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This past week is been good because I worked a lot, but I had also free time to dedicate to my weekly real dates with firends, we use a lot whatsup during the day but we like a lot have a 3d conversation: sit on a table drinking a real cup of coffee or having a real happy hour in a local, weird? Also if web is a great way for thousands of things, like online shopping without travel to city where is situated shop, job, free tv program that you can watch later if you didn't had time to see in real time...
In this past week I've bought my monthly copy of Good Houseeping Uk, some other monthly italian magazine, including also a magazine created froma tutorial's tv program that i like a lot "DETTO FATTO"... I had also 2 bad moments on saturday, in the morning I've put my keys into trash so I was trying to retake them alone, when I saw a adult middle age men asking "excuse me could you help me? and we won I have my keys again", then later in the evening I was using super glue and I was almost sticking my fingers, but luckily it didn't happend....Sometimes I'm really awkward...
I've spend only €10 for fuel this week, this is good because I used car few times, I am became able to spend a max of €80/100 per month, while in the past year normally fuel monthly bill was an average of €250/300 each month...I am trying to use it less is possible and from November I wil use at least one day less every week, there will be "number palte for cars" and I cannot able to use mine every monday, so probably I will use it as excuse to use bike and bus more often... 
My personal finances are going a little better because having starting work inthe cafe,means to have cash in the end of every shift and then I try to do budgeting with "that amount" for the week, ok sometimes Ic ompletely failed because I am not been able to resist to temptation, but hei I am a work in progress her, I've started to have a budget in 2012 and I needed to do changes every 3 months for variable incomes, variable expenses &co...Turning to online shopping I've ordered a christian calendarr for my mum and a christian book for me, have you ever seen  "Fireproof" movie? well I've watched it and Iloved it so much that during one of my trip in Rome I've found the book used on it "Love to Dare 40 days guide" and now I decide to read book that is been inspiration of the movie..ok usually I read before book and then watch the movie, but sometimes I discover movie first instead book...
I've started to look for new orgaziner for 2015, in the past years I've always choose some similar to Moleskine, for 2014 I choose one Emerald colour, I love it, I write on it a lot, then I like to conserve inside postcards from friends from all over the world...

  • The most I've spent this past week was: well honestly I spent: €5 for tuesday happy hour with my friend Claudia, €1,80 for a coffee last friday with Sammy, €11,49 for foreign magazines, €23,39 for online shopping (but I wil pay this bill when I will receive the order), €10 for fuel, €5 for mobile phone and € 4 or 5 inthe park with lovely girls -yep sometimes I prefer to spend my money and offer her pizza, but it happens because she has a wallet and I am trying to say her "you must to choose where to spend your coins, here or here", we're in the same way are both work inprogress!!!
  • Today I feel really good towards money because, having worked lst 2 week ends in the cafe permit me to spend only cash in the wallet, so I am focusing on side hustle working hard in several fields, I would like to achieve a very important financial goal for the end of the year-cross fingers!- then second maybe stupid moment is when I had a completely hour free to spend doing hot bath-bath/shower recharge my batteries!!!
  • Money can't buy happiness. One free thing I did last week that make me happy was: uhm let me think, probably discover that the lvely reveren'd daughter when is came back to Firenze visiting her old nanny, has already talked about me, every single person they've met had lovely person for me, it always a pleasure knows that you're doing a good work-I will try to keep it!
  • I will consider this week a success if I will be able to work as last week until thursday, because on Friday will start officially my little holiday -but I will work for a project-
  • Food craving/rituals: I noticed when I eat more often pizza my stomach becme a sort of balloon, so I am trying to heat healtier is possible, yep I still crave for bags of chips but it is junk food, while I must to eat more veggies is possible. I love drinking my daily cup of coffee (I know it's mental issue but I need it to wake up),plus I love drink hot tea in the vening in front of tv with my mother- girl's ritual

What about your week?


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Era da un pò che mi frullava in testa l'idea di intervistare amici di blog e amici di altri campi e, tenere queste interviste almeno una volta al mese. Ho iniziato con Silvia (la sua intervista qui) ed ora è il turno di Valerio, ragazzo affascinante e simpatico (dico io) con qualche capello bianco (dice lui), ora noi è da Febbraio che proviamo a organizzarci per un caffè ma ancora non ci siamo riusciti, così se all'inizio pensavo di fare questa intervista di fronte ad una tazza di caffè reale, per ora ce lo prendiamo virtualmente...Valerio è stato carinissimo e disponibile, nonostante i suoi miliardi di impegni...ovviamente in rosso i miei commenti
Iniziamo con l'intervista:
Presentati (nome, data di nascita, professione,studi passioni, hobbies) Mi chiamo Valerio Chibbaro, nato a Roma il 08/08/1982 e tra poco compirò ben 35 anni.  Quindi mi tocca farti un regalo che ti darò ...uhm...boh...a Natale?Dai dai che l'uomo acquista in fascino con età e capelli grigi, George Clone…



Continuo con la mia serie di interviste ad amici di blog, ho iniziato con l'intervista di Silvia per poi passare a Valerio ed ora mi oriento nuovamente sulla moda intervistando Babaluccia. ho scoperto il suo blog da un commento su un altro mi era piaciuto il nome e sono andata a spulciare poi le ho spedito una email con la proposta dell'intervista e lei è stata carinissima, ecco qui il risultato -ovviamente le foto le ho copiate dal suo blog-ieri lo ho riletto e mi sembrava mancasse qualcosa, ovvero i miei commenti accanto(in rosso):P quindi ho modificato il post spero vi piaccia:D
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Ciao sono Babaluccia una donna italiana con la moda nelle vene , anche se a questa mia debolezza sono riuscita a dedicarmi solo nella seconda parte della mia vita dopo aver lasciato un lavoro da imprenditrice e aver trovato un pò di leggerezza nella mia vita impegnata e soffocata. La moda e tutto ciò che la circonda è un espressione artistica che ha bisogno di un’anima libera per…