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This is second weekly newsletter by the potry italian book "Le puttane della cocaina by Erich Von Neff, in this book you can find cruel description but there is always poetry into them, they liked to almost all my male friends so I've decided to share once with you each week, completing with a picture and a music video that I think are complemetary each other!!!

Massacro nella decima avenue
Facendo una scansione dei cieli dell'Opera House la piccola Suzie cerca una figura in forma accostato alla sua controparte la spogliarellista E il Big Boss Sfacciatamente Suzie guarda la morte della ballerina Veloce sul pareggio Si mira per la figura in bilico Bang. Bang. Con una Luger tedesca Risparmio: arte per l'arte La padrona del monocolo nel teatro Inizia l'orchestra Dice “si prega di cantare la MArsigliese” "Per il sangue dei patrioti e
Per l'onore delle puttane "
I don't know why but I always connected this text with this video, that is part of Falshdance's soundtracks…


Let me explain, I never celebrate halloween because it isn't one of my favourite festivity and also because my mother alwasy said me that it isn't a christian celebration so is better to skip, but at same time this doesn't means that you cannot plan and organize a dinner for kids an adult being in mask without waiting Carnival.
However this will be first year that I'll celebrate it, differnt because me and friends are goign to eat a simple pizza, while a friend of mine asked some suggestion for anice halloween party so this is my personal opinion about it...
Plus I must to confess that I have a love for Pumpking, it is one of that food that gives me an istant sensation of cold temperatures, falls colours where you need to cover well or you can get the flu...this is bad bad bad...

DECORATIONS: if you are good on diy try to create by yourself and if you have kids ask them to help you, because they loe to be involved in every single process, yep be prepared to receive and re…


Do you know what is the difference between fake sales and real sales? Well to be honsest until some years ago for me when a shop had wrote SALE, I entered and bought whatever I wanted, until discover that something that I loved wasn't a real sale but a remain from years and years ago. BEfore Xmas time starts, usually real SALES are when a shop do big sales on NEW COLLECTIONS, while fake sales is when a shop hang out whatever is in their storage because they are trying to sell EVERYTHING.
What I do right now, when I see SALES I am always tempted but usually I choose shop that I attend and here I buy almost regoularly, so I am able to see if there is real sales, have you ever noticed that sometimes write into price tags % of discount and final price but nothing about original price...DO you know that it is wrong and almost illegal, a client must to know which was original price so can see transparent sales...if you don't see original price think a lot before buy because could happ…


Why is so hard to find a balance between fince/work/ife...there are period when I am able to do it with extrem calm and other when I need to plan almost the moment I can go into the toilet...I know it will not last forever but only for another couple of year to achieve at least half of personal finance goals...
Do you what I've learned having a budget and choose to have a frugal life? THat I was right saying that I had few TRUE FRIENDS and a lot of "people knew"...I was always full of people that wanted to came to a dinner ina fancy restaurant, a concert, or whatever included extreme spending...while when you are on a budget you need to find cheaper ways like: pic nic in the park, free events, movie night at homes...well true friends will keep on your side because for them is importan to have your company not your money, while who stay with you only whenyou open ed your wallet, magically disappeared...
I am not saying that I don't open my wallet or I don't have a s…


Last week I went with my parents into flower and furintures shop of the town that every year inthis period became a Santa Klaus village, rich of decoration and more...ok I must toadmit I don't like so much Halloween but I have a pure love for Xmas, seems that its atmospheare gives a twist of magic sensations, lights are so nice that is a pleasure walk watching them... I'm a fan of summer because it means that I don't need to wear scarfs to stay warm, while with cold days scarf are essential part of my wardrobe together cap...I have one that I love but my friends joke with me calling "dwarf"-yep this is the effect on my head but it is so warm under it that I keep it!!!

In the next 2 days will began my first holiday since 2012, I am craving for it, I am making plan of things I'd like to see but to be honest at 100% I'll do tourist, accepting guide of my friends that lives in the city....reverends and his wife said me that sea in the winter is great and temper…


Well I love work as nanny, I can say that I'm practising into motherhood world...well to be honest I think be parent is the most hard work into all the universe... Usually we spend most of our afternoon in the park, but considering that temperatures are becaming colder is better to think about other activities to do that doesn't include tv and to be honest als o Peppa Pig, this lovely pig is a magnet for every kid in the planet... So I've opened all boxes that contained DIY books and I found very nice project also for kids under 3 years...I'm going also to find a story about thanksgiving day, that is the last thursday of November, a friend of mine say that on Thanksgiving and Xmas lunch/dinner menu is the same... However I prefer 100000 times thankgiving instead halloween day...I know it is stupid but everyone of us has preference also for festivities..
The project that I'm going to do are almost all manual and very simple craft projects: carnival masksgift boxes and p…


