Who doesn't like the ideas to live in a Castle? Well in Italy there are a lot of interesting to visit from North to South...

 you can have a lovely night with thriller, yep the are dinner with a murder and you need to discover the murderer and also here in the BEvilacqua's Castle, till the 31 january you can book week end with crime. (€155 per person per night, only dinner with crime €49) info here

Gabiano's Castle 

You and your fiancè need to have a romantic week end, nothing better of a nice castle and a good glass of wine. Great week end tasting wines, There is a special offer that cost €100 and icludes: a nicght with breakfast in the room, wine and typica product tasting, canteens visit, visit in the park and in the labyrinth.

Monterone's Castle:

I said my region is rich of everything, the only thing that miss in my personal opinion is the sea but for the rest is perfect... here you can taste delicious gourmand food and receipes, walking in the nature, see  or discover the centre of Perugia more info here