This past week is been weird with dad in the hospital for a healt issue till thursday, now everything semms is going better, then workers that did renovations works in the ondos did some wrong with phone connection and all the condos is been without phone and internet connection till saturday, I cooked a lot, became a little bit a sort of housewife but not so desperate -and not so glamours as seen in tv- but for this week end I didn't worked on computer I wrote a lot of things, snail mails, greeting cards, bought my organizer for 2014, most friends say me to use my blackberry the truth is that I use it to call, send and read text messages, photos and only when I am away read emails on it, read fb and twitter notices but for the rest I prefer old way Ral meetings and infact I had appointments with friends, yesterday me and my friend met for a early breakfast and because shops open at 9 am we had opportunity to walk in a city without mass, usually in the week end in town there is a mass of people, but in early morning nope and it's been great!
My wallet and finances are been not  so happy because I bought a lot of things: socks for winter, the lovely Hope charms necklace, groceries, bills, fuel-also if everytime I went in the entre I use bus- my monthly foreign magazines, food for pets and a couple of Christmas gift-but I am going to prepare some little mini home made foodie basket as Xmas gifts.

I wanted to try to have a week eating vegetarian ut I failed because we had fish and in 2 or 3 occasion we had chicken so vegetarian week failed and inthis week I didn't had a no spending day, but this incoming I would like to have at least one -because next week end I work in the cafe I am sure that on saturday I'll not spend...

  • The most I've spent this past week was on: a lot of things as socks, necklace, bills, grocery, food for pets-now they want only a determined kind of food that cost €25,65 per pack, the only not essential shopping is been yesterday with make up products and foreign magazines.
  • Today I feel love/hate towards money because in this exactly moment I would like to buy a lot of things but I can't afford and I hate the fact I have a budget to respect, then I think that I am saving for important goal and start to find fun budgeting.
  • Money can't buy happiness. One free thingI did last week that made me happy was choose and write greeting cards, me and my family donate in years to different charities so them send every year a selection of greeting cards and I must to say that this year are amazing. Now I need only to buy postage stamps but first part is been free.
  • I will consider this week a success if I will do exercise twice ì, I'll have at least one no spending day and I'll complete all list of things to do and to buy in the week.
  • Last cartoon I watched is been Schreck, real prince with all his imperfections and finally on sequels 2 and 3 we had the opportunity to see what happened after first happy end...


  1. I really like your choice to write your weekly money check up :D It is very useful and shows that you are a wise and mature girls :P
    I quite like also your weekly going on, planning your life with little, but important weekly objectives. Very well done amicicia!!! :P

  2. Well I must to say that I found inspiration from another blog but it is a good waay to have a bugdet control every week, I'm in hate/love relationship with budgeting:)


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