When you want to start a det to lose some weight a lot of magazinne, websites and also nutritionists suggest you to eat a lot of protein, steak could be perfect, so you go with millions of good intentions at grocery store and on meal department the first think you can have looking prices is "whaaaaat", steaks are expensive and if you want to buy biological meat you risk to kill your bank account every time you need to go at grocery!

If you are following a budget because you are trying to save money foor some goals as me the first thing you must to do is sit on a table with paper and pen and start to plan meals before to hang out from the door of house. This helped me also to avoid temptation from departments with not necessary items.

Decide a budget to respect, knowing ahed what you want to cook help you to put attention on choiches, prices, quality and eat seasonal (isnt normal here to find strawberry in January they are from lon long distance and they are really expensive and no eco-friendly).

Buying what you really need and plan meal weekly permit you a lot of things: save money (buying seasonal and local is cheaper), use inventive on food so you can prepare by yourself your lunch daily ( if you are one who buys daily the lunch  stop this habit it is really dangerous for your healt and wallet too).

So following the mediterrean food pyramid you must to put in your list:
Which are your method to save money on grocery stores?