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Every woman would like to do shopping daily and have a GIANT wardrobe, but if you are a girl with a low salary normal bills, means that you must to be on a budget and choose what to buy and how much you can spend on it.

Well I must to say that I learned some things since I decided to have a budget to achieve most of my financial goals, for example most of time we already have great pieces into our closet but we forgot and in some cases buy a little bit more means spend less later, a good pair of shoes is considered a good investment because it means good wuality and the fact you can use them almost daily can be considered a re-payment formula.

As you know I like to read foreign magazines and my favourite is Good housekeeping Uk, where in fashion insert there is a list of our fashion  investment fro this year, here there is the LIST:

  • SPARKLING EVENING BAG-honestly I don't have a prakling evening bag, I think I have almost only maxy bag...I've bought a little black evening bag for my cousin's wedding and honestly apart my wallet and my mobile there wasn't space for other things:(

  • LEATHER BIKER JACKET- I've bought on February 2014 a fake leather biker jacket for €19.99, it is a great emerald and it is perfect for the warm days of autumn, plus the fact I am been able to buy it on sales is another story, however I already have this into my wardrobe
  •  CRISP WHITE SHIRT: this is an essential in every wardrobe, yes also in the male world, a crispi white shirt is perferct for work and/or free time it is a timeless item.

  • ALL SEASON TRENCH COAT: Do you remember Audrey Hempbur into Breakfast at Tiffany's movie? well she wore trench coat, it is a classic and very chic clothes, a piece where you need to invest time and money!!! Classic is always trendy!

  • FRENCH CHICH: Honestly I've bought my shirt "french chic" on H&M shop and I paid it only €9,95 and honestly it is great because it is perfect with jeans and also with elegant skirt!!! Also Coco Chanel wore it!!!

  • SASSY HEELS: those items are a detail can add some sparkling or give a totally different twist to a classic look, every woman loves heels (Carrie's too)
    I love heels but I have very few models cause I prefer flat shoes but this model is amazing

  • THE LUXE SWEATER: I've bought a red luxe sweater that I've bought on H&M for €19,99, yes Ilove H&M it is friend of my wallet and I am became able to choose nice fabric

  • COLOUR POP SCARF I have a box full of scarfs many of them "lovely" gifted from my brother and other from friends, I have several really elegant, a couple of green (thanks to my friend Noemi and to ex Reverend), so in the years I created a lovely collection of scarfs.

  • WEAR WITH EVERYTHING TROUSERS: This is been one of my must in my wardrobe and was one of my essential when I worked into real estate agency, classic and elegant with a jacket, but sporty with a classic shirt.

  • BASIC WHITE SHIRT: this is another classic and is almost impossible that you don't have a white shirt in your wardrobe, I counted at least 4 into my closet, also because it was part of my uniform in the cafe, yes you need to wash white shirt often but they are so cute especcially with tanned skin.

  • CASUAL PUMPS: I've bought a pair on sale last year on H&M they costed only €7 and they're been my company during dog sitting sessions

  • EVERYDAY BALLET FLATS: i have a pir of pumps since 6 years and honestly I don't wear them a lot because they're rigid and I feel like I am smaller than I am really am, I feel like a dwarf. but there are very nice model in shops more comfty of mine.

  • CLASSIC LBD: This solve every kind of event, with tight accessories, is perfect from early morning to late night, I have one but I am thinking to replace it with a new model, you must only find perfect model that suit perfectly on your shape.

  • FAB BOOTS: My autumn/winter boots that I've bought last years back and comfty perfect with pants and dresses from morning to night. Great investment!!!
    my boots the other pics are from google images

  • A TAILORED TUX: I've bought a fantastic jacket onH&M last June, I went to H&M cause I saw a great jacket line in the shop plus I paid it only €29.99 and I've bought it for a wedding but I used it a lot in several different occasions.

  • GO ANYWHERE DRESS: maybe it is the LBD or you have another kind of dress that is perfect for you in every occasion and place.

  • WELL CUT COAT: a good coat can live forever, yes this means that you can spend a "little fortune" on it but if it can considered a good investment

  • COSY KNIT: this item is perfect during autumn, when you can still wear tank top during day and when temperature became cooler wear it, I am totally in love for this and I am looking into H&M because they are low cost and super cute

  • THE MUST HAVE BAG, my life essential and life saver, I need to have maxy bag where I put everithing: organizer, wallet, little umbrella, pens, bottle of water, sometimes books or journal, eyeglasses,tissues, gums, cereal bars, mobile phone, etc etcmy friends say that I ahve a sort of Mary poppins bag and for me it is a compliment. I am using one that I've paid only €5 but is been 2.5 years ago and now is quiet damaged so I need to replace witha big one.

  • TIMELESS PENDANT: I have a very nice collection of necklaces most of them bought in the years during my holidays in the open air market and flairs, on jewel a timeless is considered a pearl necklace or something very simle that is perfectly combined with jeans or elegant dress like this pendant.

  • FIGURE FATTEERING JEANS: I love when in my mailbox I find Bonprix catalogue because they have a model of jeans that fit perfectly with my curves and think I've just ordered 2 pairs for only €29.98
If you notice, every woman has at least 3 pieces of the list, this means that isn't necessary buy an entire shop but adding some little details and thanks to low cost brand you can do shopping without bankruptcy.


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