What if you would like to organize a dinner in your new home? What if you are a terrible chef? Plus your budget is shoestring budget? (dpn't worry  you are in good company)

First of all if you have a friend that is a creative chef ask her/his help and invite her/him to your dinner... then plan a seasonal menu, buy local and prepare atmosphere with some Diy work.

As you know I recently bought a copy of Ecocucina book by Lisa Casali and there is section in the end for complete menu at really affordable prices-between 1 and 3 euro and you will use almost every part of food.
Aggiungi From Lisa Casali blog

This is been a very amazing discover!!! Then using web ou can find several cheap ideas to copy
However turning back to dinner on a shoestring budget, yes it is possible... and here some tips to enjoy the event...

  • Decide who you really want to invite 
  • Plan menu ahed, open your cabinets and do grocery shopping list with a brain ( aka don't overspend and choose seasonal and local)- Please don't ask to your guest to prepare something, youìll organize everything (thihs is been a long conversation between me and girls)
  • If you're good in Diy prepare something to create a special atmosphere
  • Enjoy the event


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