
lunch: chicken ceasar salad or a piece of salmon or chicken with spinach or brown rice
dinner: seafood linguine or steak and green beans and brown rice
snack: cashew nuts or slices of salami or olive with anchovies stuffed in.

Personal note: A part brown rice carbs are banned from her diet, in the pst I've tried to east egg for breakfast, but it is been when I had real time to cook, now my alarm clock rang early so my method is to mix soy milk with whole cereal.

Miranda Kerr age 30 weight 8st 8lbs size 8

breakfast: fruit salad or eggs with two pi…


When summer arrives usually there is an explosion of colour, and became orre simple find excuse to meet friends, usually during winter we decide a date and a place but if you have the opportunity to have a friends with a big terrace or a garden why don't organize a summer dinner?
Decide a date and the guests, ask if they have intolerance ( I have a friend of mine that is really intolerant on dairy products so I know how to switch dairy products with vegan products and yep food tastes delicious).

Drink and beverage: there is the classic wine but why don't do a fresh and delicous sangria? You need to have fresh fruit, you can find inspiration for its receipe here and here , red wine and I use also ice to keep it fresh and put it into fridge until 5 minutes before the event.
Then if between guest there is someone that don't drinks alchol, serves a variety of fruit juices and smoothie, ice tea and water.

For food: easy, delicious and cheap...seems impossible? Using fantasy and sea…


Well this is a place that I have in my heart, I spent here my summer from 14 till 18 in a christian summer camp in Forio d'Ischia with Army of salvation.
You can watch the video here and you will fall in love as me for the amazing view and landscapes.
I felt really in love for first time with a guy that sometimes I talk by phone or with facebook (social media help to reconnect lost contact and/or keep update about far friends). I still have nice memories about this holidays.

I met one of my male best friend in this camp  when I was 14 and he was 13 and we're still friend.

What I loved was the magnificient viwev from the terrace of the place where we stayed, that is a hotel and you can see a great sea, port, and a lot of things.

Last time I went here I was still attending high school, but I remember we liked to go to the beach, There was a fairly clear sea where you enjoyed a swim until you get to the rocks, or in the evening to get to the church of relief to sit and watch the peopl…


This is a city in my amazing region, I visited it when I was a child and honestly I don't have memories about that time, but I came back last year with a cousin because she was going to attend stands with her crafts. She is talented, I have bought a lot of things by her, used her works for birthday gifts and products are liked a lot!!!
Well we woke up early, a friend of her had kindly drove from our hometown till Orvieto, we drunk some coffee and prepared stands. 
there was a long line of stands with handmade jewelerys, antiques, products for homes, wood's works and more.
In the first part of day sky was grey and temperature quiet cold, well it was winter so it's normal, so I used some time to walk in the city looking shops, and then during lunch time finally sun came and I sit in front of The Dom of Orvieto and  its nice garden.
Here as in the most part of Umbria you can find a lot of churches, medieval and/or historic places, good restaurant and more.
Finally after lunch peop…


This is been a quiet week I had some job interviews and i need to came back back in Rome tomorrow for a second in a job opportunity that i'd really like, I spent week end working in the cafe and I had some lunch/dinner/happy hour with friends. This isn't been a very good thing for my wallet (but since my dad healt issues I had few occasions to stay with them), but luckily side hustle helped me, however have you noticed that every time you want to spend something for you, arrives always unexpected bills?

Weather temperature are really high, finally sun is came back, rainy days gone and pools opened last saturday; I have one  pool quiet near to thome that has a great offer to pay €1 for 1hour so if you are too busy to spend a whole day into the pool but you want to relax during your lunch break this is economical solution!!!

