Visualizzazione dei post da Marzo, 2015


This past week is been busy on work side and probably also weeks that are coming will be extremely busy on this side, but considering period I am glad about it.
I've tried to have shopping ban but  I 've understood that I am better as budget planner, I know that I can buy that book only if I  have already donated 5 books, I'd like to try to sell on ebay or Amazon but to be honest I still didn't understood how it works for seller, also If I understood how to do shopping online:P, I have a determinated amount every month for several areas, for example I have a determinated amount for birthday gift and there are been months with zero birthday and then  3 all at once but I did an average of 2 birthday per month so I know that every month I can spend a determinated amount without overspend!!!
During this past week I've read a lot books that I already have about nanny's work and diy works with kids, spring is arrived but wheater is weird so sometimes is better to stay …


When I started to understood the importance to have a budget, I start also to understand which is one of important goal to achieve, weird but true, also if I am a traveling lover , my most important goal is have money for a deposit... There is my brother's best friend that has just bought his home, after years of renting, but he is been able because he has a good job contract and good salary...however there are some things that banks ask before accept or decline your request for a mortage.

for example do you know that banks prefer accept mortages request from employed agains sel employed? Yep self employed are a risk also for the bank. However when I worked into real estate agencies I visited a lot of beautiful homes-apartment-studio with clients that fall in love with someone and then said this phrase" I need to ask a mortage" happened several times, the mortage amount that you can have is pone of firt thing that you must to do after you startated research of your h…


This past week is been another busy week from work side and honestly I am seriously glad about it, however I had sunday afternoon free that I used to go with my parents and my brother (that did driver) to find a lovely lake in the near but that is almost unknow.
I had also my weekly real date with my friends, a breakfast followed by a dinner out... having at least one real date with firends is  a good habit started in the 2014 that I am going to keep for many years:P
I am looking some Spa good deals on web becaus eI am going to gift myself with one day in one, but I would like to find a good deal....During this past week I started to read again a lovely book and I must to confess that I discovered and understood GRopon and similar sites reading it.
I used nights at home for read and write some list of things to do, especially on decluttering area, I am going to do decluttering in my room but honestly I didn't had time to start to do it, but hopefully during this week I will use my fr…


During this week I had my weekly coffee with my friend Sammy and a dinner with my friend Claudia, talking about work, crisis, finances and the absolutely need to have a low cost lifestyle.... We talked about most of our friends are moving in another country for work, well to be honest I'd can move in another city but not in another country, I always saw foreign countries as places for holidays...determinated weird?
In this week I've read a couple of books and I am reading a gain a lovely book 45 mq la misura di un sogno by Sara Lorenzini (45 mq size of a dream), where the young Neve is looking for a hose to buy, is always nice read about it and also about several kind of realtor types... Now I am in the phase to save for a deposit but at the same time I am understanding what I want-like and what absolutely I don't want in a House that I hope to find and buy soon...seems that banks are giving mortages with good interests!
A good realtor will suggest you on the best …


This past week is been busy on work side and you can see a lovely red sign on my right's arm, but I've put my arm under cold water and luckily seems everything is going ok. A small sign that soon will disappears-at least seems.
At the beginning of new year I've decided to have a sort of shopping ban, but honestly I'm not type of girl able to have It for long period, I'm better on cut expenses, so I'm re-organizing my budget and plan a specific amount that helps me not overspend...
One good habit I'm going to keep is my weekly “real date” with friends....I'm hanging out less because on evenings most times I'm tired and I prefer to stay at hme reading a book, in this period I'm reading a book about a masculine passion: soccer, honestly it is hilarious and I like when books show me fun thing on place and actvities I think that are boring and not so interesting...
This week I'm going to keep myself focused on work side and projects, hoping that spr…


This past week is been good on several sides, plus I had some morning without alarm clock and it offered me occasion to sleep a little bit more and to be honest I went to sleep late on a couple f nights.
I planned some areas for spring decluttering, but I've achieed only closet decluttering discovering tha tI have clothes only for winter and summer but nothing for spring, so I did some shopping...opting for two shops that have good models also for curvy girls. H&M and Fiorella Rubino, I've bought also clothes frooutdoor gym's sessions...
I've started to read a book about Alzheimer where writer writes about his reality with his mum., this is a tiopic that really interest me for family's reason...and honestly when I know that book is based or is a true story I find it always more interesting about fiction romances....but I like themtoo, I am a fan of happy ending....
I'm seriously waitng official arrive of spring, with warm temperatures and longer journeys that …


Every month I write a monthly list of goals I would like to achieve in that determinated month, however for the following months goals are quiet similar:

read at least 2 books of that bought in 2014 and still untouchedgym at least twice per weekdaily nordic walking-also if from yesterday there is a wind so cold that is a lot better stay at home, so I am going to use a pilates dvd for gym at homeplan at least a day trip or a week end out of towndraw moretry new recipesattend at least 2 free event inthe library (in February I've attended reading for kid during my nanny's work and I think it is a very nice activity, is never too soon to love books)keep my weekly real date with friendseating out once-twice per month, trying new localsWork on personal and professional projectsBE savvy, having a rich life-yep it is possible


Finally I am be able to spend some time with my friend Fra, that lives in Modena since 10 years... At the beginning I was thinking to use train then I decide to do trip with my friend Claudia, We woke up early on sunday and go with her car, we had gps for directions but we are been good from Orte to Bologna then we had some problems to understand right highway exit, however after a while we arrived into Frien'd apartment, that honestly is a magnificient apartment!!!

Modena is city of good cook (tortellino, prosciutto & co) and I eat everything- infact I am a curvy girl, while my friend Claudia eat few foods so in the end we opted for japan restauantMy friend Claudia did some real shopping (bag and cd's) while I limited myself to window It was very big local with nice table and fuchsia napkins and offer a “all you can eat option” this is good because you can order whatever you want paying a fixed price (€13,90 per person), we ate well and had a lot of laughs....there was als…


This past week is been very busy but most prductive, I am been focused on determinated projects and for some I am still working on I used my free sunday to do a day trip to visit my friend, honestly I think next time I'll do it I will use train,probably I will save a little bit money, however every single cents I've spent worths the amazing fact I've spend an entire afternoon with my friend Fra. We talked about our summer holiday together!!!
I've finished to read book but honestly the only things I've found interesting about it was the lovely cover and the last 3 or 4 pages, for the rest it is been extremely boring. "Ps: Don't forget PAris" title was interesting and I've bought in sumer 2014 but until last week It was untouched, now I am deciding if donate or sell, we'll see....
I had a breakfast with my friend and ex collegue Sammy after her influence, this year there is been a lot and people kept it for long time....
For this week I&#…