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Visualizzazione dei post da Maggio, 2016


Ok this week is began with some changes and it will not be the last for this season, infact I decided to pursue several personal projects...I've thought a lot and I decided and I must to say now I am feeling more light (emotional bag number 1 is away)...sometimes I like to share -apart my money weekly check up- what I'm doing currently and this is one of that moment...
WEARING my black jeans and turquoise blouse, I like to stay really comfortable these days and sporty look is perfectLISTENING some romantic songs with radio and sometimes via youtube, this morning I was singing with a colleague several songs from eightiesCRAVING for swimming pool opening, I'm going to spend a quiet amount of weekend having sun, sunbathing, swim all at once and to use bike more often is possibleEATING healty food, a lot of veggies and I tried also vegan cheese, I love veggies and fruits from summer they are deliciousWRITING-  a long list of things to do during this summer lik…


This past week is been stressful, tiring, full of decisions  to take and I was looking for the week end to have time for myself....i the end 31st of May will be my last day in real estate agency, I choose to pursue determinated projects to achieve, but, I still love real estate field!!!
At the same time I still have bills to pay so side hustle are been and still are very very important for my finances:P
From wed 1st June I'm going to use bike daily, unless days I work in the cafe it is too far to arrive with bike and work an average of 12 this case car is an essential need...
In March -I've started a diet with Tisanoreica and I've lost 10 kilos, keeping a great skin and curves so I'm slowly changing my diet, infact, I'm became vegetarian, but I still eat fish so I can consider myself a fishetarian or better Flexitarian because I tend to eat vegetarian daily but, if I have a dinner and I find chicken on table I eat (different story for lamb, bunny, horse and…


This past week is been quiet busy and week end extremely busy, plus inside cafe was reallly really hot and in the morning and evening out was cold, so now I have some flu:(... However I said that June is one of my expensive month together December, infact I was looking for a cheaper car insurance and my brother found one perfect infact I've paid €205 for the entire year (until June 2017), this means that extra income from cafe went directly to pay insurance, but this means at the same time that I didn't touch my savings:P
For this week I'm going to use bike, hopefully there will be sun and I will be free in the mornings, but I am quiet sure from June I will have more time for myself and personal/professional projects,,,I'm working hard on every single project I have....
I am eating really well, healty and seasonal, plus I 'm trying to sleep more... I don't know why, but in this period I'm quiet tired in the evening, but I am trying to find time before to sleep…




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