I already said some post ago that I really like her, because she is a beautiful curvy models with real curves and a real sense of style.
If you are curvy, many times said that white is only for skinny, well is wrong look how is nice Elisa with a white dress with little print and a long black cardigan...this look is perfect from early morning in the office till late night...

She has a great hourglass figure and working into fashion world knows how hide and how shows bed and best body parts!!!

You and girls want to have a full afternoon inside shops, you want to be elegant, comftya nd stylish at the same time? look her photos she is always perfect!!!

This look works on every kind of body giving you mystery and charme and you are perfectly trendy...isn't great?

Have you already received invites for formal events? Well I must to admit that black is always a good choiche elegant and perfect for every occasion, but try to wear colour and prints and remember to be always yourself...dress mustn't be a trap for you, you must to be happy, feel free, comfty, elegant and sexy...

Black is always a secure choiche but here some inspiration for colourful dresses...

but remember the best accessory is your smile!!!