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I was reading a blo article in the past days and my attention is been captured by a Title “SEASON OF TAXES IS UPON US” and it is absolutely true.

In Italy the month dedicated to taxes is May -yep the same of weddings and roses- so to be prepared and not so stressed is better have a very well organized folder- this will helps also your accountant- But there are some things that is important to know, if you have a job where your salary is based on commission (Avon, insurances & Co) in every contract is wrote that you cannot earn more than €5000 or you would must to open your VAT and this means several costs that are different if you are under or over 35.
Infact if you are undder 35 you can use Easy VAT (PARTITA IVA with REGIMI SEMPLICI )that means you will pay a 5% “forfait” of your entire income and stop, while if you are over 35 the story is a little bit different, infact you must to consider: Accountant- €50 per month and yes also if you are very good with numbers and your persona…


As I wrote  some days ago you can research and visit houses and apartments directly by yourself, but this could be not so nice idea when you fall inlove for something that not only seems ancient but IS ancient. Whn you go into a real estate agency, realtor do a lot of burocratic control before final signs that is good because discovering something before price is still negotiable...
I can say that I saw a lot of people that a time that did all alone and the day after they moved into the houses started some problems, that a realtor genarally understands at first sight, with a long list of cost for repairs.
However sometimes could be really small problem like do piant, in this case I suggest to pain by yourself because painter are quiet expensive and true friends will help you,sure only if you ask- it is a happy and nasty moment at the same thime, however, please cover everything, so you'll not find paint on your favourite couch.
But there are other question that is essential dicover a…


You've finally found your space to say “welcome adulthood”, but your style is stll high school student so anybody takes you seriously, this means that you need to change something, remove teen ager shirts or mix them with adult blazer coats and adult accessories, sometometimes accessories can make the difference.
Aren't you able to run intt heels, well believe me you're not the only one, you're in a very good company but this doesn't means that you must to leave your sneaker at home, they're comfty, permit you to walk fast or run when it is necessary, but for example if you are working into a real estate agency surely you cannot wear jeans and gym shoes, for jeans sorry but they're banned, while for gym shoes if you opt for elegant pair you can find good deal with your boss, but this year fashion offers also a more stylish solution, men shoes perfect also for women.

If you are working as secretary probably you spend time between be comfty dit on your desk and…


Ok now that you have a good job with a good salary, you finished your studies from years and finally you have took decision to leave the nest, looking for your space to say "welcome to adulthood" there are some questions to do to yourself:
Do you want to buy or rent? Which is your budget? Be realistic in this point, studying all your financial documents, ask for bank counseling Where would you like to live? in the centre or in the country? Honestly everytime Iìve talked with a friend that was looking for an apartment/house I always suggested to go to a real estate agency, because he/she will became a sort of second you, understand your real needs, know accurately market and real worths of houses/apartment and helps you for other things. When you meet realtor for the first time you need to be absolutely sincere about your budget, because if your budget is X a good realtor will show you good deal also under X budget knowing exactly your real possibility, while if you say that your…


Reading magazines seems that there is a long way before hang out from crisis zone, but in the same time most youths decided to be brave d corageous opening their own business and becaming boss of themself...
I was talking with a friend of mine that did it, well she sai tha tis quiet happy now but at the beginning was so focused on this job that didn't divide work from personal life...then she adjusted with planning work schedules, deciding which week end take off and which and when was better to invest in courses . We were reading Januray issue of Cosmopolitan and surprise, there was an article about became boss of yourself with some tips, personal and professional like these:

January-Start from ABC, know which are your carachteristic and improve them, create a business plan, understand financial needs and look for crowfunding, talks with banks.February-Networking, it is imprtant so you need to create interesting page on social platformsMarch-Became the brand of yourself, promote yo…


This past week is been extremely busy on work side but I am glad to had time to meet my friends, infact I had a birthday dinner on monday night and a lunch on wed so I  kept my good habit to have at least one real meeting with friends once per week!
Since I re-organized second desk I did some calligraphy exercises but not so many as I wanted but my work schedul was so busy and I was so tired in the evening that i honestly choose to read a book.  Yesterday I came back at home with 2 new books: "Devil wears Zara" by Mia Valenti and Don't tell the groom by Anna Bell, yes I am still in my sort of shopping ban and this means that no new books until the end of June, but let me explain, during one of last visits into bookstore I asked for some titles that they had pre-ordered and yesterday arrived their phone call, so honestly I am not been able to say no thanks, they ordered for me, so I went and took them and also if I saw several other interesting titles, especially "stil…


If you look the sky from my window is extremely grey, I am not sure but seems that it is promising rain.
This afternoon I am quiet free so oing to use time for work and to declutter another areas of my room, I am really proud about second deesks well organized now, but there are still long list of things and items to eliminate, donate or give a second life recicling them for some diy projects. This week end will be quiet full with work the cafe but the other day I was talking with a friend of mine that is unemplyed and she must to say thanks because her husband earns quiet well but she isn't so happy because without salary and saving she isn't financial independent...I said her that also if my salary isn't so high I am happy about the fact I have a work... in this period, with this crisis most industies are closing and most are unemployed and this is why most people accept also under pay jobs.
She closed her bank account and without having savings she stopped to buy things fo…


