Well I began a new job for the moment I can say that is quiet stressful and I'll receive first paycheck of it in the next 2 months...I have a serious hate relation with budget, and I had some problems but I must to say thank o my friend that helped me (you know that you're been my saviour), I am still looking extra wyas for side hustle and have amonthly major salary...

This new job requests a lot of exercise, I think I will have a buttom really hard in the end of evening, free exercise but then we need to talk a lot, sale work:P

I'm planning savings and in the end of October -if finances will permit- a little week end inViareggio, after a couple of years of staycation interrupted only by afternoons in the near lake, I seriously need to start travel again...this is what is seriously missing in my life: traveling

I was talking with a friend of mine that said me that also if I am curvy, american curvy models are a lot curvier than me..I thought to send pics of myself to an agency specialized into plus size but probably my height isn't enough I'm 5'5'' only.

I'm keeping writing for a personal project plus another will became more real in the end of the month(cross fingers)
Plus if I will be good with day job and extra work maybe for the end of the year I can buy a new laptop

  • the most I've spent this past week was on: bank, I have only till next august...then I will be free frommonthly payment of this kind
  • Today I feel nervous towards money because when you need to pay you must to do it ASAP while when you must to receive payments you must to wait unlimited time and it isn't right
  • Today I am thankful: not only today but I'm really thankful for my friend that is been also my saviour
  • Money can't buy happiness. One free thing I make last week that made me hapy was: quality time with friends
  • I will consider this week a success If I will be able to do at least one contract per day
  • My whishlist includes: a maxy bag and a black trench fromH&M, a week end in Viareggio and a new laptop


  1. That's so true people pretend you pay immediately but they won't do the same!
    Fabrizia – Cosa Mi Metto???


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