What do you like to do in your free time? Usually I don't have so much plus during cold month I became extremely lazy, so I like to read comfty stitting on couch or during a hot bath...weird? 

Well it could be conisdered weird if you meet me during beautiful season, during it I became a very active person, howevwer I decided to tend to be a little bit activ also during cold months..for exxample every time I use bus I hang out from it at least 2 stops before mine and then walk so I walk at least 30 minutes per day, my legs and my breath sincerely thanks for this choiche!
an entire week of hiking and trekking during last year of high school!!!

My brother choose to do annual subscription to gym, Its his choche but not mine because you can have gym without paying a cent, ok if you don't have right clothes and shoes you need to invest some money into these items but nothing else..this save a lot considering that normal gym subscription  cost at eat €50 per in a year I can say that I saved at least €600 (not bad right?)

If you don't like to do gym alone ask to a friend to became your gym buddy, she/he will support you and because you're not alone you will do it with a smile.. but there is also who prefer to be alone during gym session so you can use mp3 -mobile phone as "virtual trainer", there are several apps for this, use you rembember Rocky4 movie? Honestly I love that song!!!

You and your friends would like to do something together? why don't organize a day of hiking/trekking in the near mountain? Me and other friends are seriusly thinking about organize a day into ice palace but considering that some of us work also during week end, is hard to find a date that is ok for alls...we needed a week to plan a lunch all together!!!

However if you are a good group that wuld like to try new things use web to find coupons and good deals...groups have always good discounts, What would you like to try? There are several possibilties:

  • rafting
  • rock climbing
  • biking
  • trekking
  • horse riding

In one of last books I've bought there is a simple gym program to follow for entire month... Io mi muovo 10 minuti al giorno per 30 giorni by MArco Bianchi...I am following some suggestions and probably I will share something more about it soon!!!


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