Strange but true, also if we're modern woman...when e meet a nice guy and this aske us to hang out for a dte we have asort of panic attack: 

What I must to wear? what I can say? Can I kiss him or I must to wait for him? Can I ask a second date or isn't correct?

Try to imagine this scene: you are been invited from your high school's friend for art gallery opening ceremony, so you take off from your clost your most elegant little black dress -that gives you a elegant charm- you're watching paints drinking a sparkling glasse and you meet Him, a very nice guy elegant with his jacket, tailored pants and good pair of shoes, but apart this you are been attracted from his smile. You smiled each other until mutaual friend introduced you and leave time to talk.
In the end of the night he ask for a date so in your mind start to think: How I' would must to considerate it a first or a second date? If it is a second I can kiss him as first?
Who would must to call first she/him?

Usually on first dates there are classic topics: work, hobby, family and on second maybe some personal questions about past stories...but usually in the last years a big doubt is arrived on our mind Who must to  pay the bill?

For many years bill was paid always by men, in the past year most woman paid thinking that they were "business woman"...Well you can also divide, where everyone pay for its half.

Etiquette says that is men that would must to pay, but I can remember an episode of Mtv's series The city where Withney Port was shocked by the fact the guy of the date calculated hel half of the bill without asking. Try to imagine if you hang out and your wallet is at home and you're date say "you're quota is" OMG

I think that this is a not stupid question, also if we can afford a lot of thing is nice that a guy pays for us, but we cannot broke his finances, so choose cheap be honest cheapest plaes offer better portion (nuvelle cuisine is expensive and you hang out from restaurant REALLY HUNGRY)

And after first date is ok to send a message? call him for another date? honestly you must to do what you think is good for you, folloqing your style and forget rules, everyone has their rules into love's world!!!


  1. To me there aren't specific rules, we have to do just want we feel is right in that moment!
    Fabrizia – Cosa Mi Metto???


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