This past week is been good because I worked a lot, but I had also free time to dedicate to my weekly real dates with firends, we use a lot whatsup during the day but we like a lot have a 3d conversation: sit on a table drinking a real cup of coffee or having a real happy hour in a local, weird? Also if web is a great way for thousands of things, like online shopping without travel to city where is situated shop, job, free tv program that you can watch later if you didn't had time to see in real time... In this past week I've bought my monthly copy of Good Houseeping Uk, some other monthly italian magazine, including also a magazine created froma tutorial's tv program that i like a lot "DETTO FATTO"... I had also 2 bad moments on saturday, in the morning I've put my keys into trash so I was trying to retake them alone, when I saw a adult middle age men asking "excuse me could you help me? and we won I have my keys again", then later in the evening I …


Ok I am a big fan uof Sex & the city, honestly I discover this serie when it was almost finished...however in the last years Iìve found other interesting tv program...I wrote in the fall/winter I absolutely adore stay at home, having lazy nights... Which tv programs I loved? well GIRLS and UNDEREMPLOYED Why? Because they are a sort of Big brother eye in the reality of young adulthood, yes that period when you're still try to understand which is perfect way for you... Both programs are real for several reasons, on Girls everyone is perfectly imperfect and as in underemployed you can see sacrifices you do (or in lucky case you did) to arrive in the end of the is normal that they had success, ok Underemplyed is been canceled after first season but Girls not and there is a why, for me more than just one....

you need share apartment to pay a monthly rent and if you don't want to sell one of you organif you have a invite for a special occasion is thousands time better ren…


As I wrote I prefer to read REAL magazine instead digital version, I spend a lot of hours working in front of pc, that I choose to read real magazine so I don't ned to stay connected all the time.
Every day, every week and every month I find at least one very interesting article per magazine that I use to create posts for the blog...
When you're a blogger you love some posts from differentblogs, here there are my favourite of the week: it is been one of first blog I've read when I choose to create a personal blog.  Everyone of us hads personal idea and theory about dating rules, world and tips, amazing post…


Every time I write my weekly money check up I think about a special moment where I am been really happy without spending a penny, well the other day I've bought my monthly copy of Cosmopolitan, well on it there is a compplete article about "how to find Happiness in 2 weeks without spending a cent", here the tips to follow:

LOVE YOURSELF A LOT-Do a list of things that you like about yourself, be your fan number 1, ACT KINDLE YOU FEEL BETTER-Do you prefer do or receive gifts? probably both, but to be honest when you give more you will feel better, for example try to do a compliment to a collegue, look reaction and sensation you have having gift a smile to another person;SING- ok I am not a singer and usually I sing always when I am alone in the car or in the shower, however singing your mood will became thousands time better;DO EXERCISE REGOULARLY-this doesn't means that you need to pay annual subscription to local gym, but do exercise out with a buddy is really good, I…


Do you know that sensation to wear the wrong thing during an important event, but you haven't had Real material time to change? Try to image this scene, you receive a phone call from a collegue that invites to a very important event in the evening but you don't have material time to came backat home and the day you are in front you need to run (literally), so you need to have a stylish look but at the same time comfty, here some outfit ideas that I wore at least once in my life and I am been really good, withoutu foot pain:P
This was my day, I was working as realtor and in the morning I was doing research on the real market to find homes/flat to sell/rent, in the afternoon I had so many appointments with clients and my work finished at 8.30 pm, the concert of my friend was at 9 pm, so no material time to go at home or wear heels so I asked to another friend that lived near real estate agency to rent something for the evening, ok I had 10 minutes to change my tailleur with a more…


October is a great month for several reason, autmun taste is inthe air, you can find men inthe centre that sell roasted chestnuts, my mother says that this was a signal that utumn was arrived, then I am totally in love for colours of it, a shade of brown and orange so fashinating that you could watch them for an entire life.
Then if you're so lucky to have friends that needs help to bring fruits from plants (like  apples) you will have some delicous fruit to use in your kitchen, APLLE PCIKING ...One cake perfect for this period of theyear is APPLE CAKE, last week me and my mother make one absolutely vegan and I must to confess it was delicious but if you don't want vegan there is another way, always delicious.
Ingredients: Apples sugar ( I prefer brown sugar) marmelade/jam (honestly I still didn't understood difference)
you can do brisèè pasta by yourself, but to be honest I prefer to buy from shop so only thing I need to do is put ingredients. Usually I am using kitchen robot an…


This past week is been full of work and honestly I am really glad about it, plus I received a interesting offer from Fanatica, write some articles, yes it means that to receive money for every article I need to achieve a determinated number of "LIKE", now I am writing some articles to send as samples...
Then I am working on creating marketing & publicity for the cocaine whores book (italian version), making draws to attach to weekly newsletter to send put, do submission to very interesting poetry's blog and magazines, commenting on other blogs and more... but I have a plan and I am sticking it (you'll see a weekly article in the ppost for the next weeks).
On week end I am working in the cafe, last saturday there was a cover band of a famous italian group- I must to admit that I know only 2 or 3 songs from them- but we had a good night, I worked till very late and the morning after I woke up directly at 12pm...I was tired, come on I don't have 20 now I'm 30:…