I love summer and sun days, I want to use more the bike, eat more healty and try to do more exercise!!!

this week I have spent this last week was on: food , as…


This is one of my favourite summer food ( but I love also granita especcially almond or lemon granita, ice cream, iced creamy coffee, fruit smoothie and fresh drinks), itis easy quick and important no cook is required. Yes if you don't like strong favour cheese as feta in your mouth it could taste strange. But it's perfect from your lunch brak in office, in a pic nic, as a fresh and quick lunch/dinner with friends and you want to host a nice events but you don't want to waste time to cook.
Summer is in  your mouth!!!

Tomatoes 1big
Red onion chopped, 1/2
feta cheese 200 gr
olives (a hand)
cucumber( 2 if they are small, 1 if are big)
salt &pepper

Cut feta cheese into cubes, cut in liettle pieces cucumber, put in a bowl, add tomatoes (cutted in pieces not so big and not so small), feta cheese, olives I prefer green olives but in the original receipe are used black olives), red onion, a little bit of oil, salt and pepper and stir.

Which is your favourite s…


ok it's time to confess I am not that kind of woman tht use to plan revenge, honeslty I prefer close bad  relationships but I must to onfess that at the same time i can understand why a person want a revenge.
A lot of friend of mine waited years to have a revenge about ex, bitch bosses, we have a phrase that says "revenge is a plate that must to be served cold" so it means that you must to be a cold person? I don't know!

Yesterday after work I relaxed myself on couch and watch tv, well there was the first episode of serial REVENGE, I watched only commercial on pay tv in a friend's house and I must to admit the story is really fashinating.
A young girl who goes in the Hamptons, where everything starts and she began her battle for her dad. 

What would you do if some persons did fake truths on a memeber of your family and this years later died in jail, well, being innocent?

I don't know why but my mind went immediately on the story between my father and his brother a…


Some post I wrote that I was going to have a new diet, more healty well the other day I was into a shop and I tried a dress that I really liked but when I wore it my first think is been "I am terrible with those love handles, I need to do something" and I am not going to wear bikini for other days so I read a lot of books about diet that I have since my childhood (in my family almost everyone struggles with weight), did a lot of researches in the web, reading magazine Special issues and I found very interesting articles on Cosmopolitan Body.

For example I am agree to take a pic of you at the beginning of diet and do another pic everymonth so you can watch everytime you want and this helps you to stay focused on your goals.

Then an article how would must to be an ideal food day, well I always liked to have colourful dishes (have only white rice is so boring) and in the article you start to think about rainbow colour and how to mix it from breakfast till dinner.

Try to  use less …


This last past week is been the same for weather, honestly for me isn't so normal still use cardigan in June, usually this month is the beginnning of sunbathing, hot days, days in pools with friends nd more activities for the town too.
But in the days there is been the sun, I had the opportuity to see a friend of mine with bridal gown, she was really nice, the gown was nice too, also if there wasn't my favourite style!!!
I had some bills to pay, still waiting foor a paycheck (this is one thing I will not understand why whenyou must to pay yu must to do ASAP while when you must to be paid, payment are always in late), I used car only once for work and used a lot bus or foots... I didn't had time to run, honestly I hate also in my mind there is the insane idea to do exercise with a journal to acheive goals for a 5k marathon, well my body is completely disagree and grey sky doesn't help, but I consider this last week a little success for my wallet, Ive bought some magazines…


Andrew is a god friend of mine, and I always said him that he is a real talent in art field and he'd must to send out his works...but they guy is a little bit shy always if I know that now he is trying to send out his demo, and Guess every week he has a art class in recreational center and honestly I think it could be his future.

I asked him to have a portrait of mine, one of my cat and i have reeived 2 amazing works, watching his works on his fb page I decided to dedicate a post   to him and his work.

WE had some discussions about the fact he promised me a 3dcartoon but as a true artist he disliked his work so I said him : ok but for the next christmas I want it as xmas gift!!!

Here there are some of his works I hoope you like and if you want to ask him particoular work feel free to ask!!!

HEre ther are some draws that I really like and honestly I think I will ask something in the future for a wedding that I will organize next year and for a birthday....


