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A couple of weeks ago I was in the park with a friend of mine wh is married with a son of almost 3 and that has lost her job a couple of months ago.
She was really scared because in the last years she worked full time, paid a baby sitter and a private kindergarden, so the time  for play with son was only on the week end, now she is a full time stay at home mum and housewife...She thinks to became crazy so I gave her some suggestions from my baby sitting experience (knowing perfectl how coul been traumatic the switch from a career to home 24/7).

When i was a kid usually I didn't had problem we stay out home playing in the garden of quarter but during the years I've notice that grandparents became baby sitter or also tv did this work, if you work is normal pay for summer campus for kids with activities that usually don't include videogames and more, i think I am been last generation grew up without nintendo wii & co, but we're grew up quiet well. 
However a couple of year ago I need help and suggestion for activities with kids and I've bought a book about this topic, it's rich of information and suggestions!

Well I understood hen she said me that she was tired to stay at home watching dvds and color, she needs to meet people so I suggested some activities for indoor and outdoor, with kids and with other mum and kids:

LIBRARY: In our hometown we have avery nice public library with several section and there is one dedicated to kids that every month offers nice free events to attend, plus attending this events you have the opportunity to meet other mums. And here it's completely free do the membership card and honestly in my opinion is never too soon introduce books into kids life.

PARK: Ok in summer you need to choose fresher hours, but can became boring use every time the swing, so you can add a new,if in the park there is a little lake with duck, bring with you some bread (notice if there is prohibition for it or not, so you don't have troubles) or during walk in the park bring little woods, leafs, flowers and more things that you can use at home for other projects.

COOKING: well I think this is one of favourite activity for a kid, he/she can play and get dirty with and the parent gave him/her permission, plus ths is a good method to introduce veggies and healty food in his/her diet. Prepare yourself to clean after it, the kitchen coul seems a disaster, but also CLEANING could became a play.

PAINTS: There are days when weather is not good, shops and local closed andyou need to stay at home, well paints is always a good suggestion, plus you can teach how to create hand made greeting cards. They're so proude to show something that is made by themself. Using fantasy and every kind of materials you can do a lot of things.

THEATRE. Try to create a show for family, prepare costumes and kids usually love this type of thing

DVD: Ok usually you prefer that your son/daughter spends all day in front of tv, but at the same time, sometimes you're very tired and you would like to have some time for you for read an article on newspaper, so the rule and magic word is COMPROMISE, well if there is a dvd that he/she like more respect other,prepare yourself to watch it for 1000000 times and more, but during it he/she is so taken/involved in the cartoon/dvd that you can read your article. Inside you there is a timer that know exactly what haooens in the artoon and when it finish.

The book suggests material to have at home:

  • glue
  • newspapers (to stay informed about facts in the world and for other use with kids)
  • paper
  • little rocks
  • flowers, leafs
  • pasta
  • old make up products
  • markers and pens
  • gift wrap
  • ribbon and beads
  • rope
  • old scarfs
  • scotch tape
  • scissors with rounded tips


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