I want to share with you a personal selection of poems from Erich von Neff ( you can buy a copy here) from the  book "the cociane whores" but in the italian version mixed with drawings by myself (or in this case directly from Goggle's images)
this week choices is:

Da San Francisco a San Jose
donne motocicletta Latte bianco e criniera giacche di pelle nera molari d'avorio gomme da masticare che fanno rumore cavalcando l'harley indossando stivali da cowboy in entrambi i lati infilati su un paio di jeans Levis california 101 Lo fa in sella Lo fa per divertimento Lo fa sul colpo Lo fa per rum e coca Lo fa per niente

I don't know the reason but in my mind I always connecte dthis poem to this song from Fiorella Mannoia, that say "I haven't fear", in italian is IO NON HO PAURA, maybe because in my mind do a travel n a motorbike, meet a partner and have a wild adventure (in every sense) is a very corageous thing, 
What do you think abou it?


This past week is been interesting, I've met new person at the park suring my afternoon as nanny, to be honest I  noticed also some couples that are moving first steps into relations world.
Park is a great lace for kids, butI  noticed that sometimes could be a dangerous zone for couples...let me explain better, on tues or wed Iw as in the park with my eyes on the lovely little reverend's daughter, then she decideed to take a trip on the little trainin the park, 5 minutes alone....I loked other parents and grandparents onthe benches, well there was a couple a young lady and a young men both with one kid, they talked and laughed a lot and from my point of view they were flirting...
When you are a stay-at.-home mum also if you don't want other relation or other partner, is good for your ego receive compliments, tery to imgine if you have an husband that lives far (for work) from many days, weeks, months or if you are in a very delicate moment into your relation-kids change your…


There are things where I prefer spend a little bit more, also if I ama girl (ok a woman) on a budget, for some items and services I prefer to pay a little bit more...mayb eis stupid but is my personal guilt:P

car wash: i know if I would use coins , I'd can do it by myself, butthe ugly truth is that I prefer to pay someone to do it, car is 1000 cleaner...I talk for during men clean, wash and dry my ccar I have time to read, think and write about blog post...Books: ok using library is completely free but in my hometown if I want to read some news book I need to buy and honestly for me money spent on books are a good investmentsMagazines: I know I'd can use online free version, but I prefer touch paper and decide when and where read them without stayng always connecteddrink a coffe in a cafe at least once per week: this is one of my favourite guilts, because also if I tend to make and drink my coffe at home, when I had a bad day is so nice sit on a table drink wi…


I have some dresses that are perfect fr special occasion like weddings and important ceremonies, then I have a sort of uniform for everyday that usually consist in jeans shirt and flat shoes...but I think I have a problem  that is common in most women What I could wear for a first date? Do you remember that time that you waited that guy askyou to hang out? well after euphory of the fact you have a date with this hot guy, you open your closet (usually full of clothes) thinking " I don't have nothing to why don't try to do a selection of nice combos with pieces that are already into your wardrobe?
Where are you going for this first date?
Here some suggestions (all pics are created with Asos)
ART GALLERY: yyou liked artists, well I can say that there are some really really HOT, but everytime I received an invite into an art gallery I always had problems about decide what to wear...but wwhy don't take inspiration direclty from paints? Here a romantic but stylish oo…


This past week is been busy into Work's field, but I am really really glad about it, also if I am been glad to had a august full of lazyness, now I need to work...I know I will not be only an housewife, I will need also to have time for work maybe also few hours per day...and I always said that when I will have kids for the firs 3 years I will be a stay at home mum....
However I need to do a confession: I did shopping yesterday...I've bought a plant for my mum (it is a gift) last Sophie Kinsella book and a new maxy bag...I know I wrote that no shopping was in my budget until the end of the month, well I didn't resist to last adventure of Becky Bloomwood and my bag is falling in pieces-and I mean literally- so I found a nice new one for only €9,90, a bag with 12 kind of earrings for only €7.95 from H&M, plus I orderer 2 pairs of jeans for only €28.90, well considering that last jeans I've bought is been a couple of years ago...
When I work from home I can wear my paja…


As I wrote long time ago, I tend to try always a reason to smile...could be a coffeee with a friend, a piant, an article, a moment of lazyness, a dish...most are absolutely for free, because having a rich life doesn't means thatyou need always spend money!!!
HEre some pics of my week:

Walking during dog sitting session and watching the sky, a return to childhood:P

Walking with autumnal sunbathing After a session of advertising work in NArni, is been good had this amazing view Dinners for girls only (also if I am try to eat healty sometimes is good to eat/drink something wrong:P) Receive a letter from one of my penpals
My new hair, I waited all summer for it!! All pics are from my personal facebook page....