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Today is monday and usually is my day where I dedicate all morning to finance and budgeting, yes I still have a love/hate relation with budget, I know it is very good and it must to be consider a friend, unluckily budget is also that thing that gives me a determinated amount to stick to have a good balance in the end of the month....Howeveer with calcultor, pens, corrections, inthe end of this process I always have a little headache and a good excuse to have a nother cup of coffee!!!

This past week I worked a lot and I also earned some money that is really really good, but almost all of the amount is destinated to medical visit, I hate doctors and also if here inItaly healtcare is free, I need to go to a private doctor for a determinated visit and this is really expensive, I hope everything will be good... but honestly also if I know is ok do cotrols, I would easily don't go never to doc...sorry for the category but in my entire life I disliked doctor and everything/everyone is connected to them!!!

I went in the park at least twice per week with the 2,4 year old girl, we palyed a lot and I am looking into my DIY books some easy project to do together, is almost OCtober and also if inthe morning temperature is warm till 5 pm, there are some rainy days that are perfect for indoor activities and also for blogging... I am trying to understand how work some graphic programs fro pc, Ia m also looking into my books collection understanding what keep, what donate and what eliminate...also if I am planning a nice charity event in church, but it is stilla work in progress...

Yesterday I went with my parents to Bolsena's lake for a couple of hours totally dedicated to relax, yes you cannot swim, or bbetter you could but honestly I dont want to get ill, I had also a dinner for girls only on saturday night and we had great laughs!!!

Another thing I am trying to do is declutter my room, my dsks and reorganize them looking in the web to find inspiration, plus with tons of books, boxes I have into my room seems that I am moving, yes probably in the future I'll do but don't say me that moving isn't stressful, I am stressed only cleaning my room of my 30 years...and I clean and reorganize it periodically (at least 3 times per year)

For this week I have a busy time: nanny 3 times per week, dog sitting on thursday evening, work in the cafe during week end plus a job interview for a work-from-home, this is could be nice because I'd work at home in the morning but I will hang out with the lovely little girl 3 afternoon per week and working in the cafe during week end I will connected with the Real some happy hours will beincluded, who knows we'll see...

  • The most I've spent this past week was on: fuel, considering that a day fuel finished and I needed to came at home walking the following day I put a determinated amount into car and I never had the same problem.
  • Today I feel a little bit nervous towards money because tomorrow I will spend large part of amount I earned into a medical visit, while honestly I'd prefer to put that amount directly into savings, but ok healt control is a need so I need to consider it a good investment, but honestly the fact that I hate doctors doesn't help a lot
  • Money can't buy happiness One free thing I did last week that make me happy was: well to be honest I liked find time to write to my penpals all over the world (unluckily I must to  send out the letter, but I am going to do at max on friday), warming days walking in the park, new hairlook:P, talking with a friend and starting plan a week end out of town....simple things but usualyy simply things make me smile almost daily!!!
  • I will consider this week a success if I will be able to save 10% of my weekly income, resist to H&M temtation and I will visit my newmum friend
  • What I like about autumn: colours of the nature, they are so romantic!!!


  1. It's really nice how you are honest with yourself about the money question!
    Fabrizia – Cosa Mi Metto???


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