Being a woman I love to read fashion magazine/blogs and be informed about what is trendy and what isn't but honestly I must to admit that in some cases I am not so agree with fashion choiche.
For example I was reading one of my weekly fashion magazines and I saw a complete fashion article all around MUSTARD...yes it is a nice colour but honestly I don't think it works on every kind of skin...
Some time ago I tried a dresses of this colour and model was beautiful but on me well it didn't work, I seemed a ill person... I have a fair skin and on me wearing only this dress my face was ill and total loon this is why every person would must to know which colour and models rally fit on their skin and body, creating a personal fashion and be trendy at same time!
 looking on searching for mustard clothes you can find:

If you have a gold skin or a dark sin as Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Beyoncé this is a great choiche, on red head I aam not sure but if your skin is Similar to Blake Lively and you want something in yellow family choose something similar to this

If you are with fair skin as me but you want to buy something on this colopur please mix it with other colour as classic black, red, 

 so your look will be healtier- honestly on my skin best result is been wearing mustard with red so those are some options!!!


  1. Amiciciaaa!
    I have always hated mustard clothes....That colour reminds me something which could happen if you eat food which is no so good for your stomach :P
    However, I like those red article of clothing and shoes, especially those ankle boots with flowers! Lovely!!!

    1. I know I don't like it a lot too, but this dress I found was fantatic for the occasion but only coordinated with black blouse or red shirt and accessories...seems that is a trendy colour but honestly it doesn't work on me!!! I like that boots too!


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