This past week week is been full of food, especially the week end...on saturday I met my friend Samantha for breakfast, we choose a cafe where she knew barista that did art with our cappuccino...then we met with other ex collegues for lunch , greetings and Xmas little gifts: for girls I opted for beauty product from H&M for the only men (Elisa's fiancè) I choose a big cup for coffee and chocolate...We choose a local that is called Wimpi, well they do  big sandwiches that you can choose how to fill it... However me andSammy before lunch walked a lot and then said Why don't drink we opted for a Spritz...then into Xmas market I've found also little gift for my friend Claudia, I gave it yesterday and she liked so much that uses immediately!!!

During friday there is been celebration for 60th birthday of our methodist church and yesterday there is been a nice church service together other 3 communities, choirs were amazing!!!
Church service is been followed by a lunch and in the afternoon me and Claudia went for some shops because she needed to buy last Xmas gits!

IT is been a very nice day, during this week I will work as nanny a coule of days then I am unsure if I will start again in the end of December or directly inJanuary 2015, well I use time for other important works goals to achieve!!!
personally drawing by me about myself from wake up till morning of work:P

The most I've spent this past week was on: saturday social I've spent a lot for lunch, happy hour, last minute gifts but every singe centc I've spent worths, no regret on this spending!!!

Today I feel normal nervous towards money because I need to do some adjustments to have more frugal lifestyle but still having rich life, because rich live doesn't means that you need spend money, true friend understand you and became your best supporters

Money can't buy happiness, One free thing I did last week that make me happy was: spend time with friends, also if most of meeting are been in front of a coffee or food, sensation of real meeting, real laughs is something that money can't buy!

I will consider this week a success if I will keep my hard work in several areas like writing projects, email marketing and more.

Plan for the week: honestly sleep a little bit more, do calligraphy exercises and start to think about some social event for 20\5, my mind is already working on this side