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During Xmas time is also the period with a lot of invites to glamourous party or office party, so also if you have a lovely little black dress you are a little bit bored to wear it always so for once you would like to be absolutely beautiful and perfect for the event, without spending a fortune on it...Some time ago I discover this site that sell a lot of things (not only clothes) there is a great choiche and really affordable prices plus you have the opportunity to send your size detailed if your upper part is bigger or smaller than down and viceversa...
If your office is still open you probably you'll be invited for a office cocktail, yep it will be with a plastic glass but you'll be absolutely elegant and perfect, considering that a lot of love stories start in this place you can have the occasion to flirt with your secret crush...

If someone ask why you're so elegant you can easily say tha tyou have some events to attend, without saying other details, mystery is always h…


This past week is been interesting, I talked with new person, discovered that a lot of nurses are very posh person while other are very gentle, about finance is been really bad, I preferred to spend my money instead my parents money for grocery, fuel &co, so this week is been extremely expensive for car cost and grocery bills, luckily I had a plan so I havent overspent plus I bought 2 books for my parents, we spent Xmas at hospital and is been an alternative Xmas plus I had occasion to see a large group of Santa Claus that arrived for kids amazing scene!!!...

In January I came back to work almost every week end into the cafe, so is a little bit of extra money, but honestly I am looking also for new extra money income, baby sitting, dog sitting &co, I am trying to save more quickly is possible, keeping also a social life...and honestly ii is not so hard as I thought, planning is  the right choiche...for New year one of most important goal is to have a good financial life.



New Year is arriving quickly and usually this is the time when you start to say inthis new Year I will change, I'll do etc. etc, but I noticed that in the end of the month of December finances are always not so healty, I still not understood why also if you plan December is a very expensive month!!!

But with some adjustments you can save situation and your account will be healtier and you start to put rocks for your future financial goals, short/medium/long term.

At the beginning it could seems a sort of mission impossible, then you'll find fund and interesting side of bdgeting, yes is true if you save and you have debt to repay you'll see every month the amount in your balance increasing and then decreasing, but hey you're payin off the debt...apart mortage the best deal is to repay the debt in a max of 3 years.

In this past months I'm finding lovely article about finance, budget in Cosmopolitan (italian and UK) and Goodhousekeeping (US;UK) and the following tips are…


I'm going to have some days off from blogging, I try to relax a little bit, so we'll see soon but I want to whish a lovely

and a 


This past week is been one of more busiest week with last days of job, using car daily to do errands and go to hospital, but probably tomorrow will be the last day of hospital- everything went well in surgery and post surgery-but car was necessary bus aren't so much to go and arrive over there and hours are terribles, yep we need work on this field!!!

I cooked vegetarian rustic cake but also fi I wanted to eat vegetarian more was possible I failed I ate chicken breast, turkey sandwiches, prosciutto sandwiches yep there were a lot of veggies but now I am trying to decide a diet weekly plan.

I washed a lot of dishes, yep I have dishwasher machine but sometimes I washed half into dishwasher (used only when It was full, this is more ecological) and half on hands, it's been good.  I cleaned and reorganized second desk, I finished to read one book, for this month I read 2 books, also if the first were 2 book in one, so this month probably I'll read 3 books, the last- is from an it…

MAD ABOUT THE BOY book review

I've just read the book, at the beginning was only nice but honestly I need time to finish an entire chapter, then I found silly, romantic and interesting pages and story between toy boy and Bridget...Honestly at the beginnin I've thoush a different final but the lovely surprise in the end is amazing.

Story with toy boy is a great distraction from a lot of things and situation, sometimes Briget thinks to be a bad mum, in my personal opinion she is perfectly imperfect, her enemy Nicolette has a hidden side but this is one of things that you discover only in the final part, you'll hate her until a determinated page :P... a long list of thigs to do, interrupted almost always from a series of sms, but Bridget friends are always fantastic, real friendship is still alive!

