Visualizzazione dei post da Aprile, 2015


When you start to think that is arrived the moment you must tobe more focused on your finances is when you decide very important short-medium-long term financial goals to achieve. At the beginning you probably will do the same thing that almost everyone does, stop to have a social life to save, but after the first month you'd probably understood your entrances and your fixed bills...
I must to say that I am not that kind of girl that loves to stay out late in the night, but at the beginning of my budget I said no to everything was out of my budget, well during this process I saw which were my true friends and who magically disappear, believe me this last part isn't been a bad loser....true friends will enjoy everything with you, also watch the same dvd for the 100000 time, because they want to stay with you and not with your wallet.
However I love to read blogs, articles books about savings and how to became more savvy, honestly I cannot do most of things I've saw on Extreme …


I know I know I am writing less oftten than usual, but honestly sunny days, longer journeys and warmy temperature are good occasion to stay out of home more often is possible. This past week I've worked and I also hat time for real meeting with friend, some in front a good cup of coffe other in front a good and delicious ice cream:P.
In the evening I didn't hang out I was a little bit tired so I used my evenings to watch dvd, read some of my books, my monthly readings (italian and foreigns), plus one weekend completely free from work in the cafe I went to a birthday party of a lovely 3 year old girl. HEr uncles and grandma took some delicious food: sfogliatelle and one delicious rustic pizza, absolutely amazing....I must to confess that I prefer lemons from Amalfitan Coast instead of that are from Sicily also if they're good too...but this is personal opinion.
During this past week I've started to do another declutter into my wardrobe and inthe end I've bought a new bi…


Finally spring with longer journeys and warmy temperatures sre arrived, so I don't want to stay a lot of time in front of a monitor of pc, I prefer to stayoutdoor, also with lovely reverend's daughter are spending afternoons in the park, so probably for the next months I will write few post per week.
I'm been out of pc in the past week and I used my free time to spend an afternoon with childhood friend and her daughter, a dinner and a breakfast with other friends...I want to keep this good habit to have at least one real meeting with friends each week!
During this week I already have a lot of projects and things to do (personal/work), I am looking for  a good deal fo a week end in a Spa, May is the best month to do it, but now I am searching on several places looking their deals and see which would be best choiche for me!!!
On finances I've spent amount planned so no leftovers money for this week also if I have earned some on sundays I've started early in the morning …


During this week I had my real date with my friends, I had a sort of anticipated birthday dinner, me and my frien dClaudia opted for am American Steak House, well in my hometown there are two but we opted for that is situated inthe centre and has best reputation.  I've ordered a tex mex appetizer followed by a chicken burger and french fries, portions are good not too small and not too big, prices aren't so cheap but quality of food worths the price and we spent a toal of €40, that is average price for meal in my hometown.
Then we opted for dvd's night choosing a romantic and funny comedy "Thinks  like a men, act like a lady", It is been extremely funny but to be honest I am not agree on follow rules and stategies, in my personal opinion be honest is the best stategy...however this kind of movies offer great views on male minds:P
We talked about to spend an entre week end in a Spa, but when boths are free from work. work is necessary and we started to look for Easte…