I attended high school for tourism and in the last 2 years apart normal school we must attend a course as naturalistic tourist guide, I loved it!!!

In last yaear we spent a week in a pace in Umbria near Spoleto, well I'm still unsure if the right name is Poggio Domo or Poggio Duomo...what I can say for sure is that it was an amazing place into the nature!!!

We spent a week in a place into the wood, doing trekking daily inside the wood, a lovely trial until Ferentillo (here you can find mummy's musuem), usually I try eat healty but I remember during this week I always had pasta, meat and sweet and with walks I didnt gained, my weight is been same before and after this adventure...

What I still like is look and do pics of sky, I dont know exacly reason, but looking it I have calm sensation...
I can say for sure that spend and entire week into the woods is been amazing so I had opportunity to know new flowers, plants and see wood's animals!!!!