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When I read about craft, diy projects and then I go in commercial center my mind starts to create a lot of projects, whe I met a client in the home and we fixed a open house day, i can still remember all suggestions I gave to have a better look, yes you ever watched Buying & Selling with Brother Drew and Johnathan? well I must to confess that every time I see objects for home I am tempted to buy, also when is not necessary so I gave myself the rule "buy only when is  a REAL need", Watching several house I am forming the idea for my ideal house but I know that I need time to find it, but now I am starting to looking for , in my hometown and also in other cities (yes it could be mean a cchange for work, but I am only looking for the moment).  However everytime I am in front of pc I look on blog about home improvement, artists that do great works and I like to save some images to save in my "dream home project" and yes for me is still a problem to resist to awesome…


This is been another friday of window shopping, I wanted to buy some clothes but then I notices that I already have similars inside my closet, but I was with a nice girl that needed to have some suggestion for her job interview during next week, wheater in those days isn't stable but it isn't cold yet so it's necessary that is warm but that you can breath and not soak.

Adding a jeans, good shoes and a nice bag you're ready for every kind of work


Basic on society standards is more important to Have that to be, so most of us are living life more expensive than they really possibilities. When you wrote your budget, are you be honest at 100%? if yes you know the exactly ampunt of money you can spend, see the areas where is normal spend and how we can save:
Buy a home is the big dream for everyone of us but also if now prices are quiet good you must to think if for the moment you have an amount for deposit, if you are going to live here looooooooooong time, because if you need to move often for work is better wait and keep rent. Maybe you could do a deal rent to buy, where owner has a montly earn from the house for determinated period and then if you want to buy he will cut what you've already paid (if you hpay €500 per month it is €6000 per year after 5 years you'll paid €30000, if you did a pact for €100000 this means €100000 - €30000= €70000 it is the actual cost and a mortage rate for €70000 could be lower than a r…


As I wrote several posts ago, during this year I've discovered that most of my friends are real talents in Crafting, so I decide to dedicate a post for everyone of them. This is Turn of  the cousin of my dad, when a couple of years ago her day job in Advertising company seemed blocked she started to have more free time,on the beginning she was warried but her job is so one year you have tons of clients, the next you could have the half or less, however she started to do some creation with plants, herbs, flowers, and she created really nice centreplaces, then she started with bracelets, necklaces and some objects as nice little boxes decorated with decoupage and more.
Crafting began from those centretables for Christmas:
I put some of her creations year when I wrote about Orvieto Craft exposure.
I now for sure that my mum bought several soap with their little dishes decorated, I bought a couple too to gift to ancient lady, it is nice, classic and it's not so expensive, considering …


First time I went in summer camp in Ischia I am been fashinating at first sight from boats, every kind of boats. At that time I was 14 so I figured to take nautical drive licence before normal drive license for car, well for a couple of years I keep studying on high school and dream only when I was in Bolsen's lake, port's always been a sort of magnet for me. I started to do research to see if my hometown there were nautical school, but no schools for boats, only for car, a little bit disappointed I started to do researches on web in the near city and I was schocked, not only for the course's price but also for the boats average cost and how expensive was maintenance of it. So I said to myself maybe when you will have a family you can think about to buy a little one, but it is still a dream, but every time someone ask what I would buy if I'd be rich is buy a little boat, I'm not interested about have a giant yatch, is already expensive keep a little one.
Think for th…


Do you have bought  a ton of food and now you aren't able to finish it, well this is a good excuse to organize a dinner using your ready & packaged meal/ingredients with fresh items, maybe you bought a lot of food for the fact that magazine and news said that they were healty but now you don't know how to use. for example quinoa is good for a healty salad, during summer a great dish is Pasta's salad, well why don't swap normal pasta with quinoa? I like a lot italian food, with his mediterrean diet, rich of veggies, fruits, fish and more,hei I'm  italian and I like my country :P However my friend Natalya gives me a great cookbook (to be honest is gift for me from her mother in law Connie), SEMI-HOMEMADE Fast-fix Family favourite by Sandra Lee, it is a cookbook rich of receipes from all over the world. Followuing the etiquette the perfect number of guest in a dinner is 8 but you can invite more or less, you are the boss, the only thing is that you must to have a cle…


