Phew! My medical visit went really went this morning...I hate doctors, and I must to admit that I wasn't scared I was TERRIFIED about the visit, luckily everything went well!!!

I had a nice job interview for a work from home and the fact I can work in the morning, means that I can do nanny in the afternoonand still work in the cafe during week end, well my week will became busy ( working from home every morning from monday till friday, working 3 afternoons per week as nanny and working inthe cafe almost every week end)...
Yep this means tha tI will handling 3 jobs at the same time so now next step is find a good work/life balance!!!

This week I will receive my firs paycheck as nany, honestly being a church's member and the girl is the daughter of Reverend I was embarassed about to ask an hourly pay so I left them to decide the hourly ammount and I will discover it in the next days, well I will be glad for every amount... This week I am going to deposit some money in the bank, honestly I would like to increae my bank amount for the end of 2014...plus this week I am going to try to understand better financial, ssavings & investment worlds!!!

Every month I write a list of things I would like to do and achieve inthat month and this is the OCtober's list:

  • Gym in the park at least 3 times per week
  • learn how to use some graphic programs for pc
  • Go to ùpblic library during childhood events at least once per week
  • Attend at least one Art Exposion
  • Clean and re-organize my closet
  • Reorganize my desks
  • choose DIY projects fro kids, plan and prepare all the materials
  • Eat vegetarian more often is possible
  • Finish to read all books I've bought in the summer
  • Prepare a list of things to do for my long week end in Viareggio
  • Plan and host a charity event in church


  1. Yes is true, now my week is busy but honestly I prefer busy time also if I am glad to have had the opportunity to have a lazy august!!!


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