A  story about love interrupted from several disasters or adventures, reading the book you'll choose which is the best section...

My favourite part of the book is the third with true love, great friends and ad…


Also if I'm a winter and cold monhs hater in the years I discovered some little things that made this cold favourite season is always dummer followed by late spring and the beginning of autumn (in this case because I lave fall colours)...

HOT SOUPS: honestly I'd eathot soup also with hot temperature of summer but inwinter has another taste, gives a warm sensation all over your body, It's one of my comfty winter food!HOT TEA: ok in the morning I need to drink my cup of coffee but then during winter I like to drink hot tea and reading Glamour UK I read that a Harvard University research proved that who drinks 5 cups of black tea (daily caffeine max level) had ten time more interferon in their blood.HOT CHOCOLATE: I must to confess I am not an avid chocolate eater but in wonter I don't resist to hot chocolate stands, maybe is because in this time there are so many stands with so many chocihe and weird taste, but I like classic with cream milk and or coconut…


Some times ago I asked to afriend of mine from Romania a typical dish of his country and he sais cabbage,  that informed that original cabbage rolls and he sent this receipe ,  I asked alsoto another romanian frinedneed cokk 3-4 hours while this receipe is 40 minutes rolls and he sent this receipe..that is available also on youtube channel.
This receipe is a ten plus, and it impress family and friends.
3lb ground pork4 cup dice onions1 tbsp salt2 tsp ground black pepper2tsp paprika2tsp VEgeta (optional)1 8oz Original Phildelphia cream cheese1 large size cabbage4 tbsp oil5 bay leaves1 stick thyme1 8oz tomatoes sauce1 cup rice2 cups sauerkrautFresh shredded cabbageDirections:
Fry onions in oil. Add salt, black pepper and paprika. Stir and fry for 3-4 minutes In a bowl combine ground pork, fry onions, rice, cream cheese, vegeta until all incororted. Steam the cabbage leaves. Prepare the pot with a layer of shredded cabbage, sauerkraut, bay leaves and time stick. Start roll the cabbage…


I said during cold months I am a lazy person but with a normal person that has a full time job and and errands to do sometimes I have problems to put right priorities and some things that are still in the list of things to do became "I'll do tomorrow" and tomorrow became after tomorrow so this month with Xmas time, slow journeys I tried to do a monthly lan that then I divided into weekly ...I still have daily things to do but usually is for grocery shopping and bills (post office or bank).

What I am goignt to do this week:

Fix appoitments to see homes for sale, I've already booked a couple I must to understand if I want something new but with smaller rooms or opt for old homes with renovation works to do but rooms bigger, I have a deadline to find it in my mind and I'll kee  you informed about process;car repairs, I paid car insurance now I must to go into mechanic for controls and probably he will must repairs something;WAlk at least 1 hour per day -no matter if t…


Ok this past week isn't been very cheap I need to use car daily but for a good reason, however I didn't overspent money in areas I cannot spend until february... I cooked a lot, read and tested vegetarian receipes, stay more close to my family (we're close but in determinated situation w're became more close),plus I've started to read the last adventure of Bridget Jones but honestly yesterday I don't know where I put it last times, probably It is inthe car or in a place that  I don't memory is really bad sometimes:P
This week I am going to eat vegetarian more often is possible, but honestly if I am invited to eat out and there is meat or fish I don't say no...I can be considered flexitarian, a little bit of all in moderation, this is the real secret!!!!
I've visited some homes some new and some old, there are pros and cons always, with new costructions you need only to have keys but honestly rooms size aren't so big and in old you ne…


This is been a very interesting and fashinating book that I had the pleasure to translate, honestly at the beginning I tried to do translation word by word but to be honest italian translation was more gibberrish than my english!!!
However this is a very interesting work, that talks about feeding vices in holliwood and also in the rest of the world, if you have a teen aìor an adult that likes not so classic poems I really reccommend it and the cost is very friendly $1,99. you can chooce betwen differnt languagee: english, italian, spanish remember this title: the cocaine whores