My week is been without time to respect, I wanted to sleep more but my habit to wake up early is continued, my max time in the bed is been 9 am so I used my morning for study (usually on my desk with my cup of coffee near me), diy projects, read, write and have time to meet friends...I fixed a copule of date with two friends but one forgot the date in the cafe inside commercial center so I used that time to look inside shops and do a sort of window shopping, I neverused car also this week and I did dog sitting so I waled more than last week. I am seriously thinking about my future, work, family, house, finances and I am writing daily my goals and what I did and what I can do to achieve all my goals. This past week I went with my mum in a discount shops that sell almost everything (except food) for really affordabble price, so I'll can put in order bills, I am thinking about organize my schedule per season, so I can understand in which season I tend to spend more.
I wanted to go in th…


Normally every time we control our balnce, we would like to save more, have less debts but for several reasons sometimes this isn't an easy way. If you're just graduated you could find yourself in two situation: a-without debts but now welcome to real world you need to start to pay for your things (rent, bills, insurances, fun etc) your parents must to stop you're Adult now; b- you've have a student loan to repay, have a full time job and you already pay for your things but you would like to have a better account.

One of first thing I've bught when I decided to have a budget and save, is been a blinded piggy bank that you can break only when it is full or if you prefer you can switch part of your monthly paycheck into an account opened only to deposit your savings. If you put on it €100 and % is 10% per year YEAR 1

During the first year the increase is really slowly but try to imagine a potential increase for the next 10-20 years, wha…


This lake is great because when you arrive you know that it is a lake, but you have sensation to be in the sea. I loved and still love this place that is about 40 minutes far from my hometown, now if you aren't able to go in a REAL holiday you can spend a day or also a week end in Bolsena's lake. 
If you want to have a good fish meal but with affordable price you need to drive a little bit more and arrives in Capodimonte town, here there is a very good restaurant RIVABLU, I loved it not only because the food is delicious but becuase they didn't make problems with my dog. Luckily in the past 2-3 years seems that more local are petfriendly but they are been from several year before. Usually for a lunch of 3 course plus a normal bill was about €50-60 in total,  there is also an option on menu that can give you a taste of everything it is called "Fiamming", and the cost is really good. Normally this amount is per person, plus you can choose if stay inside or outside and…


Food, Food, Food...this is a voice in the budget that coul easily increase because we don't put attention on it, we overbuy food and then meybe a big % go directly in trash bin, so this is time to change. It's not so complicated, and to spend less doesn't mean don't eat, means do different choiche!!! I know that I said and almost all the world still says to prepare your lunch instead to buy it daily, true and believe me your diet will be better, you buy starbucks coffee daily? Well I don't have starbucks in Italy but we have a lof of cafe so try to reduce it and took your thermos directly from home, usually I take only once or twice per week, it's a good place to meet a friend and spend time talking.
Fist thing is to open your fridge and freezer and do a list of everything you have inside it, see the expiration date and then make a meal planning with your items. Maybe you didn't know but you already have a big amount of food to use before to go to grocery store…


Ok,until September I cannot buy new clothes, but this frieday I have a date with my friend for a coffee in the commercial center and i am looking for create a list of clothes I need on my budget, Luckily since last year is been opened a big H&M shop, it has a lot of choiches and very affordable price, plus there is a nice shop that have good clothes, most choiche for business and elegant woman. In boths of this shops I can easily find my size while in other there is wrote my size but when I try to fit...well I can't and this isn't good.
I'm not skinny but I don't need to go in specialized plus size shop, I'm a 12, when I became really lazy and eat only comfty food I can turn 14 but since some times I am between 10-12, depends from model and shop but in this two (Conbipel and H&M I'm sure to find a size that real fits on me).

Being a woman I love to read fashion magazines but when you fall in love for a look most of the time you're schocked to discover…


This is the post that  holly from club thriftywrote aboutopen house days:
" Just the other day, Greg and I went to a couple of open houses.  Now, before you start lecturing me about vapid lifestyle inflation, let me set one thing straight. We aren’t moving…we’re just bored. Since we’re onFALL FINANCIAL LOCKDOWN, we’ve been trying to find fun (and free) things to do.  We’ve taken the kids to the park, gone on walks, and taught our four-year-old the joy of playing cards.  Hell, we even had a picnic in the park the other day, which was totally funand free.  Anyway, I see open houses as just another form of free entertainment.  We can walk around stranger’s houses, look at their furniture, and critique their home décor…just for fun. Although we’re not currently in the market to buy a new home, I absolutely love real estate.  I totally lovegoing to open houses and I think it’s so fun to see what’s really going on behind people’s closed doors.  However, I have noticed some specific det…