Have you ever seen "Letters to Juliet"? Well it is a lovely movie, perfect for romantic souls plus It reminds me a lovely city Verona, yep the city where is situated Romeo and Juliet and where there is Juliet's staute...Legend wants that if you touch the right boob of her you will have lucky

But here there are also other things to see and visit like:

Arena: Once upon a time this was a place for brutal battles, now is more used for concert, during sommer there are a lot!

Lamberti's Tower, this is the higest tower in the city and offers a 360° viev of it

Scaligero point: is nice walk here during sunset hour till arrive in Castelvecchio with its walls offers a great show

Bra's square, if you are visiting it on New year Eve you can find a lot of parties, concerts and more.

For accomodation I suggest hostel, B&B use web it is a great help!!!