In this period seems that a lot of friend of mine or are getting married or are pregnant, last years also italian cellebrity are been on tabloid magazine for bumps...I don't have babies and for the moment I am the unofficial wedding planner of my friends... but who knows what will happens in the future?

Today after walk with dog I talked with a friend of minne that is....surprise...GETTING  MARRIED and she asked me to help her with budget, bacause she dream her big day since her childhood but she has a tiny tiny budget so the first think I asked (after a lot of congrats for her engangement) is been Which is your budget? what would you like to have and on what are you open to find a compromise.

We looked a lot of wedding magazines, talked about number of guests, theme, period, and we discover that well wedding could be really expensive
this is a sample of normal cost for a wedding:

 but we started to talk about our friend that are good musician, photographer and baker so I suggested wh…


The other day I was talking with a friend of mine about the topic "how many weddings we have this summer and who are the guest", because we received several invites but guest are the same so talking about wedding ourfits I said "well there must to be a way to save money and have amazing outfit". 
So I started researches at first sight into shop but low cost and I found a very nice long dress and it could be ok to have one great dress for special occasion,( but if the guests are the same, probably lot of them could say not so good words) then into web with online shops and rental dress sites and I must to say they have a great choiche and prie are affordable... when you must to stay on or under budget low price is a good for eveything.
Do you remember the Simpson episode where Marge try to trasform her chanel dress in other outfit and the women did weird comments? well looking on web could be solution.

On the site eDressit I've found nice clothes all under $100, co…


Yesterday I went in Rome for a job interview and I use train, I woke up really early but this isnt a problem, but I cannot sleep in train (I still remember the first time I tried and then I found my bag and wallet empty) so I use my time for read and Yesterday I was reading a book with a lot of suggestions to save more moeny doing some improvements and changes in your home, so your future bills will be more light. 
The book says that if you do the changes are suggested in one year you could save more than $4000 that is a good fund (when you start to have a budget you need to calculate a fund for important things as: emergency, car repairs, holiday, mortage).

Example of saving from the book

double glass window instead of simple glass= save= $120
isolate walls=$860
cleaning radiators= $120
Have the right temperature and use the valves on radiators and in the rooms=$250
So the book says that following only those suggestions you can save easily $1400 in a year, well this is good but the truth is…

Shipshewana, Indiana

One of first town/city my friend Nataly introduced me (apart her hometown) is been Shipshewana, that is in Indian that I discovered is The Amish country:p
Honestly I found really fashinating their lifestyle all natuaral, no electricity..also some more modern have it, next time I would like to do a hometour with horses could be a really new experience.
I am been lucky because in August weather was sunny but not hot and humid a wet hot, that is 1000 times better than the weather in my hometown.
I tried long american coffee, dark is terrible but with a lot of sugar and cream was accetable!!!

On this restaurant I tried really delicious sweets, man slow cook it is a grace for mouth!!! honestly one of thing I like to do when I am visiting exploring and discovering a new place is found great restaurants and try local food!!!
Another day we went to see a lot of little shops, it's been a real adventure, I saw with my eyes  woman that created clothes with buffalo hair:P


This past week is been ugly for weather, my  outdoor exercise program but good for my expenses and work.
As I wrote I did job interview with Avon company and it went really well, I visit a friend of mine at home but I hadn't had time for gym outside I used dvds but grey sky left me with headache...I am really craving for sunny journeys pools open and week end of sunbathing.
For exoenses I went only in grocery store because fridge was almost empty and I really needed, so without temptation on shops and clothes my wallet is been glad also if side hustle I earned passed directly from my hands to my car insurance ( honestly I think I will look on web for cheapest prices).

the most I've spent this last week was car insurance, I pay it twice per year but talking with friends I discover that I pay more of them this is one of the reason I will search on web cheaper solutions.Today I'm thankful for my family, we are not perfect and we had healt issues in past months but we are a famil…