Most of us want to have a rich life and most think-wrongly- that is always necessary spend money to have it...

When you decide to have and respect a budget, most of people tha tyou supposed were friends well disappear, while true friends helpd you to stay on budget, find free ways to have fun together and they don't say "boring" to the 1000000times spend night at home watchig dvd, because they want to stay with you  only doing nothing.

During cold months is nice to receive people for dinner, and is possible host it also with a shoestring budget...but if you would like to do something different than usual you can decide to have a session of trekking in the mountain or if you live in a place where there is snow, why don't do a childhood return day all on the snow?

Hiking in group is nice, yep it is also tiring but usually when you arrive on the top pf the mountain every pain disappear because you have an amazing view and it is absolutely for free!!!
Biking: ok if you don't have a bike could be a little bit hard, but usually also if you don't use it in every garage we tend to have at least one use it to travel in town, you discover new hidden corners of toruist into your hometown!!! Your legs will thank and also your wallet (+exercise,+ healt, cost 0)
Gym at park: park are almost always for free and doing gym in group permit to spend time together, do exercise and save money on gym subscription...good deal!!!

If you are a group of girls that would like to go to SPa, but it is too expensive, why don't try to recreate a sort of Spa directly in your bath? On web you can find several tutroials about it and usually we already have all materials we need.

Every month in my hometow there is a free press twice per month with all events in Region so you can attend several interesting events absolutely for free...

During cold months I am quiet lazy also if I want to keep my daily walking routine (I've started last summer and my body/mind want to keep this healty habit) but in spring/summer I became more active person with bike, inline skating, nordic walking, swimm & co....but walking is free and absolutely a good habit for healt, also doctors suggest it!!!

What do you  like to do?


  1. Ottime idee! Quando il tempo lo permette, io adoro fare sport all'aria aperta!
    Fabrizia - Cosa mi metto???

  2. amazing landscape!!

  3. Beautiful pictures:)


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