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Visualizzazione dei post da Maggio, 2015


In this past weeks I worked a lot on several projects, but unluckily for an entire week my pc is beeN unableto work, some problems that needs a technician,  but as I wrote with longer days I don't want to spend long hours in front of pc...infact I used my free time to spend quality time with friends, finish to plan a summer camps for kids 3-11 years old into my church...this is a trial but honestly I hope it'll have a good feedback... This is weekly program from monfìday till friday, from 9 am to 5.30 pm, rich of diy, artistic lab, the end kid can have a lot of things made by themself...finger crossed please!!!

I've read a comic book that found inspiration from 50th shades of grey, but this book is fun while the original book and the movie honestly I don't know because I didn't read a word of the  trilogy and I stay far from movie...but If you want to have a reading full of humor read it 50th shades of Gigio, believe me you'll laugh from first to last …


This past week is been extremely busy infact I had double job for the entire week, nanny-cafe together a bad tooth's pain, that I solved on saturday morning with dentist and remotion of it.
In this past week I hadn't my weekly date with friends but I had great time with my collegue of the cafe... I've baked in the evening and relaz at home, honestly after long hours of works the only thing I wanted to do after a good shower was sleep.
I also worked on personal project with church and in other work's project...using night to do everything.... I've read a couple of books, planned several things, asked for help and suggestion, choose project for summer and kids , short and long and other things.... I'm still working on some projects chosing interesting, fn, creative informative but absolutely not boring activities....
Honestly with beautiful season I don't like to spend a lot of time in front of a pc monitor, however I do less than usual and in the morning so the…