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I was talking with girls about first day and the eternal dilemma Who pays on first date? Seriously if you would want to follow the etiquette is the men that must to pay.... Ok I must to say that I am not so agree with this thing but not because I want to be feminist independent but because seems that everytime a man pay for you, he wants always to be paid back in nature... I like when a man offers to pay my drink but in the last years I used to watch and study the other before he can happened that I paid first drink...

Some time ago I went out with a nice guy, we met and walked in the center, then we went into a cafe and ordered our drinks, well I was studying him, nice, smiling but honestly there were two things that I seriously hated into the date: the fact that he was saying blasphemyasinterlayer and the fact that he was watching his mobile every 5 minutes, come on...we're hanging out together for first time and you use your mobile almost all the date? However I decided …


Today is 20th of September, this means that tomorrow Fall will arrive, ok I must to confess that I am watching a lot of nice fall clothes into shops and magazines, plus I am drinking hot tea in the evening at home, it's healty and is a good habit that I share with my mother almost every night...mum-daughter moment!  however I can say that I had a good summer full of laughs and good moments...
This was a summer of:

READING:  I am an avid reader and I've bought so many books but now I am trying to read all that I've ought before buy a new one, but I must to say that I already wrote a list of books I'm going to read, unluckily Publi library cannot help me, in my hometown it doesn't offer NEW ROMANCE...I loved Mr Wallbanger and its sequel, The wedding Season, now I'm reading The knockoff/Techbitch and it's nice...and I have a little confession I've started to write a book about realtor's work as a sort of diary (hopefully this time I will not have the bloc…


This past week is been good and bad at the same time, good because I'm working into real estate agency that is a thing that I like a lot, bad because I'm building my portfolio and this isn't so easy...but do you know a thing? is ok, also if I don't know if they will hire me or not yet, trial period seems never ends and I am using part of side hustle to pay my daily expenses... I'm thinking to use bike in the morning then I am walking a t least 1.30 hour per day, 4 times per week, that is a good exercise... Also if trial isn’t ended yet and I am using part of side hustles to cover my daily expenses, I like it because I can wear jeans and sneakers ( this means I mustn't spend a fortune on realtor's wardrobe) plus in my mind there is always the idea to be boss of myself into this field a day…so is real daily practice on it!!!
I had real date with friends and my friend Claudia gifted me with a little plumb marmelade make from her mother, it is absolutely delicio…