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This is been a good year, here some of my favourite pic of this almost past 2014
Working in the cafe




A lot  of love and more, happy new year to everyone!!!
 happy 2015!!!


This past week is been a little bit relaxing, I did a full immersion into Christmas movies and cartoons..I've spent time with family and with friends... I can say that I loved every single gift I received this week, cconsidering that this New Year Eve I wills tay in my hometown (I really wanted spend it in Kracow but I didn't want to travel alone and my friend Claudia will works that day) I am not so sure about my plans for that day...but I am sure I will spend a week end in Kracow during next year...
I am writing a long list of things to do this 2015 and Iam goint to try to became a little bit frugal of this year, also if this year is been a good one, I'm going to buy some books during bargain sales that are about How to make more things by yourself in several areas, food, clothes, recycle...then I need to keep hard work on personal projects-
One thing that I want absolutely keep also in this 2015 is my weekly real "date" with friends... we communicate with f…


What if you would like to organize a dinner in your new home? What if you are a terrible chef? Plus your budget is shoestring budget? (dpn't worry  you are in good company)
First of all if you have a friend that is a creative chef ask her/his help and invite her/him to your dinner... then plan a seasonal menu, buy local and prepare atmosphere with some Diy work.
As you know I recently bought a copy of Ecocucina book by Lisa Casali and there is section in the end for complete menu at really affordable prices-between 1 and 3 euro and you will use almost every part of food.
This is been a very amazing discover!!! Then using web ou can find several cheap ideas to copy However turning back to dinner on a shoestring budget, yes it is possible... and here some tips to enjoy the event...

Decide who you really want to invite Plan menu ahed, open your cabinets and do grocery shopping list with a brain ( aka don't overspend and choose seasonal and local)- Please don't ask to your guest to…


Since I discovered this blog -that I love- I said to myself that I wanted to try to replicate some recipes that are in the Ecocucina's book...
Before read this blog, several interview with athor I didn't know that was possible use almost all parts of pumpkins, potatoes and carrot.Did you know it?
However last week I am been kindle gifted with an half pumpkin, I used it for several recipes like pasta, soup, sweet and salt (this is one of my favourite recipe with pumpkin you need veggie, onion, sugar, salt, vinegar then add some black olives, it is simple and delicious-at least for me)
With pumpkin you could easily plan an entire menu (from appetizer till pie), well next time I will use every single part of it, because I am going to try to make also pumpkin chips!!!
I kept all seed that I covered with sugar and baked in the oven for 30 minutes, wow, result is been a lovely and delicious caramel also if a part is been burned-caramel is really complicated- my father ate it in a while …


There are moment when you start to thin that you are idiot and all the others are more smart than you, for example during saturday I discover that a person has a job contract till may ina office where I did job interviews but then nothing is happened... honestly since I am following "Dare to love project" I am more calm than usual but if I start to think I find this thing terrible and nasty...because seems that other receive more also doing almost nothing, while you try to be kindle with everyone receiving only kicks in your bottom...
However I'm sure that everything is into God's plans but being human and imperfect is quiet normal have I've said, also ifat beginnig this episodes are really nasty, I find power to became more determinated to achieve some personal goals!!!

There is a chapter in the Bible tha ti s really nice to read: Mark  4:30-32 and Jeremiah 45: 1-5 the first about faith and second about promise and salvation
However if you are a …


This past week week is been full of food, especially the week end...on saturday I met my friend Samantha for breakfast, we choose a cafe where she knew barista that did art with our cappuccino...then we met with other ex collegues for lunch , greetings and Xmas little gifts: for girls I opted for beauty product from H&M for the only men (Elisa's fiancè) I choose a big cup for coffee and chocolate...We choose a local that is called Wimpi, well they do  big sandwiches that you can choose how to fill it... However me andSammy before lunch walked a lot and then said Why don't drink we opted for a Spritz...then into Xmas market I've found also little gift for my friend Claudia, I gave it yesterday and she liked so much that uses immediately!!!
During friday there is been celebration for 60th birthday of our methodist church and yesterday there is been a nice church service together other 3 communities, choirs were amazing!!! Church service is been followed by a…


