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I know it could seems boring but in this last month me and friends had serious talks about budget, finances and friend with more money than us.
I am not saying that you cannot hang out with friends that earn and spend more than you, but I seriously suggest to do it carefully.
Let me explain I have a childhood friend that earn about €1400 each month, I was working in the same place, but we had two different position and salary, infact my income was the half of her. When we both had a saturday free from work we choose to went in Spoleto to visit some nice shops, well I've spent € 70-100 on items I really need and only in a couple of shops while she spent a lot more, if I remember well total amount in the end of day was €400 on clothes that she used only twice.
Ok I must to say that she did big shopping only when she and her boyfrend had discussion, they broke up and a little bit later boths found true love, with other partner... but I didn't hang out often with her for shopping because I didn't want to be temted to overspend. Youc could also became envy about their money and ruin frieendship.
However since she went to live together with her fiancè she became more savvy and now that is a mother is became more savvy, her fiancè helped a lot in this field.
However when your friend earn and spend more than you because they can,is normal for them invite you to do a lot of things with them, but you must to be honest and say yes on things that you can really afford.
I know most don't understand why you cannot go in a place because you cannot afford, most can say you have only one life”, well let me say that who says this isn't a true friend.
for example now me and my childhood friend that now is a mum of Sofia (lovely girl 6 months old) we like spend time sitting on her garden, playng with her daughter, watching tv, nothing so expensive
True friend say ok what we can do together? he/she will be happy to spend night at home watching dvds, walking in the park, free museum event, because they want stay with you for your company and not for money.
Yes when you have a budget most people magically disappear from your life and believe me this is a good thing...

However I was talking with a friend of mine that said she needs to save for a house (rent for the moment to say “welcome adulthood”), so I gave a copy of spreadsheet with suggestion to create a budget, but before to do it, take daily notes on daily purchases, then in the end of the month see whic are fixed bills and whic are variable then see in which areas can cut some costs.

Honestly I tend to pay cash almost always because seeing money hang out from your wallet helps a lot before spend it, while if you use card you don't have idea until bank send you balance directly in your mail.
So is good on budgeting plan understand how many cash you would must to have into your wallet daily and opt for pay with card only few times per month (groceries or electronics or clothes but be mst to be planned), yep on the beginning budgeting plan willbe full of cancellations, adjustments, canges but usually after a couple of months it startes to work and your balance will be positive and your networth will grow up!

How could be divided your monthly salary? This is a template directly found on christian course-book Good $ense budget Course: Christian Principles for trasforming your finances and life by Dick Towner and John Tofilon-honestly I recommend to read this book I foound it very helpful

But nope you'll never love budget- at least I had, have and I will have always a hate-love ralation with it!!!


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Era da un pò che mi frullava in testa l'idea di intervistare amici di blog e amici di altri campi e, tenere queste interviste almeno una volta al mese. Ho iniziato con Silvia (la sua intervista qui) ed ora è il turno di Valerio, ragazzo affascinante e simpatico (dico io) con qualche capello bianco (dice lui), ora noi è da Febbraio che proviamo a organizzarci per un caffè ma ancora non ci siamo riusciti, così se all'inizio pensavo di fare questa intervista di fronte ad una tazza di caffè reale, per ora ce lo prendiamo virtualmente...Valerio è stato carinissimo e disponibile, nonostante i suoi miliardi di impegni...ovviamente in rosso i miei commenti
Iniziamo con l'intervista:
Presentati (nome, data di nascita, professione,studi passioni, hobbies) Mi chiamo Valerio Chibbaro, nato a Roma il 08/08/1982 e tra poco compirò ben 35 anni.  Quindi mi tocca farti un regalo che ti darò ...uhm...boh...a Natale?Dai dai che l'uomo acquista in fascino con età e capelli grigi, George Clone…



Continuo con la mia serie di interviste ad amici di blog, ho iniziato con l'intervista di Silvia per poi passare a Valerio ed ora mi oriento nuovamente sulla moda intervistando Babaluccia. ho scoperto il suo blog da un commento su un altro mi era piaciuto il nome e sono andata a spulciare poi le ho spedito una email con la proposta dell'intervista e lei è stata carinissima, ecco qui il risultato -ovviamente le foto le ho copiate dal suo blog-ieri lo ho riletto e mi sembrava mancasse qualcosa, ovvero i miei commenti accanto(in rosso):P quindi ho modificato il post spero vi piaccia:D
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Ciao sono Babaluccia una donna italiana con la moda nelle vene , anche se a questa mia debolezza sono riuscita a dedicarmi solo nella seconda parte della mia vita dopo aver lasciato un lavoro da imprenditrice e aver trovato un pò di leggerezza nella mia vita impegnata e soffocata. La moda e tutto ciò che la circonda è un espressione artistica che ha bisogno di un’anima libera per…