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With a lot of invites for appointments with friends and/or relative for Xmas party you want to always faboulous, so also in swaters, jeans and sneakers you would liket to be more glam... Last saturday I spent morning with my friend Francesca and we loved walking inthe centre of town waiting the shop's opening, we saw different shops, compared prices and then we arrived in Kiko's shop where both bought make up products, she bought eye pencil and other object that I dont remember-I have a bad bad memory- while I bought 2 eyepencils to create smoky eyes and  a new mascara,when I reorganized also make up bak, deleting expired-too much old products I found also a interesting version of smocky eyes-sticker..basically they are as sticker and offer you the results as professional make up in few second.... I found also a pair of false eyelashes but honestly I never use them while I tried smoky and I liekd it and if I rembember well I bought both (smocky stickers and fake eyelashes) on S…


One of my favourite things in Xmas period is visit openstand Xmas Market, yesterday I saw that a lot of stand and maybe also a little ice park are arrived intown, but in the years a lot of magazines suggested to visit the region of Trentino ALto Adige and his lovely sudtirol-amazing land fr landscape, food and other thinngs-I like also typical clothes of here!!!

I think that every town/city decorated with Xmas light has a magic atmosphere, maybe is because journeys are shorter and the light give more time, or I like the fact I can came back as a kid, every excuse is good for try new sweets and candy, do a list of things I'd like to buy for me and other, goals for new year (honestly usually I do a lot of list always- I found them very helpful) in my house there isn't space for Xmas tree only few other decorations so I like to imagine how would be nice have xmas tree &co into my ideal house...
...However turning into the topic of the post, you must to visit it, looking …


Most say that foodie gift isn't a good idea, while for me is one of favourite gift to receive and do, plus every home made products is welcome, and with a nice packacging-always diy- is great choiche so those are ideas that I found on magazines:
PEPPERMINT CREAMS: receipe make about 80

1 large egg whiteFew drops peppermint extract 325 g iceing sugar, plus extra to dustPlain chocolateIn a large bowl, whisk the egg white and peppermint extract until frthy but not stiff. Sift in the icing sugar and stir to make a stiff mixture.Tip the mixture on to a work surface lightly dusted with icing sugar and knead until smooth. Re-dust the surface with more icing sugar and roll out the mixture til it's 5 mm thick.Use a selection of cutters to cut out shapes and arrange on baking sheets lined with parchment paper. re-roll the mixture as necessary. Leave the shapes to harden in warm place overnight.Melt the chocolate in a bowl set over a pan of gently simmering water, making sure the base does…


Ok I love see real weddings, read about them and be invited, plus since some years I am the not official wedding planner of my lovely friends that are getting married, now another friend of mine isorganizing the big day, but, with this crisis they want to have something really nice but really affordable, so I started to look with the couple-yep also the future groom helped us on research for about ...1 entire hour- and they decided a theme "wine", boths are wine and vineyards lovers, so why don't prganize something that reflects for real the couple?
We read a lot of wedding magazine, my favourite are Wedding (UK), Flowers Wedding (UK) and Martha Stewart wedding (US), we create a folder with everything could be nice and we search in the web for other ideas and material...for example we received also a wedding expo dedicated to it on 1st day of December!:

Then in the british magazine of wedding there was an advertising page about Confetti you can find a lot of materials for …


I must to say one of my favourite magazine is Cosmopolitan I always liked her articles on fashion but since a little bit of time there are very interesting articles abiut savings/money&finance that give a lot of suggestions and tip...for example in the latest issue there is a lovely article about "how to live a V.I.P loo-a-like life without bankruptcy"...sounds well!

During Xmas your home will became full of people and if you're tired to watch the boring wall but you can't afford reals renovation works, try stickers, they're cheap and you can remove everytime you want.infoYour looking inside your wardrobe and you found a "too much" vintage dress? Well if you are good with sewing you'll give a new look also to old clothes. Visit Alessandra Impalli's facebook page.Think about subcription to beauty fidelity program, for example Sephora's shop offers you 10% of discount, sales befor the officials and if you buy on store online you'll rece…


If you try to watch inside a woman's wardrobe kid/teen/adult is easy find more than pair of jeans, becaue they are comfty, perfect under short dress and now they an be used also in different occasion-yep also for have a glamour office look
In the office fashion's rules say that is good don't wear jeans, but for the moment I never heard rule that say "you can't wear leggins", well you ust to combine it well.

Are you invited for a week end in mountain? LAst time I went into H&M shop I saw a similar pair of leggings and honestly I must to confess that I like this pair, but I don't be so courageus to wear them out of home-I think they're good as pajama.

Stylish, sparkling and glam? yes you can be all of this wearing leggeings, a nice jacket (sparkling is never too much)

New sporty-leggings models are good for runners, they have so many function: push up, strech, modelling...and considering that researches proved that a lot of couples met in the park walki…


This past week is been weird with dad in the hospital for a healt issue till thursday, now everything semms is going better, then workers that did renovations works in the ondos did some wrong with phone connection and all the condos is been without phone and internet connection till saturday, I cooked a lot, became a little bit a sort of housewife but not so desperate -and not so glamours as seen in tv- but for this week end I didn't worked on computer I wrote a lot of things, snail mails, greeting cards, bought my organizer for 2014, most friends say me to use my blackberry the truth is that I use it to call, send and read text messages, photos and only when I am away read emails on it, read fb and twitter notices but for the rest I prefer old way Ral meetings and infact I had appointments with friends, yesterday me and my friend met for a early breakfast and because shops open at 9 am we had opportunity to walk in a city without mass, usually in the week end in town there is a …


In the month of October I've bought and read a lot of books that I totally loved each one. I can say that october is been my reading month...
MY books of the month of OCtober :

Wedding nights Sophie Kinsella's last novel, honestly I have a preference for BEky Bloomwood adventures into shopping and financial dilemas!!!
Giro di vita this a true diet story of the author, every woman that struggles with her weight has an instant connection: Un anno di gloria, a GLoria's year, here Gloria where the lovely curly heroine is looking for true love, and also if she thinks that mr right is Giulio, she will discover that true love is more near that she supposed A love story based in another country, a bestseller born as a ebook
I don't resist when I read New York in the title and the book I heart New york is lovely and a success story that began from a guilty moment, a new city, new look and new life and adventures: And a lovely book that gives you the chanche to have purity of your child…