Maybe some of you are still looking for Xmas gift well you are ing ood company... if you are real good on crafty projects you can thinks to do something completely handamde, honestly this kind of gifts are my favourite because I am foodie and diy lover...weird but true!!!
I've bought something from my friend Roby, also  if that day I bought treats for myself:P ... but I still must to buy something comercial for a lunch between collegues and not overspend, also because a part one of them I don't know other very well...usually you buy something for your collegues?
Reverend's wife knowing my love for coffee gifted me with a coffee that you can find near Naple, honestly before her gift I didn't know this brand, but after I've tried it I can say that it is DELICIOUS strong, perfect for me!!!
So if you are still looking for some last minute foodie gift ideas you could opt for:
homemade cookies+ lovely handmade packagebottles of oil, considering tha tthis year isn't been …


This year I failed into Xmas shopping, that usually I've done in the end of November...this year I still have 4 gifts to buy....but today I went into shops to see itemss and price and I've choose so I will go tomorrow during lunch break...usually there is less people in that time...
This is my list:

a mug with coffe's chocolate fr the man of our group (he is Elisa's fiancè)some beauty produtcs from H&M (Elisa, Pamela and Samantha)I'm still unsure if buy or not something tech for Sammy, I know her a little bit more than others...the true is that I love do research and buy gift but wwhen I don't know well who will receive I am always a little bit unsure (in my mind I always have this wuestion will like or dislike)

In the afternoon I will work as nanny and when nanny's shift will end I will attend 60th anniversary of my church where there will be a photo expsition.... interesting events and on sunday there will be annother big event after service a lunch with…


Is quiet normal when me and girls have our lunch/happy hour to talk, we alk about several things: travels, shopping, beauty, goals, work and yes we have also a topic that is essential ...drum rolls please...Our essential topic is: MEN (weird?;P) As I wrote I love spend time-and money- into bookstores and I've read an interview to a men that worte a book hilarius, real that every men will be agree...and honestly also woman will be in love...

Let me write some part of his interview to a fashion weekly magazine where he talks about his book:Dizionario italiano Donna Donna/italiano by Dario Cassini:
Where woman hve their Point G? well his answer make me smile: ever men would spend at least one day in a shopping session with his partner to understand that point G is the final G into a magic word: SHOPPINGWomen & bags: they are too much small or too much big, some are some bigs that you could hide pieces of a murder:P-ops true I need to have maxi bag to put inside everything but I also …


I was talking with an ex collegue and friend of mine that is tech lover, everything is new he must to possess it, well I have a blackberry that permit me to stay connected always also if I prefer real contact with persons...while he wants to stay connecte but in wi fi mode...he has ipad, iphone, tablet, laptop, pc desktop, digital tv, camera and more, everything new is a sort of treasure for him...but luckily he has time to take with me a real coffee-THANKS !!!
However we're talking becaus eI asked suggestion for a laptop that I am going to buy in January ( YEP I WILL BUY DURING DISCOUNT SALES)so I said how would must to pay for a good laptop?
Well his answer is been really honest: Depends if you are a ture nerd you need to have sophisticated pc program and probably you need to buy the most ezpensive model, while for  your habits you must to follow this criteria: shows laptops from cheapest to expensive and the good deal is in the middle...completely agree, infact I've found a n…


Every day I read blogs and I like when I discover some very interesting, well there are blogs that I know from more time but I find always some post absolutely adorable...

