If you look the sky from my window is extremely grey, I am not sure but seems that it is promising rain.

This afternoon I am quiet free so oing to use time for work and to declutter another areas of my room, I am really proud about second deesks well organized now, but there are still long list of things and items to eliminate, donate or give a second life recicling them for some diy projects.
This week end will be quiet full with work the cafe but the other day I was talking with a friend of mine that is unemplyed and she must to say thanks because her husband earns quiet well but she isn't so happy because without salary and saving she isn't financial independent...I said her that also if my salary isn't so high I am happy about the fact I have a work... in this period, with this crisis most industies are closing and most are unemployed and this is why most people accept also under pay jobs.

She closed her bank account and without having savings she stopped to buy things for herself, a sort of punishment, she sent tons or resumes to several places, her husband was quiet happy to have a housewife but understood that she needs to work and have a salary also if it is very low...

She had a job interview but inthe end work was unpaid or better was a sort of internship paid with a low salary that didn't cover monthly expense for fuel...but we we're talking with a friend of us that had another friend that was looking for a waitress in a new restaurant, paid isn't high high but is a new start and her husband was agree to stay with their kid during week end!!!!

So after this meeting with my friend I started to think about my life into work side but honestly considering several things and option I am glad to have opportunity to have works that permit me to meet people, have time for social life and learn new things, yesmaybe I still haven't salary of my dreams-but  probably only Donald Drump has it- but also if sometimes I think about what I would like to add into my life I can sincerely say that I am glad for everything and every person I have in my life.


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