Yesterday I was coming from my last favourite place...the hospital (everything went well THANKS GOD)...and I'vee met several mums with their kids and I noticed that almost all kids were uhm how to say gentle?

ok let me be honest, the 80% of kids I've met yesterday were nevrotic and cried a lot, also for really stupid things...I know that also if me and bro cried when we were childs, well we weren't so...I don't know if is because now life is became quickly busy and also if technology helps a lot, it could creates some problems... Some days ago into newsstand I've met the mother of one of my childhood friend and we were talking about the fact that now kids at 4 have a lot of technology while when me and other were kids we spent a lot of time outside home, playing for real with each other. In my memories there weren't xbox, smartphone, internet games, we spent a lot of time playing with board games, outside games, waiting for the call from our mum...
I'm not say…


A lot of friends of mine have just started the research for the perfect Xmas gift, well here there are some things that I'd love to receive, so I can say that this is a post for Gift to myself...well cause I have a damn budget to respect probably I will do a list of things to gift me during all over the year and not only in December...I think have "myself gift isn't a bad thing but we can consider a personal gift for something important", first travel alone, promotion at work, the end of fthat hard foreign language and so... and we must also confess that we are the only person that cannot buy wrong things for themself:P-remember don't take this phrase as a excuse to do unecessary shopping daily, you must always think about your future-
However being into Xmas gentle and good mood I can say that this month I am totally in love for those things:

Oh I could contnue without a end, but being a normal person with a budget to respect I can say that until february I cannot…


You an dyour partner are going to spend a holiday surrounded by holiday but while you are looking for a romantic and relaxing holiday inside a warm chalet, your boyfriend/hubby/partner is thinking and organizing an athletic holiday?  Try a good compromise and with nice clothes you'll be stylish inside home and also on the snow...Thanks to new fabric, texture and models you can wear slim clothes and don't be forced to wear oversize sporty clothes that gives you a look similar to Michelin's man...

I didn't understood why men are always quiet sexy while we need to try to find compromise to be always perfect...however here some ideas for your other half:
and accessory for boths:
What to wear in the village? casual and warm look but always keep your style(also as couple:

Remeber to use solar protection, lipbalm and cream.

Enjoy this week end and inthe evening eat without sense of guil a hot chocolate with milk cream, you burned calories on snow a…


I said I always struggled with my weight ...ok to be honest during my teens I ate worst things ever, but growing up also If I have tendendancy to gain weight easily I discover the pleasure of a healty diet and healty food...but I must to admit I am been always curios to read (and sometimes try) diet books...
I think that in my future hoome I need to have a giant library room where books are divided by category (travel, christians, romance, diet, foreign langages, diet, business &finance, cookbook and more)...I'm an avid reader)...
However this is a book by an italian diet coach Samantha Biale, she suggest a diet, I must to confess that after years of diets are alls quiet similars, but if you want to try this I can recommend becuase it offers one important thing that not all nutritionists suggest write a sensation diary where you write what you ate, when and which were your feelings... this helps you to see in which part of journey you're more hungry than usual (after a discu…


During this time of year you invite and receive several invites for a dinner to keep in touch...first try to do it all around the year and not only on Xmas time, then if you want to have a great dinner you think that you must to spend a lot...WRONG you can easily host a delicious dinner staying an being perfectly on a budget of €25 for 6 person...Consirdering that this is the average cost for a single person in a restaurant, this is the cost for all the guest and all the dinner, not bad!!!


ingredients:  1 l milk 245 gr flour 190 gr butter 30 gr gruyère cheese grated 4 eggs+ 1 yolk 3 spoons of milk cream  30 gr grana cheese grated 1/2 nutmeg salt & pepper
In a large pan put 400 ml milk, salt, a pinch of nutmeg, 80 gr of butter and cook until butter became liquid, add 190 gr flour and stir quickly, put again on the fire and cook slow until the mixture comes away. When …