So this is my personal list of blogs that I loved last week:
Cosa mi metto?- I like her outfit, plus I must to admit that I am alittle bit envy abour her hair, however she has a great sense of style, also her daughter has:P
Gikitchen- I love her drawings, her recipes and I must to admit that also if she has blog since year I discovered it only last week thanks to a food magazine!!!
Caterina's Secret: well when I am free from work in the afternoon I like to watch her tv program "Detto fatto", that is a program with tutorial for everything
Making Sense of cents: I like read her abilities into savings, finances, side hustle and co, her blog is rich of suggestion that are easy to try!!!
Single Moms income- I love her honest style, the fact that she is single mom, independant woman shows us as women are naturally…


I must to say, I loved this week for social side with my friend and collegue (in the cafe) Roberta host a sort of market of her creation in her home, is been a very pleausure moment... I 've almost finished to buy Xmas gifts, I need only to do a quickly stop into bookshop tomorrow -that will be my monday without car (till 31 march 2015 I cannot use my car every monday, bt I will use bus, foot and bike)- to buy a coule of books for me, one for my mother and I must to say that I like christian books rich of real testimonials (ordered by web)
Yesterday afternoon I've received a message from Roberta via whatsup and considering that I am quiet free this afternoon I said YEs to the invite, so I can consider it another friend's date of my week, followed by a quickly hi to my friend Claudia that was working ...
Nice Adulthood moments...tomorrow I will have a week busy of Childhood activities and childhood return moments!!!
What I've bought today:
From my friend Rob…


This past week is been very busy ond good on friendship side, because I kept my two real meeting with friends that I try to have each week, this was one 2014 resolution that I am going to keep also in 2015.

I had my unofficial nephew's baptism, then a dinner+ cinema with my friend Claudia, then I received a visit from my friend Dom that announced his move to Spain and I am been really happy for him ...I wanted to have also my weekly coffee with my friend Sam but she is ill, considering temprìeratures is normal....
Yesterday I needed to do some payments in centre so I choose to take bus, walk and do a little excursion into Xmasopn market stands in front of Public Library...I'v found also a nice idea for a Xmas gifts.
This morning I went to commercial centre near home without stopping in H&M shop becaus eI needed to buy Xmas gift for reveren'd daughter, plus some grocery shopping...well today is saturday and most people don't work in this day so inside grocery store the…


There something that doen't change during a dinner for girl only, almost every converstaion has the same topic: MAN...last times I was eating out with some of my newlywed friends,  they're officially married from few months but they lived together from several years...
There was one of the group that was talking about what she find nasty into her men... "I would like if he would be more/less" I've listened and listened for a couple of hours, then I innocently asked hey but you loved him for those things lived together for 5 years, you know him very well and you married him knowing how he really is...
This is my personal point of view: you met a person and you like him, then you start dating and then you decide to live together, at the beginning there are been a lot of discussions about EVERYTHING, then you understood how his mind works and he showed the real himself and you lived for him till he popped the BIG question "Would you marry me?"…


The other day I went to a dinner with some friends of mine, we were talking about poetry, books and almost every single woman -me included- was sayins that wanted HAPPY END, while men are more realistic  so I gave them some poems from ERich Von Neff book and every one of them liked poems:
They said: It's a little bit rude but you're right it is still poetical also into cruel scenes descriptions.

Assolutamente andato
Gli istinti suggeriscono le teste delle donne creano dipendenze pericolose Con passaggi di facili accesso  Esplorando Esplorando c'è una scheda di riferimento che supporta queste tendenze I progettisti consigliano di prender in mano uno specchio quando lo si sta cercando Ricorda: gli occhi possono essere nella parte davanti o nella parte posteriore Per le basi si possono trovare nella maggior parte dei negozi Accoppiati, monocromatici Coordinate le sensazioni.

Scene da un balletto
Due paia di scarpe da danza erano sul tavolo con i lacci sciolti sotto il baldacchino di un letto la…


There are movies that are always a pleasure, especially in this time of the year...honestly I have a little passion for cartoon like Beauty and the Beast but I like also other kind of movie.
IF you are on a budget, don't worry,  luckily inthis perios locals offer a lot of low cost events...cinema offer special deals too, but I really reccommend dvd at home nights, followed by sleepover...a true childhood return.
Movies to watch :
NEVERENDING STORY: Let me say that I have a secret passion for that dog/dragon, would be great watch NEVERENDING STORY 1 and 2, I must to admit that I didn't like so much the third. Great adventure perfect also for romantic dreamers.
A WALK TO REMEMBER: lovely movie based on Nicholas Sparks book, romantic story about how true love can change a person, I like a lot the soundtrack of it.
FIREPROOF: ok this is one of my favourite christian movie, I loved also book of it, How faith in God can work and change in better a couple's life.


