We're in the beginning of September and in the shops you can already see, try and buy winter clothes so I did a mentally list of things I would like to buy in the end of October/November but the version LOW COST...I saw a dress that was nice and amazing but whenmy eyes went on price tag, I had "bad surprise": that dress cost was more than 2 months of my salary:(

I walked another bit and I saw another dress similar to first one but cheaper, then I thought that web could help me to find cheaper solution of cheaper cost. I know I can't afford first option but I also know that I can find a similar version of it on a good price's range - that I can afford and is on my budget-

Every time we saw a celebrity's look that we like we'd like to have also their wallet, but using we, coupons, outlet you can copy without bankruptcy:

Here some of my celebrity's style choose:


Elisa D'ospina is a curvy model, she is italian and she has a great figure, for several years curvy womans choose towear only black,but as you can see colour with great models are perfect for every body type.

Olivia Palermo, socialite girl that lives and works in NY, she is skinny but she has a natural elegance and sense of style, she combine high designer with low cost and every outfit is simply perfect (maybe too perfect and boring? who knows?)

I did a personal research on web using and searching in the e-shop looking for something nice and similar clothes that can save me from bankruptcy (shopping would be really dangerous)...
here my choiches direc from Asos

 The following necklace are from my persoal jewelery box, the're really low cost and I found and bought them in the market I discover inthe yeears, but adding them on a simmple look it becames Elegant in a istant


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