Every woman dreams about meet her Mr right, ut when a lovely and smart woman receive an invite for a date froma interesting woman, the first question she has in her mind isn't "will he be a good men?", nope, really her first thougt is about "OMG what I would must to wear? usually followed by " I have nothing to wear", classic phrase said in front of a full closet...
Most spent entire day during work thinking about several combination of clothes, but could happens also that you don't have material time to came back at home and change so in these cases you need outfit that are perfect from early morning to late night, mayb eaddind and changig some items.
-A nice dress+ biker boots for the day and in the eveing swap boots for high heels shoes -Tuxedo jacket+skinny pants and ballet pump during day can be good also inthe night adding soe sparkling

But believe me is always better to ask to the lovely man where he is goign to go because isn't so comfty wear a…


This past week is been my first week of shopping ban, I cannot say it's been easy but I am glad to say that I avoid temptations...good job for me...
I cleaned, reorganized second desk creating a sort of diy corner, I prepared materials for a couple of events for the end of the month...I worked on several projects on work side that I am quiet happy.
I had my weekly "date" with friends, I keeped only my habit to buy magazines but for the rest I avoided cafes (except for my meeting with friends), I finally started to do calligraphy exercises using the calligraphy box I gifted to myself for Christmas and if I have some free time in the evening I like to read. I have several books that are waiting to be read since summer 2014:(
And I wan tto share with you some texts from author Erich von Neff, honestly his books have happy end but not the classic happy end, if you read Quang Shang opera you can understand it and its book cost less then a coffee from Starbucks.
If you are an acid…


This past week is been busy but with very good quality moments. Now Common decided to stop old cars every monday and tuesday until March and this isn't a problem usually I took bus and walk a little bit...
However last week me and reverend's wife went to a kindergarden open day and the kindergarden was that I've attended when I was a child....a childhood return, very good moment and look how are talented relatives of kids?
Weird but sometimes happens, I didn't work in the cafe this week end so I used saturday morning to meet my friend Samantha in the cafe and do breakfast together, good quality moment. I am been good I enetered into H&M shop but I limited myself to window shopping only without buyng nothing!!!
I had time to sleep a ittle bit more, I worked hard on several projects and I had time also to reorganize second desk creating a diy corner, I've spent time with parents and I received nice emails and phone been a good week, this is just began see…


Finally I had time to fo a sort od diy course of Calligraphy, honestly I must to say that I am totally in love for this book and the two pen, probably when my sort of shopping ban will finish I'll buy some of them...however I found time also to clean and re-organize the second desk of my room, creating a little space to conatain diy material.
IT took time to eliminate pens but in the end I am quiet happy for the result, now I have box that contains pencils, colour, markers, coloured pens and material for diy all divided for category...

Now I am going to use it for some works, drawings and other projects where I am working really hard,I think I have enough material what do you think? As  I wrote since 12th of January I am in 6 months of sort of shopping ban and I will dedicate time to diy...our grandparents were really good on this I palnned several diy project into writing and art field so whish me Good luck!!!


One thing is lovely and delicious during cold months is dried fruit and nuts, during one of my few afternoon free from work I was watching tv progrsm Detto fatto and I saw this recipes and I said that I wanted to replicated it...However I've bought puff pastry, dried fruit and nuts- a mix of 300 gr between almonds, nuts, hazelnuts), butter, eggs, flour
Honestly I used mixer to create a sort of "flour" with nuts, almonds &co, then I added 1 egg, 2 tea tablespoons of flour, sugar and create a sort of cream.
Put the cream into puff pastry (I've bought one with wrote light) and bake in the oven for 40 minutes at 180°. It is very good for adult and kids adding a the for the adult and a fruit juice or a glass of milk for kids...


What do you like to do in your free time? Usually I don't have so much plus during cold month I became extremely lazy, so I like to read comfty stitting on couch or during a hot bath...weird? 
Well it could be conisdered weird if you meet me during beautiful season, during it I became a very active person, howevwer I decided to tend to be a little bit activ also during cold months..for exxample every time I use bus I hang out from it at least 2 stops before mine and then walk so I walk at least 30 minutes per day, my legs and my breath sincerely thanks for this choiche!
My brother choose to do annual subscription to gym, Its his choche but not mine because you can have gym without paying a cent, ok if you don't have right clothes and shoes you need to invest some money into these items but nothing else..this save a lot considering that normal gym subscription  cost at eat €50 per in a year I can say that I saved at least €600 (not bad right?)
If you don't like to d…


