Maybe some of you are still looking for Xmas gift well you are ing ood company... if you are real good on crafty projects you can thinks to do something completely handamde, honestly this kind of gifts are my favourite because I am foodie and diy lover...weird but true!!!

I've bought something from my friend Roby, also  if that day I bought treats for myself:P ... but I still must to buy something comercial for a lunch between collegues and not overspend, also because a part one of them I don't know other very well...usually you buy something for your collegues?

Reverend's wife knowing my love for coffee gifted me with a coffee that you can find near Naple, honestly before her gift I didn't know this brand, but after I've tried it I can say that it is DELICIOUS strong, perfect for me!!!

So if you are still looking for some last minute foodie gift ideas you could opt for:

  • homemade cookies+ lovely handmade packagebottles of oil, considering tha tthis year isn't been a great year for oil who will receive them will adore-if you know prodcer of it is better 
  • Honey+ chocolate-for me is a good mix, perfect for winter and absolutely delicious
  • Local foodie basket (cookies, oil, wine, chocolate) best choiche is buy local, is more natural and healty of grocery store.
  • Or if you want you can create coupons where you offer to cook for other, nice sweet and frugal!

I've started to read one of the book I've gifted to myself...because during my reading and commenting other blogs, read my magazines I've discover this website Ecocucina and a complete unknow world, did you know that is possible use almost every part of apple, pumpkin, carrot? Honesly unexpected but lovely notice (post soon)!!!


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