man & girls friendship is possible???

Today I've received 3 emails some friends of mine that were having discussion about the fact to be friend with a men and if it is possible for real where there are been sparks int the past?
One said that they dont talk anymore, one other that she is trying to came back friends as befor but she is jealous if he talks about other woman (they broke up a week ago is too fresh) and one other just receiving the news that he iis n love for her and would like to hang out from friendzone but she is scared about ruin their friendship (understandable)...Well to be honest I think that every friend you chose in your life man or woman is because you are been attracted from something....
There are persons that I know that are born friends, became lovers and when broke they tried to keep the friendship but at the same moment I think this part is very complicated especcially if one of the part was a lot involved in the story.
If you like a man that is a very nice guy and he is single you know from the beginning that the only thing you  will have is friendship, while if the guy is nice and you hang out a lot talk a lot and do a lot of things together there is the dagerous friendzone and if the other person hasnt the same feeling that moment you will say could be the hard and worst day of your life or better.
From my persoonal experience I can say that man and girls can be friends, also in the case they had a story but in this case both needs time to breath (long breaths) and friendship never been the same...

which is your opinion?