I said in my dream house I need to have a giant library, finally this evening at 7 pm book I ordered last week finally are arrived, great I 've just finished to read the last Sophie Kinsella book (that I bought into commercial center), I like it but I mut to admit that I prefer that with Becky Bloomwood ans her adventure into financial life, but there is a lot of humor and this is good and I can really recommend you recommend a book tha tyou dislike? I cannot!!!

This morning I was in the centre to finish all errands to do and I went inside a real bookshop and I noticed that I can already find organizer and calendar for the new year, honestly for organizer I am totally in love for moleskine they are so cute, elegant and professional at the same time, plus there was a very very cute planning calendar from the Little Prince , have you ever read this story? if not you must, if yes you must to read it again:P

However for the month of October this is my book list:
  1. FERMATE GLI SPOSI- Wedding night by Sophie Kinsella.
  2. CAMERA CON SVISTA- WHAT REALTORS USUALLY DON'T SAY by Mario Bianco, Lucia and Giuliano Pavone
  3. AMORE AI TEMPI DELLO STAGE-Love into internshp era by Alessia Bottone
  4. GIRO DI VITA-Moppel-Ich. Der Kampf mit den pfunden by Susanne Frohlic
  5. UN ANNO DI GLORIA- Glory's year by Alessandra Casella
  6. ANGELI A 4 ZAMPE-Angel cats by Allan and Linda Anderson
  7. COME INCIAMPARE NEL PRINCIPE AZZURRO-how to trip over Prince Charming by Anna Premoli
  8. AMORE AL PROFUMO DI CAFFE': Wedding with coffee's taste by Heidi Bussetti
Ok I've controled again my order and I know that one book by Heidi bussetti missed so I am going to read again it, honestly there are some books that I liked so much that Ican read thousands of time and find the book always interesting as the first time!!!