If you are going to buy a gift for a friend, a relative, your fiancè-spouse, why don't add something meke wuth your hands, a lttle diy touch?
When I am free from work I like watch tv program in the afternoon that is called "DETTO FATTO " (said it done it) rich of tutorials and from this tv show I took inspiration for "chocolate in a glass ball", basically you need to buy a glass ball wash it and then put ingredients for chocolate (except milk), this could be also a lovely ideas for your guests during a event hosted in your house.  This could be a nice idea durng Christmas period-also to have different tree's decorations!
If you are hosting a dinner in your place and you would like to give something to your guests, you could prepare a mix for handmade cookies: Ingredients that you need for 40 cookies are 300 gr flour, 2 tablespoon of connamon, 220 gr brown sugar, 220 gr sugar, 250 gr chocolate cereals, 180 gr of chocolate's drops, 200 gr coconut flour, divi…


When you decide to have a budget at beginnins is very hard, especcially if you didn't have a need to put in order all your finances, understand which are your fixed bills and in which areasyou can cut...yep you can cut also into fixed bills...DO you really need to have tv on payment subscription? Do you use your gym subscription or not? ...Honeslty normal tv offers tons of programs and also web ; Park could be a nice alternative and its absolutely for freeso you could eliminate this cost and put the amount saved directly into emergency fund.
However do you know that also some of you normal habits can intack your budget? 

Clothing shopping: every woman dreams to have a wardrobe full of clothes, but as bargain sales can be good/bad investments, you can buy something because is nice and cheap and then never use it...Ines de La Fressange you can create several and differents outfits with 10 essential items...well I had the essential already into my closet I added only some …


This past week is been busy of work and honestly after a intense week end in the cafe the only thing I wanted to do this morning was sleep...but in reality I woke up quiet early because I needed to do some errands in the morning. I went to post office to pay some bills for my mother, then I did a deposit into my bank and I visited a bookstore buying two books, the last for the next 6 months...Honestly I said and wrote that I needed to buy some things to be very well organized for the next 6 months right? :P
I sed my few free time during last week to see my friend Samantha in front a good coffe, ok thistime we swapped afternoon coffee with a cappuccino+croissant breakfast, she showed me pics of her knit's works, are so nice I am sure she'll do very nice things. Then a collegue of cafe where I work in the week end till June, do a lot of nice handmade things and I felt in love with little coloured mouses...they're so nice.
I worked in the afternoon as nanny and me and lovely rev…


Most of us want to have a rich life and most think-wrongly- that is always necessary spend money to have it...
When you decide to have and respect a budget, most of people tha tyou supposed were friends well disappear, while true friends helpd you to stay on budget, find free ways to have fun together and they don't say "boring" to the 1000000times spend night at home watchig dvd, because they want to stay with you  only doing nothing.
During cold months is nice to receive people for dinner, and is possible host it also with a shoestring budget...but if you would like to do something different than usual you can decide to have a session of trekking in the mountain or if you live in a place where there is snow, why don't do a childhood return day all on the snow?

Hiking in group is nice, yep it is also tiring but usually when you arrive on the top pf the mountain every pain disappear because you have an amazing view and it is absolutely for free!!! Biking: ok if you don&#…


When you start to think about resolution fro new year, then you decide to divide every goals into month category, or at least this is what usually I do, for this month of January I am going to find a good balance between work/social life/finances:

What I am going to do during this monthWrite quality blog post from monday till fridayKeep daily work projects achieving goalsRead all books I've bought during summer 2014Keep healty diet and daily walking (at least 30-40 minutes each day)Plan diy for adults and kidsdaily Calligraphy exerciseStart 6 months of shopping banDonate 10% of monthly income to charity (long distance adoption/church/no profit organizations)Which are your goals for this month?


One of my resolution for this 2015 is became a little bit more frugal and minimalist of the past 2014-and it is been a very good/minimalist year- I decided to have a period of shopping ban, but I had this brilliant idea the day before discounts sales, well I said to myself what I really needed and what was not essential so I decide that this period of shopping ban will start on 12th of January until 12th of June.
I will treat myself with coffee in the cafe only during my weekly "dat with my friend Samantha, I will buy new clothes, shoes, books, office supplies only when they're really ended and impossible to repair... I will plan eating out but this is a thing that I don't do so often...however the only treat that I want to keep for the moment is buy magazine...ok I know digital version are cheaper but  I dislike them and I can use magazine's paper for diy projects...
During my declutering moments I noticed I have several books that are still unread so no new books unti…


Most woman waited impatiently the opening day of bargain sales, but also if you attend that shop often discounts could be easily became your best or worst investment of your money. There are some pieces that are ESSENTIALS inside every women's closet:

LBD-Honestly I have 3 dress that are only for warm temperatures, I don't have a good dress for winter, but to be honest I didn't found nothing so interestingSweater- I have in several colours and they are perfect from day to nught mixed with right accessoriesBlazer jacket- I must to confess that I've boought one in June 2014 for my cousin's wedding, I already had dress but party was in the night with fresh temperatures and I needed something to cover my shoulders and armswhite shirt: working in the cafe I have tons of white shirt they are perfect with jeans and blazer abut also with jumpsuit,well cut black pants: I understood importance of well cut pants when I worked inside real estate agency, inage was first impressio…