This past week is been a little bit relaxing, I did a full immersion into Christmas movies and cartoons..I've spent time with family and with friends... I can say that I loved every single gift I received this week, cconsidering that this New Year Eve I wills tay in my hometown (I really wanted spend it in Kracow but I didn't want to travel alone and my friend Claudia will works that day) I am not so sure about my plans for that day...but I am sure I will spend a week end in Kracow during next year...

I am writing a long list of things to do this 2015 and Iam goint to try to became a little bit frugal of this year, also if this year is been a good one, I'm going to buy some books during bargain sales that are about How to make more things by yourself in several areas, food, clothes, recycle...then I need to keep hard work on personal projects-

One thing that I want absolutely keep also in this 2015 is my weekly real "date" with friends... we communicate with facebook, twitter, whatsup, skype and co. but nothing is better or real laughs in front of a good cup of coffee!!!

Yesterday I went to church, I attend it quiet regoularly, but I noticed that some people that are always on church service were absent, so I ask to a relative that gave me some information and I received a not so good news, so I would like to ask prayers for this family.
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  • the most I've spent this past week was on: grocery shopping, essential for the week, I followed grocery list and I ddin't overspend.
  •  Today I feel OK towards money because I am waiting a couple of payments that I seriously hope they arrive before New year...during this past week I was similar an extreme cheapskates-yep I amcounting every single cents-
  • Money can't buy happiness, One free thing I did last week that make ma happy was:receive a handmade greeting card from my american penpal and friend Natalya
  • I will consider this week a success if I will keep hard work on several areas like last year
  • Best sweet treat: gngerbread cookied dipped in dark chocolate-they are my favourite treat of season, and also chocolate cream I receive from reverend's wife is been my guilty pleasure during this week!


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