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When you decide to have a budget at beginnins is very hard, especcially if you didn't have a need to put in order all your finances, understand which are your fixed bills and in which areasyou can cut...yep you can cut also into fixed bills...DO you really need to have tv on payment subscription? Do you use your gym subscription or not? ...Honeslty normal tv offers tons of programs and also web ; Park could be a nice alternative and its absolutely for freeso you could eliminate this cost and put the amount saved directly into emergency fund.

However do you know that also some of you normal habits can intack your budget? 

Clothing shopping: every woman dreams to have a wardrobe full of clothes, but as bargain sales can be good/bad investments, you can buy something because is nice and cheap and then never use it...Ines de La Fressange you can create several and differents outfits with 10 essential items...well I had the essential already into my closet I added only some accessory but now every time I went do shopping I always asked to myself if I had something similar andif that item could be combo with all my wardrobe and this helped me to don't overbuy...then a good method is think about the hours you need to work to afford a detrminated item, maybe if you are a student and work as nanny only during week end earning €50 per week ( €10 per hour)end and you felt in love for a coat that cost €80 you need to work for 8 hours to affrod it...believe me every time you start to think about your hours of work you will think more seriously about bouy or not that item. However you can plan your shopping, adding something new every season at least this is what I did, now until June no new clothes, shoes and bag...I am in a sort of shopping ban for the next six months!

Eating out: I am not saying that you cannot do it but thatyou must to it carefully, let me explain, if your monthly salary is €700 while the group that you are attending has a salary that is double/triple than your...for them is normal pay €100 for a dinner because for them total cost of it is 10% of their monthly income or less but not for you!....This is why I suggest to hang out with friends that have your similar budget so you are not tempted to overspend, if you eat out with them once per week it will cost you half or more of your can do it but no mre of once per month...but believe me if your friend earns more than you and is a true friends will be the first to suggest cheapest locals...true friends help you to stay on your budget because they want to stay with you for your company not for your money....In my shopping ban period I keeped only one coffee on the cafe once per week because is good to have a weekly date with friends but no more coffees after this appointment, also buy daily coffee inthe cafe can intack your budget....

Grocery shopping: Seems strange that this can intack your savings right? But it is true...maybe you are single and live alone, but on grocery store you buy always in bulk, buying premade meals and in the end you put a lot of food into trash bin...well it is absolutely a wrong habit...Every time you need to do grocery shpping as first thing you would must decide your entire weekly menu, open your cabinets and see what you already have and so list with things that you really need, follow list stricly, choosing seasonal and local products..this will save a lot on your bill and will help also your diet that will become healtier. I palnned also some snack for the week so I will not be tempted by cafes and local inthe centre....

So when you decide to have a budget ask to be helped from your friends asking to do gym toether, attending free local events, try new things, maybe a little changement every day: daily lunch box prepared by you, hiking in the park, do volounteering, being a tutor...if you haven't problem to work in the week end offer you as nanny (this will increase also your earning, side hustle helps a lot) or as tutor, pet sitter, house sitter & co....

At the beginning will be hard respect budget but after adjustment a trial period you will be happy to see results of good budget but I must to be honest and admit that also if I really thank my budget I will have with it a Hate/love relation with it!!!


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