This is also month when most of people decide New year resolutions, well to be honest most decide directly in that night, and the morning after they forget everything
I start to think about new year resolution in September then I do a monthly goal list, for example when I created a blog I wanted to have a X amount for the end of that year, but it was my first year with a budget and there are been several unexpected bills I misarably failed the goal that year, so I decide to have the same financial saving goal also for this and I can say that I Passed it, I must to say thank to my weekly budgeting days, headaches and frugal lifestyle.
Now I have more important fianancial goals to achieve but they request more that 12 months, maybe a couple of years or 3, but I know that I am working and Iw ill keep hard work on savings to achieve them.
Have a budget doesn't means that you must to have a poor life, let me explain I have a rich life with true friends, true friends stay with you also whe…


Have you ever seen "Letters to Juliet"? Well it is a lovely movie, perfect for romantic souls plus It reminds me a lovely city Verona, yep the city where is situated Romeo and Juliet and where there is Juliet's staute...Legend wants that if you touch the right boob of her you will have lucky
But here there are also other things to see and visit like:
Arena: Once upon a time this was a place for brutal battles, now is more used for concert, during sommer there are a lot!
Lamberti's Tower, this is the higest tower in the city and offers a 360° viev of it
Scaligero point: is nice walk here during sunset hour till arrive in Castelvecchio with its walls offers a great show
Bra's square, if you are visiting it on New year Eve you can find a lot of parties, concerts and more.
For accomodation I suggest hostel, B&B use web it is a great help!!!


Most of us start today research for Xmas gift without considering that shops star in the middle of November to prepare Xmas corners, usually I tend to buy gifts in the month of November or at max during first 10 days of December...later I still understand reason prices are really higher and products availability is limited!!!
At same time this is a perfect moment to childhood return with Xmas open market in the centre, little corner for ice skating, honestly this is better try to do during first days because then ice became a little bit dangerous...
This week will be a lttle bit slow instead the oast and the next so I am working hard on several projects I have, I've already started to take contact with several people really helpful for achieve all the projects.
As you know I'm christian and for me faith is a very important part of my life, sotoday I want to share with you some of my favourite Bible's verses, because my personal thing is that you truly believe in God everythin…


This week is been extremely busy with work, and also with expenses...well me and Federica finally met and choose gift for Spfia's Baptism and with almost all what I've earned during this week end in the cafe is destinated to pay car insurance that I pay twice per year and I am looking for a cheapest one considering the age of my car... but for the moment the insurance that I have seems the most cheapest in the market for the moment:(
I'm working hard for personal writing project, personal marketin and pr projects plus other projects that are still In progress.... we had some good/bad news in the cafe so we need to wait to understand if they'll be good or bad, but I want to keep my mind positive
I am quiet happy because I am been able to have one no spending day for the week and I' m going to have another one in the next week, finances are quiet good and I am almost achieve my personal financial saving goal, for the ther goals I need a little bit more time...
The next …


Christmas is also a period really busy into social life, have you noticed hom many invites you receive in this period of the year?
Well maybe also your office has several occasions to meet other people, there are also dating site that in this period are offering social occasions to meet interesting singles (we must to admit that isn't so nice to spend alone festivities, ok we can admit that isn't also so bad)...for women means  several times same dilemmas: WHAT TO WEAR?
Well thanks to shop and web there are great solution on several range of price

Web offers great sales take time before click I usually tend to buy something that I can use also in other occasion, hei I am always a girl, ok a woman on a budget:P