Since I discovered this blog -that I love- I said to myself that I wanted to try to replicate some recipes that are in the Ecocucina's book...

Before read this blog, several interview with athor I didn't know that was possible use almost all parts of pumpkins, potatoes and carrot.Did you know it?

However last week I am been kindle gifted with an half pumpkin, I used it for several recipes like pasta, soup, sweet and salt (this is one of my favourite recipe with pumpkin you need veggie, onion, sugar, salt, vinegar then add some black olives, it is simple and delicious-at least for me)

With pumpkin you could easily plan an entire menu (from appetizer till pie), well next time I will use every single part of it, because I am going to try to make also pumpkin chips!!!

I kept all seed that I covered with sugar and baked in the oven for 30 minutes, wow, result is been a lovely and delicious caramel also if a part is been burned-caramel is really complicated- my father ate it in a while and this is a very big comliment!!!

If you want to have more ideas and information you can order a copy of Ecocucina book by Lisa Casali!


  1. Sai che non ho mai provato a fare delle chips di zucca?
    Fabrizia - Cosa mi metto???

    1. In realtà sarà la prima volta anche per me, ho già provato a fare le "chips" con le rape rosse, ma questa ricetta presa dal sito utilizza la buccia della zucca...mi si è aperto un mondo!!!


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