Ok this is the period of year when you start to receive more invites for special occasion, or maybe for work you have always this kind of events, but sometimes you can be tired to looking for a nice dress to wear... so why don't be absolutely fabolous wearing pants?
I must to admit I like looking and wear nice dresses but I spent of my time wearing look the following pics to find suggestions:(all items are from Asos)

For example this look with whte shirt and jacket mixed with keather pant and high heel is great combination for a business meeting in early morning to a late night event...aren't you agree?

A ex collegue of mine last year was pregnant and she wanted to beabsolutely comfty to a nice events but hating her new big curves she wanted to be comfty, luckily also maternity clothes are changed in the years so now is more easier find nice dress also special time, well you must to know that every mum to be has a special natural glow but if you want be more glowing choose something sparkling... or if you want to be neautral and natural glowing, choose neutral colour :

maybe you receive invite for other kind of events and not only to parties, art gallery/happy hour/movie/shopping session/ sport game and more...look those pics:

Changing/Addins some little details an a statement necklace:

your look will be updated in a second and you'll be stylish , beautiful, elegant and comfty, wearing pants.... not bad!!!