You've finally found your space to say “welcome adulthood”, but your style is stll high school student so anybody takes you seriously, this means that you need to change something, remove teen ager shirts or mix them with adult blazer coats and adult accessories, sometometimes accessories can make the difference.

Aren't you able to run intt heels, well believe me you're not the only one, you're in a very good company but this doesn't means that you must to leave your sneaker at home, they're comfty, permit you to walk fast or run when it is necessary, but for example if you are working into a real estate agency surely you cannot wear jeans and gym shoes, for jeans sorry but they're banned, while for gym shoes if you opt for elegant pair you can find good deal with your boss, but this year fashion offers also a more stylish solution, men shoes perfect also for women.

If you are working as secretary probably you spend time between be comfty dit on your desk and long trials to take/give/copy documents so is essential have a nice ouftit but comfty from morning to late afternoon, now fashion gave a new change to midi heels that are good for several hours without giving pain to your feet, sometimes it could happens if you spend entire day on high heels.
Sometimes could happens that you have important events a minute later your work shift ends so in that days you need a good outfit perfect from morning to night, maybe changing only shoes, but this isn't essential.

Are you aroking inside an art gallery or social media and you need to spend day between events and office well, you need to have a stylish and multitasking outfit, but remember you are always a woman so you need something really feminine and not aggressive, a sensual but not aggressive blouse, a nice skirt with prints or elegant palazzo pants, always with a good jacket-coat and maxu bag, fashion rules said by you.

almost all pics and items are from Asos

this items are form H&M

This doesn't means that you cannot wear jumpsuit anymore, but now you are an adult so opt for adult model and use them in your free time, who knows maybe you'll meet your Mr right during your jogging?


  1. Ottime proposte, mi piace molto la seconda!
    Fabrizia - Cosa Mi Metto???

    1. Solitamente scelgo solo modelli che metterei e metto nella vita reale:P GRAZIE!!!

  2. great combo!!!


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